His Princess: A Cm Punk Love Story

Abused as a child. Went through hell in high school until she met Milan. They live together train at FCW. When one night at Monday Night Raw Changed Everything.. It must say PG-13 but there is gonna be some scene where it's gonna be rated if you are not at the age where you cannot not understand what it means don't read the story...


4. Chapter 4

***Angie's P.O.V***

"We will be back." I said grabbing Milan's arm and dragging her to the bathroom.

"Ow, you have a strong grip!" She said as I let go of her arm.

"Care to explain, why you were with Seth instead of waiting for me at the car like I told you to?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Fine... Well when I went to the car I have realized that I didn't have the keys so I just leaned on the car then couple seconds later someone walks up to me and I told them if they wanna say shit to me say it then he told me to look at him and of course I look and I saw Seth I just stood there and froze. Then he told me I was pretty and what not then I told him I wasn't coming back to live events, he dragged me back here so he can make Dean apologize to me but that never fucking happened." She explained to me.

"Some one got a crush." I said in a playfully voice.

"Whatever now you explain yourself missy! Don't think I didn't seen him." She hissed at me.

"Don't know what you talking about." I said trying to rush out of the bathroom but she grabbed my arm.

"Angie Laurayne Westbrooks Spill it now!" She demanded.

"Alright MOM! When I was heading to the car I bumped into Punk and we had a huge argument like I made a scene it was crazy then I stormed off when I realized that SOMEBODY wasn't at the car I went and asked Seth he said he would go get you then I headed off to the car I tried to unlock it but someone kept yelling at me I looked and saw Punk... Again I cussed him off they he cut me of by... Kissing me." I said looking down whispering the last part.

"No way you and Punk kissed?" She said in a Girly tone.

"That was the only way he could shut me up." I said.

"Aww, now who has a crush now? But how did it feel?" She asked.

"It just felt right. When he kissed me I just wanted to last longer, his lips were soft and it tastes like Pepsi and-" she cut me off.

"Okay it was getting good until you said he tasted like Pepsi." She said. We walked out and everyone stared at us.

"Is everything alright?" Seth asked.

"Yeah we're gonna head home because we basically missed half of the show. But luckily we have back up because I schedule to record every episode of all the live events so no worries." Milan explained.

"Smart, well since your leaving I would like to get to know you more you know as friends." He said giving his phone to Milan.

All of a sudden I was pulled away.

"Look I would like to take you out sometime." Punk asked me.

"Is the Phillip Jack Brooks asking me to go out with him?" I said in a funny British accent.

"Yes and by the way bad accent." He said smirking.

"I know you like my accent, but don't worry I won't tell. But sure I would like to go out sometime." I said giving him my phone.

"So I will see you around sometime?" He asked.

"Sure... Why not." I said rolling my eyes.

"Milan lets go!" I yelled.

**Milan's P.O.V**

I'm coming! Well I guess this is goodbye then." I said smiling reaching out my hand.

"Yeah but before you hug can I get a hug I am not a hand shake person." He said as he held his arms out and waited for me. I look into his beautiful brown eyes, and did the most stupidest thing I have ever done I took him by the neck and crashed my lips onto his; when I realize I was kissing Seth l pushed him away and stormed off to the parking lot.

"Milan!" He yelled but I didn't bother to look back.

**Angie's P.O.V**

After Milan stormed off I chose to go after her.

"I am gonna be on my way." I walked away. While I was walking to the car I was thinking about what happened tonight. When I reached the car I see Milan waiting at the passenger seat door. I unlocked it and drove off. Milan was completely quiet and it scared me because if Milan is this quiet something is up.

"Milan why did you storm off like that?" I asked keeping t eyes on the road.

"I have ruined everything for him Angie I was stupid for doing that my head said not to do it but my heart did and you know how the old saying goes... You should always listen to your heart but sometime the heart can be fucked up at times and just makes you do the most stupidest things that you will regret." She said tearing up.

"What are you saying Milan?" I asked confused.

"The man has a girlfriend Angie and I might ruined his relationship because that is his first love we talking about and right now he probably hates me right now but I don't really care because I expect him to and if you wanna go to a live event don't take me with you." She said crying into her hands. I never seen Milan this sad ever in my life.

"But you can't run away from it Milan it's gonna come up eventually." I said.

"I can and I will because I am not talking to anyone right now." She said. Then her phone buzzed she took and and turned it off.

**Seth's P.O.V**

After Milan kissed me I honestly felt butterflies but I have a girlfriend but Milan she is amazing but Leighla is my first love and I can't mess that up even though its gonna break Milan's heart.

"You okay man?" Dean asked.

"Yeah just worried about Milan, I tried calling her but she didn't pick up her phone." I said.

"Don't worry, she will get over it...eventually." Dean trailed off.

I hope she does.

**Milan's P.O.V**

It's been 2 weeks since I've last seen Seth, I still haven't talked to anyone since. Angie is trying to make me talk to Seth but I denied every time because I was scared that I will make the same mistake twice and she keeps telling me that I have to stop running away from my problems. She has to realize that the reason I am hiding is because I don't want to make it a bigger problem than it already is.

"Hi Milan." Angie said. I waved then her phone ringed she looked at who it was and smiled then headed to her room. It was probably Punk they have been talking or should I say arguing ever since Monday. They are like the type of people that just like to make fun of each other for fun... I guess you can say that's romantic.

**Angie's P.O.V**

I came home and see Milan in the couch looking at a blank tv screen. Honestly seeing Milan like this is killing me. I keep telling her to talk to Seth but denies it all the time. The fact that she is running away from her problems and usually she doesn't do that she steps her dick up and confronts her problems if it has to get physical then hell if that's the only way to solve things. I want my friend back and I miss her so much. I tried saying hi to her but all she did was wave then I get at phone call and see it was Seth. I ran to my room and answered the phone...

(A-Angie S-Seth)

A- Hello?

S- Hey Angie! I am just wanna know how Milan is doing.

A- She still hasn't said anything

S- Oh, well can you at least tell her to text me or something?

A- She hasn't touched her phone in years when we left she turned her phone off and just left it on the night table and just let it sit there.

S- Well that explains it

A- Why won't you come over later tonight? I'll leave the balcony door open. I'll be gone I have a Match at FCW

S- Thanks, and I never knew you wrestled at FCW

A- Yeah me and Milan made a plan that we will both make it to the main roster in Wwe

S- Well I hope you do! Well thanks again I have to go I have Smackdown tapings to do with the guys.

A- Okay then bye!

S- Bye!

I hang up the phone and headed to the shower to get ready for my rematch with Paris.

After I finished taking a shower I slip on some black lace panties and a matching bra... Thank you Victoria Secret. PINK sweats, a Black tank top and some my brown uggs. Then my phone buzzed. I look and see it was a text from Punk.

Picking you up at 9 where something nice. -Phil

Is it a fancy restaurant?


Ugh whatever it better have good food!

See you then beautiful

Whatever goatface!

Daniel Bryan much?


I headed downstairs and see Milan still looking at a blank tv screen.

"Okay Milan you can't be doing this to your self and eventually you are gonna need to talk to Seth. The real Milan doesn't run away from her problems and if the real Milan doesn't get her ass up and talk to Seth then you just lost a friend. I am headed out for my Match with Paris then ill come back then ill be going on a "date" with Phil. I explained and all she did was give me a thumbs up. All I could think about is Seth better do this right. Because I just told her were not friends anymore and it feels like half of my heart just disappeared.


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