His Princess: A Cm Punk Love Story

Abused as a child. Went through hell in high school until she met Milan. They live together train at FCW. When one night at Monday Night Raw Changed Everything.. It must say PG-13 but there is gonna be some scene where it's gonna be rated if you are not at the age where you cannot not understand what it means don't read the story...


24. Chapter 24

Angie’s P.O.V

 I stood there in shock.

"So are you just going to stand there?" She asked. I walked up and started to tear up.

"You’re alive..." I whispered she stood up and I wrapped my arms around her tightly forcing all the tears out.

"I'm so sorry-" I cut her off.

"Milan you shouldn't be apologizing to me, you should be apologizing to Colby." I suggested.

"I can't do that he doesn’t love me. He just that because he didn’t want me to jump." She explained.

"How would you know that?" I asked. She looked down.

"I'll go talk to him later; I need to go talk to Stephanie." She said and walked out.

Milan’s P.O.V

 I walked out the lock room making sure the coast was clear. I speed walked to her office.

"COME IN!" a voice said. I walked in and her face dropped.

"Hey Stephanie, I came here to talk." I said.

"Thank god you are alive sweetie. Now if you are talking about getting your job back then there is no point of asking." She explained. She hugged me tightly.

"Thank you Stephanie, it really means a lot." She thanked her.

"It’s my pleasure, now just know we are bringing back the woman's title and I think it would be awesome for your return match to be for the championship against Brie Bella." She suggested. My eyes widen and my smile grew wider.

"You didn’t have to do that-" She cut me off.

"Do it or I change my mind." She demanded. I nodded and headed out. Angie told me that the shield had separate hotel rooms well I mean Colby has his own room for some reason and Roman and Dean is sharing a room. So I took my chances and went to go ask which room Colby was in.

Knock! Knock!

The door opened and revealed Dean I covered his mouth and shoved him out the locker room.

"What the hell man!" He shouted. I took off my hoodie and his eyes widened.

"Miss me? I asked. He scoffed.

"Not really, but how the hell are even alive?" He asked.

"There is no time for questions just tell me what room Colby is in and I will leave you alone." I said. He nodded and told me his room number.

I went to my room just to calm myself down for what going to happen between me and Colby. My phone buzzed and it was Angie.

We will be there in 15 minutes hurry up and don't forget to tell me what happens :)

I chuckled and took a deep breath and headed to the elevator to go to his room. I looked around and it was pretty messed up, but something in particular caught my eyes. It was the jacket I had on before i jumped that night. I guess he kept it.

I sat there in the dark on his bed until the door cracked open I stood up...

"Who's there?" He asked. His voice gave me chills. I stood up and walked towards him on my way to open the lights but i froze and started to tear up.

"Who are you?" He asked. For a guy he asks a lot of questions. I looked down and he flicked on the lights. I slowly started to lift my head.

"Did you miss me?" I asked he took a step back.

"This is impossible...your dead." He snapped and started to tear.

"Not anymore, you see Colby I needed to make things right especially with you and if you really loved me like you said that night I fell, you would have just accept the fact I want to fix things." I explained he scoffed.

"Why did you jump huh? For months I have been nothing but miserable. You could have just stayed and talked about your problems but instead you run away. How are you supposed to make things right when you can't even to that yourself?" He protested.

"Colby... I-" He cut me off.

"JUST ANSWER ME WHY!" He yelled.

"I love you... Hell I am in love with you!" I blurted out. I walked passed him and headed towards the door.

"Please don't leave..," He trailed off. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to look into his watery brown eyes.

"Look at me dead in my eyes and tell me that you love me." I demanded. He grabbed both my hands and intertwined our fingers.

"I love you Milan." He said.

"I love you too Colby. I am sorry; the reason why I did what I did that night was to run away from my problems. I am just scared, but that’s all going to change." I explained.

I moved closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling my body close. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on my lips before walking away. 

You swallowed the champagne quickly and nodded my head. “I am totally getting the "D". I whispered to myself.

Seth took the empty champagne flute from my hand and set it aside; wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close, kissing me softly. I was shocked, but kissed I him back. I was curious how far he’d take this.

Seth pushed me back onto the bed, laying me down gently. He climbed on top of me and pressed his lips to mines gently, kissing me slowly. Our lips moved together gently as his hand rested on my hip. He brought his hand up underneath my shirt, moving his hand up toward my breast. He massaged the flesh there gently, pulling my bra down to grasp my full breast.

His fingers tugged on my nipple, flicking it gently. I sighed as he did so, moving toward his hand. His hand moved from my breast down to my hands, undoing my jeans with ease. He finally broke the kiss and sat up, pulling off his dress shirt. I threw my shirt and bra to the side, waiting for his next move.

Seth undid his belt and jeans, pushing them down to his knees. I could see his erection through his boxers and I bit my lip. He tugged off I jeans and panties and then his boxers. Slowly, he thrust into me. I gasped, moaning as he did so. He moved slowly inside of me, his hips moving to meet mines. He leaned own and bit my lip, nibbling on it softly.

I moaned, moving my hips up to meet his. The two of us began to move together, his hands pinning above my head. He thrust upwards inside me and I moaned loudly. I groaned loudly as his cock grazed my g-spot.

I had never imagined Seth Rollins could - and would - turn me on this much. I continued moaning as he moved inside of me. His lips moved to my neck, placing soft kisses on it.

I was close. Not much longer and I knew I would explode. “Seth, I’m going to come.” I murmured.

"Come for me, baby."

And I did. I came hard, moaning loudly as my body shook. Seth held on to me until I relaxed. Then he started to move again, moving in and out of me quickly. He soon reached his own peak, coming hard. He rolled off of me and looked at me with a slight smile.

Monday Night Raw...

It was Monday Night and it was big return match and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Angie was going to be by side.

Milan to the gorilla!

"I'm already at the gorilla!" I yelled everyone started laughing. I even see John Cena laughing so hard in the corner.

"Get ready." The producer said.

"You've got this Milan." Angie said.

My music blared through the arena and the crowd went wild. Brie was already in the ring but itn was funny there were ladders everywhere and the woman's title hanging on top of the ring.

The bell ring and Brie immediately went for the championship but as the "professional" I am I just simply pushed the ladder so she fell out the ring and landed on another ladder. I went to go see if she was moving. She twitched a little so I guess she was fine. I climbed the ladder but I felt something. I looked down and see Brie in the ring.

I dropped down grabbed her by the hair and thought it would be cool to show my true colors. 20 mins into the match and there was blood, sweat, and tears everywhere. Brie was weak so I took advantage and used what was left of my energy put Brie between a ladder and slammed it together.

I ran to the ring, climbed the ladder and won the championship and cried into my hands. Looking over thousands of people cheering my name it was the best feeling in the world. I climbed down the ladder only to be hugged by Angie.

"I am so proud of you." She whispered into my ear.

"I think I deserve a hug too." A voice said from behind. I turned around and to be face to face with my king Colby Lopez. Angie pushed me into his arms and grabbed a microphone.

"I don’t know about you guys but I am in extreme ship mode on these two." She said. I laughed into Colby's chest.

He titled my head up so he could look into my eyes.

"I am so proud of you baby. I love you." He leaned in and kissed me softly and the crowd went wild.

"I love you too." I said. An idea came to mind. I turned around to Angie and told her to get me a microphone.

"What are you doing?" Colby asked.

"Get out the ring and I will show you." I explained. He shook his head and stood ringside.

"As you may know I have been gone because of an accident. Just know that if you have problems don't be afraid to talk to someone because if you don’t bad things will happen that will affect people that love you very much... and there is one person I would like to dedicate this song to and he is right there looking at me." I said. The crowd roared and Colby smile grew wider. I asked Angie if she would like to help me sing and she nicely agreed.

Little things that you do,

that we share me and you,

are where I breathe.

You still blind me with such wonder stuff,

just one touch is all I need.

It feels like I'm falling into sun,

even on stormy days and

every way it feels like we've won,

as we watch the years go by,

it feels like we're still flying high...

Baby you amaze me,

you still knock me off my feet,

who would have ever guessed it would last,

through it all the reason I believe

can't you see, you still amaze me,

you still amaze me...

Funny how every time that I'm down

you pick me up, you stand by me,

people askwhat’s the deal,

why you still so in love,

well maybe it's meant to be.

It feels like I'm falling into sun,

even when life is like, a fight,

it feels like we've won,

as we watch the years go by

its feels like we're still flying high...

Baby you amaze me,

you still knock me off my feet,

who would have ever guessed

it would last through it all the reason

I believe, can't you see,

you still amaze me, oh, oh yeah

It feels like I'm falling into sun,

even on stormy days and every way

it feels like we've won,

as we watch the years go by still,

it feels like we're flying high...

Baby you amaze me,

you still knock me off my feet,

who would have ever guessed it would last

through it all the reason I believe,

can't you see you still amaze me,

oh you still amaze me...

You still amaze me...

You still amaze me...

You still amaze me...

Everyone clapped, Colby entered the ring and hugged me tightly.

"You amaze me too." He said.


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