Your perfect to me ( larry fanfic)

What happens when two best friends become more than friends

What happens when the boys find out?

" your prefect to me no matter what i love you" ~harry styles ( ziam)


4. are u guys together??

Louis pov:

The boys are coming over and yes my boyfriend is too and I am scared out of my mind that something might happen and they might find out me and harry dating they dot even know that I am gay and I am afraid that they will hate me. I was interrupted by the doorbell ringing and I get up off the couch and answered the door liam and niall and zayn and harry were at the door harry came in last and he gave me a quick peck on the lips and walked inside I sat down on the couch in between Liam and harry and we were talking and I felt Harry's hand on top of mine and I smiled at the feeling. I looked at the boys and they just looked at us and this how we question each other when people don't want need to know we text each other zayn text: do u like harry me: a lot Liam: does he like me: I will tell you later and something else liam: okay harry text harry:what are they saying babe me: nothing sweetheart. Harry: Louis I love you but we need to tell them like now. Liam grabbed my phone and ran around and was trying to read my txt he only read one and he asked are you guys together?? And me I said yes got a problem with that and he said no.

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