His Princess: A Cm Punk Love Story

Abused as a child. Went through hell in high school until she met Milan. They live together train at FCW. When one night at Monday Night Raw Changed Everything.. It must say PG-13 but there is gonna be some scene where it's gonna be rated if you are not at the age where you cannot not understand what it means don't read the story...


22. Chapter 22

**Angie's P.O.V**


I sat in the corner alone while everybody else was talking. I looked down having flashbacks of me and Milan. I started to cry. I felt arms around me. I look up and see Dean.


"Are you mad at me?" I asked.


"I could never be mad at the one I love." He said. I put a fake smile face.


"Do you think she will make a Dean? I don't want her to die." I said into his chest.


"We just have to wait, now you see how we felt when you got shot." He said.


"Thanks, it just sad. Why would she jump off the building?" I asked. Seth came back. His eyes were red. He walked up to me and sat down next to me.


"She uh--" Seth started to say.


"She what?" I started to tear up again.


"Milan... Didn't make it." Was all he said. My face fell. 


"That can't be true." I said. Soon then a doctor came and he had a sad look on his face.


"Are you guys with Milan?" He asked. We all walked up to him.


"Yeah, I am her best friend." I said. He sighed and look up.


"She did make it right?" I asked.


"It was a hard fall from a talk building, and unfortunately... She did not make it. I am sorry for your lost." Was all he said and walked away.


"Can I go see her before she gets taken away please?" I asked. He motioned me to the room and I grabbed Seth's hand. He looked confused but went along with it. We stopped at a door and I looked through the window. Her body was pale. I opened the door and grabbed a chair and sat beside her.


Seth chose to stand.


"This is unbelievable." Seth said. I grabbed her cold hand and looked at her bruised up body.


"I know you don't hear me right now and you are in a better place. I don't know why you jumped off that building. But I guess you did it for you. The fact I don't have my best friend anymore hurts me a lot. I remember when we first met in high school. We would sing together, watch re runs of sad movies, talk about how hot Channing Tatum is... You were more than a friend to Me MiMi you were my sister and I cannot lose you." I cried into her cold hand.


"She will probably hate me if I told her this..." Seth started I looked up at him.


"Why? What happened?" I asked. Seth sighed.


"I wanted to bug her so I went into her room then I found a bag of cocaine on her bed. The door opened and I wanted to talk to her about it but she ran away to the roof and by the time I got there she was standing on the edge. I begged her to come down then the last words she said was "I love you Seth..." Then she fell. I was gonna grab her but it was too late." He explained. 


"She always loved you Seth but as a friend then when she was with Jason she lost that love. When she came to WWE all she talked about was you. When her and Jason broke up she was heartbroken. After that her feelings for you came back and she is head over heels for you. Seth, Milan is in love with you." I admitted. 


"Wow. The funny thing is I am in love with her too. But the fact that she didn't make it hurts me a lot. I love her. Milan if you hear me anywhere just know that I am in love with you too." He said. He kissed her cheek and we both walked out.


We reached the waiting room and everyone was still there. Angel walked up to me and hugged me tight.


"It's okay Angie." She said in t ear.


"Can you stay with me for a while I need the company." I asked.


"I was gonna ask you if I could stay with you but anyways yes." She answered I planted a smile on my face. She wiped my tears with her thumb.


"Dean, can you bring us home I need some rest." I asked. He nodded and took my hand. I walked passed Phil and he gave me a smile. I looked away. I didn't want anything to do with him.


We reached the hotel. I was quiet the while car ride. Dean tried to make conversation but Angel told him to stop. We parked and headed to my hotel room.


"You sure your gonna be alright Honey?" Dean asked hugging me.


"Yeah, I will. I have Angel she will keep me company." I said. He nodded and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.


I took off my clothes and changed into some pyjamas. I crawled into my bed. I looked to my left and Angel was already a sleep... Damn she sleeps fast.


I texted Seth for Milan's room number. He thankfully gave it to me. I sneaked out of the room and went to hers. The door was cracked open. I slowly opened it and her clothes were scattered all over.


I went to her suit case and she had pictures of me and her from high school until now. A tear fell onto the frame. I continued to go through her suit case when something caught my eye. The friendship necklace she got for me and her. 




Oct 12th 22nd birthday.


"Wakey Wakey Gorgeous." Milan shouted jumping on top of me. I groaned.


"What time is it?" I asked. I rubbing my eyes.


"1pm." She replied.


"Ugh." I said slamming my face into my pillow.


"Cm punk is having a follow spree on twitter in the next 15 minutes." She said. I bolted out of my bed and ran to the shower. I quickly showered and slipped on a dress I opened my laptop and quickly went on twitter.


5 minutes later Milan comes in my room with a cake with candles.


"Happy birthday!" She shouted. I blew out the candles.


"Thanks Milan." I said. All of a sudden she shoved cake into my mouth.


"Is it good?" She asked.


"It's amazing!" I said licking the icing off my fingers. She pulled out 2 cases. I looked at her confused.


"I want you to say thank you for being the best friend a girl could ever have, and for your birthday." She pulled out a necklace with a heart locket. My name was carved into the heart.


"Milan, this is beautiful. Thanks. But you didn't have to get me this. Having you as my best friend is the greatest present ever." I explained.


"I know, but I wanted to get us both one so we have one forever." She said. I hugged he tightly.


End of Flaskback...


I cried even harder.


"I would have known that you were in here." A voice said from behind me. I chocked on my tears and turned around.


I see Phil's arm crossed looking straight at me. I grabbed her room key and went passed Phil. But he grabbed my arm.


"Let go of me Phil." I demanded.


"No." He said.


"What don't you understand when I perfectly told you to stay away from me." I asked. 


"I understand that, but right now it seems like you need help-" i cut him off.


"Help? I don't need your help that's for sure." I spatted.


"Stop being stubborn shit." He said back.


"Thanks for the complement." I smiled. I tried to get out of his grip but it got even tighter.


"Are you jealous of me and Mia being together?" He asked. I froze.


"I am not jealous of shit between you two. The way you acting the past few day was crazy. You have been nothing but rude to me. I can't be in a friendship like that Phil." I admitted.


"Why does it always have to be about you Angie?" I shouted.


"It was never about me Phil I don't want the world to revolve around me. I am only one person!" I shouted back.


"You are such a bitch-" I slapped him before he could even continue.


"You never changed Phil this friendship we have is nothing." I said.


"Why can't you just tell me everything to my face instead of hiding it from me?" I spatted.


"You are worthless, a slut, and all you want is dick." He said. I heart shattered.


"Now was that so hard huh? Leave me alone, don't come near me, I don't want anything to do with you, I don't need you, I don't need anybody but my actual friends and you are not one of them." I cried. He walked out smirking.


I say down crying in my hands. I chose to take Milan's necklace and keep it with me. I closed the door and left. I went to my room and Angel was still sleeping. I crawled into my bed and fell asleep... Well attempted.


I woke up later that day and it was around 1:30pm I shot up from my bed and chose to go to the gym.


I reached the gym and the guys were there I waved and went straight to the treadmill. I got off the treadmill and went to the punching bags. I kept kicking a punching to the point where the bag fell off. Every one looked at me.


"What?" I spatted and they continued to work out. I felt arms around me knowing it was Dean.


"You wanna talk about it?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded.



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