the other Half

Once upon a time, there was fairies. . .


1. Prologue



  It all began with the laugh of a child, the sound of what is joyful and kind. It is like wind chimes on a breezy day, beautiful, serenely smiling as the world around the music shakes. Beauty is a thing of great normality in this world, the world where the simplest of sounds can create so much more, a symphony of joy.  And it is in this world where our story begins.
  A laugh can mean so much to the inhabitants of the land, the fairies who populate it so densely. The fairies, the small, nimble creatures with silky wings in varying colours, the floaty dresses which attract all who look upon them, their unsuspecting victims who feel such torture at their hands. These victims are the Halved.

  The Halved are just as they are named: Halved. The fairies know what they are, their deepest feelings, and so they create another, the one with everything the first needs. And so the Halved find their Whole, and the balance of the world is once again gone, the scales dropping to the happiness and joy. But doom and despair are but a touch away, filling a bowl which teeters on the edge of a table, a boat just waiting to capsize.

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