I Am Me

Jenna Bird is popular at school, ignored, but still smart, sweet, and sassy. She doesn't get why people expect her to be dumb and mean. She just wants to be her.


1. Chapter 1

I was alone at home, again. truth was I was normally alone. My mom was always somewhere like Paris and my dad was always busy with a meeting or at work. The only one there for me was my est friend Lila and my "nanny" Callie. Though Callie was currently out somewhere. So i could either A. do homework B. go on the internet or C. call Lila. A was done, B was boring so C looked pretty good to me. 


Lila and I were the exactly the same. We also looked kind of the same except for our hair you see she was a blonde and i was a brunette. Other than that we both had dark brown eyes and we were the exact same height. We liked and hated the same things. We both loved music and books. We hated storms and our history teacher Mrs. Kerner. Overall we were pretty much the same person. And everybody knew not to mess with us, mess with one of us, mess with both of us.


So i dialed her number and waited for her to pick up.

"Hey girlie! What's up?" She said as she picked up.

"Nothing all alone and bored. Have the house to myself, wanna hang?"

"Yeah sure be over in 5, bye." Lila also lived like five houses down from mine so wit was pretty fast to get over here.

I heard our doorbell ring and i raced down the stairs to answer it. Of course Lila being Lila just walked right in and met me in the living room. I told her to come to my room because that was the only place in my house where I was just me.

"Sooooo what's up with you?" I asked.

"Nothing just ya know getting good grades but hating school. Why can;t it just be summer?!"

"Lila, school only started two months ago.!"

Ugh so long, i know!" She said sarcastically.

"Your sarcasm never gets old." I replied jokingly. 

"Instead of just sitting in here wanna go somewhere like the mall or..."

"THE BOOKSTORE!" We both said in unison. Okay so we weren't exactly what you expected. Being rich you'd expect us to be preppy little princess' that hang out at the mall all day long and don't care about school. If that's what you thought then you couldn;t be more wrong. Lila and I could be complete and total nerds. The bookstore was our favorite place to be. I had a coffee shop inside and books! Could it get anymore perfect?

"Alright then let's go!." I told Lila. We grabbed our purses and made our way through my front door. We started to walk because the bookstore was only like three blocks away.

We entered the bookstore and immediately started looking at books. Sometimes I'd come home with twenty books at a time, or more.

Hey Jenna, check this one out." Lila said while handing me a book with a blue cover.

"Well might as well try it, I need another book to read."

"Ok then." Lila's phone began it ring and she told me she had to get home. We bought our books and started to go home.



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