His Princess: A Cm Punk Love Story

Abused as a child. Went through hell in high school until she met Milan. They live together train at FCW. When one night at Monday Night Raw Changed Everything.. It must say PG-13 but there is gonna be some scene where it's gonna be rated if you are not at the age where you cannot not understand what it means don't read the story...


31. Chapter 31

I woke up the next morning happy. I looked to my side and see it was empty. I got out of bed and my legs started to hurt. I walk- I mean limped to the kitchen seeing Jon cooking breakfast. He looked up and smiled.

I limped to him and he started to giggle.

"I think I did my job great last night huh?" He asked looking down at my legs.

"As a matter of fact you did Mr. Good." I said wrapping my arms around his neck. We gazed into each other’s eyes.

"Thank you." He said. I tilted my head to the side confused.

"For what?" I asked. He leaned his forehead onto mines and closed his eyes.

"For being mines again."  He answered. I smiled. He opened his eyes and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I blushed. My stomach started to growl. I looked up at Jon who was trying not to laugh.

"Ha-Has very funny." I said sarcastically.

"I am sorry baby girl; I'll give you some food."  He said. I sat at the bar while I watched him putting food on the plates.

Me and Jon ate breakfast quietly until he spoke up.

"Angie, the police dept. called me yesterday." He said quietly said. I quickly started to worry. I looked down at my fork and spoon not wanting to look at him.

"Why did they call?" I asked.

"It was about when you got shot. I told them I didn't know who did it. So they told me to ask you." He answered.  he set down his utensils and just looked at me.

"Angie look at me." He demanded. I looked up with eyes already watery.

"Jon, it was a long time ago." I said.

"Baby girl, I just want to know what went down that night. You never really explained yourself to me Angie. i love you so much Angie, and I want justice for you. I can't let you get hurt like that. Angie, you almost die on us." He explained. I looked my hand into his and decided to tell him the truth.

"Jon, when I was younger my mom used to abuse me, leave me at home to go strip at clubs, and dance for thirsty men. She took me away from a life I wish I had. The one night she brings a guy home... I was pretending to be asleep at that time. I heard the door slam so I assumed he left... But he didn’t.  He came into my room and felt all over me; I tried to run but I was too weak.  he ripped my clothes off and raped me until I was unable to move.  Months later, He moved in. Thinking that it was a onetime thing... It became a nightly thing." I explained having small flashbacks in my head.

'Angie, I-" I cut him off.

"No need to be sorry Jon.  It’s not your fault." I said.

“Then that night when I got shot... mom and that man were right in front of me, and damn did she beat the shit out of me. I was begging for her to stop and she did. They started to leave when the man stopped and looked at me. He pointed out the gun and shot me." I concluded. I took a deep breath in trying to keep the tears in.

"So your mom is the one behind all this chaos?" He asked. I nodded.

"After that night he raped me, I knew I should have left the house. But I was too scared." I answered. I lift my sleeves.

"Also, she is the reason I started to do this to myself." I showed him my wrists and he was shocked.

"Why do you do this to yourself?" He asked looking at me disappointed.

"Because it made me feel better. Jon I don't even know why I am even alive. I should have been dead since high school." I quietly said.

"Angie, stop talking like that; you are creeping me out." He said I scoffed.

"You wanted to know more about me so I am telling you." I snapped he jumped a little from his seat.

"I am sorry." He quietly said. I sighed.

"Jon, I'm-" I said before he cut me off.

"Just finish so I can bring you to your hotel to rest. I have to head to the gym." He demanded.

"Jon, I am finished. I didn't mean to snap on you like that. I just got so mad just talking about it, and my dark side just came over me." I explained.

"It's okay; I should've just kept everything to myself." He said.

"No, Jon it was fine. I promise." I said. He looked at me and smiled.

"Let’s get you to your hotel room." He suggested. I nodded and we headed out.

We reached my hotel room, and of course Jon had to say something cute before I leave.

"Listen baby girl, I am so happy that your mines again and not with that asshole Phil. Just know at the end of the day you’re my Juliet and I am your Romeo." He said smiling. Oh gosh those dimples.

"Wow, you have a pretty smile." I blurted out. He laughed.

'Thanks, but what makes this smile perfection are these dimples right here." He said pointing at his dimples.

"Your sure right Mr. Good." I giggle. He kissed me gently on the cheek before leaving.

"I love you." He mouthed before the elevator opened.

I walked into my room and immediately went to the shower. I got out the shower and got dressed for a lazy day in bed.

Right when my head was about to hit the pillow there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door my face dropped.

"You've got a lot of explaining to do Princess." He said. He walked in and closed the door.

"I don't need have anything to explain to you Phil, now leave." I demanded.

"I saw you and Jon last night." He started.

"So you problem is?" I asked really not wanting to talk to him.

'How could you just date another man like that?" He asked I scoffed.

"Now you’re talking bullshit Phil! I was nothing but loyal to you and cheating on me was my reward. Phil I am not the one making a big mistake... you are. So take you and your damn engagement ring out of my hotel room." I snapped. He smirked and left the hotel smiling.


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