Your perfect to me ( larry fanfic)

What happens when two best friends become more than friends

What happens when the boys find out?

" your prefect to me no matter what i love you" ~harry styles ( ziam)


3. what?? *warning*

Louis pov:

My doorbell rang I run down stairs and open the door to see harry and it looked like he's been crying and he just hugged me. Harry didn't say anything all I did was take him up stairs. I locked the door and he just laid on my bed and just cried and out of the blew he asked Louis have you ever liked a guy harry, promise you won't tell know one one about this but I am gay and yes I like someone why harry said I am gay too that is so awesome he said with a smile. Louis I love you what? I said in shock and he just got up walked towards me and sat next to me and said who do u like he asked I said you and I love you too. Harry smashed his lips to mine and the kiss got more heated he grabbed me by my waist and I grabbed his neck and now we were making out. He tugged on the hem of my shirt and I wanted to stop but I kept it going, he took my shirt off and then I took off his shirt. He layed me down on the bed and he said we should stop and I said you have no idea how much I wanted this please don't. He started kiss me again he started to unbutton my pants and my boxers and I said harry I am scared don't be it's okay I will help you. Okay I took off his pants and boxer and he was so big I liked it( I almost throw up writing that lol) he rubbed his hand over my private and then he pumped it making me moan and them I flipped us over so I was on top and i rubbed his private making him moan and then I did something I wanted to do. I put his private in my mouth and sucked it making smile. I was about to go kiss him on the lips he flipped me over and started to suck on my private makings moan I comes right in his mouth. I love you Louis Tomlinson don't forget that he said. I love you too harry styles. He laid right next to me and covered us up and harry asked me do u want to be my boyfriend? Yes I said and kissed him. You should go harry I said yeah I should my mom might get worried, harry why were you crying for I faked it babe he said. Harry put his clothes back on and I did too and we walked downstairs and I kissed him am he left.

The next morning:

I wake up thinking of what happened last night between me and harry I can't believe we did it and he was my first I can't believe it I love him so much I can't believe he was my boyfriend now.

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