I Am Me

Jenna Bird is popular at school, ignored, but still smart, sweet, and sassy. She doesn't get why people expect her to be dumb and mean. She just wants to be her.


2. Chapter2

I got home and went strait up to my room so I could put my books on the shelf. I hopped into bed, slipped into my pajamas and began to read my book. I slowly fell asleep, my thoughts still with the book.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock blaring in my ear. "Ugh!" I moaned getting up To turn it off. Just great I had school today. I could yet again pretend to be someone i'm not. Fabulous. I hopped into the shower and started washing. I soon got out and put my Clothes on. I fixed my hair and grabbed my book hoping to get another page in. "Breakfast is ready!" Callie yelled from downstairs. Food, yum!


"Smells good." I said as I entered the kitchen. I pulled the plate filled with eggs and bacon to my place at the table. I quickly scarfed down the food and sprinted up the stairs to do my makeup. People always expected me to be pretty and mean. Of course they did. Only Lilah and Callie knew who I really was. My parents were never around and never paid attention to me to even know who I was.


After I had finished my make up I headed down to the garage get my car. Since my parents were rich I had a pretty sweet ride. I grabbed my keys off the hook were they always were and hopped into the front seat of the car.


After backing out from the garage I was greeted by Lilah. I always gave her a ride. "It's Monday again." She said flatly. "ugh don't remind me." I groaned. Monday's were the worst! You start of the week by learning something new and complex. Just great. "So um Mason is having a pool party this Friday and um Connor's going to be there sooooo can we pretty please go?!" Mason was my crush. He was just, well, amazing. He was just perfect and almost every girl had their eye on him.


I usually didn't fall for that sort of guy but Hey, he was sweet and nice and funny and probably thought of me as a fake. My rep was pretty and popular, only people who have met me knew I was nice. He, unfortunately, never talked to me so I guess he never found out that I was nice and smart. He probably thought I was stupid and mean and.... I have a whole list. "Ohhhh!" Lilah said, snapping me from my lovely thoughts of Mason. And here it comes..... "Were you think about Mason?" She questioned me teasingly. Ya she could tease me, but I had the sass to tease her back. "Maybe, but not as much as you were thinking about Connor! it's,'" I paused and continued in a sing songy voice, "LOVE!" I exclaimed. She blushed and playfully hit my arm.


You see Lilah really liked Connor. And as far as I knew, which was a lot, he liked her too. They both liked each other but never admitted it. It is what I call a flirtationship. They constantly flirt with each other through text and sometimes in school. Though the upside to her having the flirtationship and well us liking these boys was that they were best friends. We were besties and they were well whatever guy's call their friends.


I snapped myself from my thoughts as we arrived at school. We hopped out of my blue car and grabbed our bags. So did you finish the history paper?" Lilah asked me. "Of course." I reply. We both always had our work done. We pushed open the heavy glass door of our school and walked towards our lockers. I quickly unlocked my locker and grabbed my books out. Lilah grabbed her books and we headed off to Science. As we turned the corner we saw Mason and Connor. Mason was smiling while Connor was laughing. Mason's smile was so cute, dimples in his cheeks while freckles dotted his nose. My heart just melted as I saw him smile. I could tell Lilah felt the same about Connor. I continued to walk in the direction of my science class. As I walked in I sat  down with Lilah and began reading my book. Nobody really saw me reading which I didn't get but I guess it didn't matter. Soon enough the teacher came in and started the lesson.

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