Your perfect to me ( larry fanfic)

What happens when two best friends become more than friends

What happens when the boys find out?

" your prefect to me no matter what i love you" ~harry styles ( ziam)


6. chapter 6


Liam pov:

I can't believe that harry and Louis are together I didn't even know harry was gay at all. But what they don't know about me is that I am also gay and I really like zayn but I don't know if he is gay tho I hope he is. I hate dating girls I love boys like I do zayn. It's so hard to love someone when you don't know if they love you back.

" Liam are u okay" zayn asked

" no" I said

" why"? Zayn asked

" I can't tell you" I said

" you can tell us" zayn said

" I am GAY okay" I yelled

" what? " they all said

" I like someone" I said quickly

" who" zayn asked

" you" I said quickly

" me too" zayn said

" what n-

Zayn cut me off by pressing his lips to mine and we were making out " let's take this upstairs" zayn said " " yes"

They headed up stairs and zayn pushed Liam On the bed and got up on top of him and started roam his shirt and he took it off. Liam I love you I love you too he groaned. Liam roamed up zayn shirt and took it off. They stated kissing well making out. Liam flipped them over so he was on top and you know the rest from here.

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