Your perfect to me ( larry fanfic)

What happens when two best friends become more than friends

What happens when the boys find out?

" your prefect to me no matter what i love you" ~harry styles ( ziam)


2. he is coming over for dinner

When I got home I walked in the house to see my mom on the phone talking to my dad because always yells something or they are always fighting over the phone. When my mom is done off the phone she told be to go get ready we are having people coming who? I asked calmly the new people that moved it to martins grove. I run upstairs to get ready luckily I found a good outfit to wear. The doorbell rang and I walk down stairs to have my mom talking and I go see the who it is and I saw harry and his mom Anne. Hey harry I said he said hi and we talked and ate dinner

After dinner

Well we have to go It's getting late Anne said an I told harry that I would see him at school and he said okay and then I told my mom that I had a crush harry, I am happy that you do boobear my mom said.

The next morning

Another day at school I said to myself as I got up. But I was happy because will get to see harry. I walk into school to see harry at his locker I walked up and said hi and walked into class and sat down and then a couple of minutes harry sat down next to me. The day went by fast and all I could think was about harry all day this whole crush thing is driving me insane.

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