Army Girl in Love

Teddy North is Liam Payne's sister, but Liam doesn't know that yet. She and her sister Kypher North were adopted away after Liam was born, they both lost all contact with their family and moved onto their new lives in the Army.
I'm giving no spoilers, so you'll have to read on..


5. Chapter 3

Teddy's P.O.V

The day me and Kypher have been dreading the most has finally arrived. We were to be leaving Australia for London, in less than 3 hours. 

I rolled out of my comfortable queen bed and hopped into the shower, I did all my buisness and settled with a flannel shirt tucked into high waisted shorts with my black converses to finish it all off. I glanced around my room looking for my suitcase when I noticed a note attached to my desk.


Hi Tee,

The lads and I have you and your sisters luggage waiting downstairs. Please grab yourself and your sister and we will be waiting downstairs too. Please be down there at 7:35 am.


Zayn, Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam.


I glanced at the alarm clock that had my music blaring beside it.

6:33 am

I sighed heavily and switched off all the power units in the apartment. I grabbed my phone, handbag, sunglasses and purse and placed all the items into that. I also grabbed some pads and tampons, just in case ya know?


I grabbed my apartment keys and the note and headed to the door. I unlocked it and stepped out of the room, I turned back around, locked the door and headed off to Kypher's room. I hope she is awake.


I briskly walked down the corridor turning left then right until I was right outside Kypher's room. I was about to knock when I heard familiar voices inside. I shifted uncomfortably and knocked on the door. I waited and waited, until I heard the familiar sound of the dead bolt sliding open,..

"Teddy, you all ready to go?"

I was stood in the door frame of the apartment door and nodded slightly.

"That's good, well I'm ready to go, should we get going?" 

I glanced down at my watch and saw it was 7:32. I gasped and nodded.

'Hurry up Ky, the boys are waiting for us downstairs with our luggage, we need to be down there in 3 minutes." I had a giggle and a sigh of relief.

"Ohh that's where my luggage went. Sneaky bastards."

She fumed.

She shut the door and locked it and joined me in the corridor, and we both started walking downstairs.

"You ready for the adventure of a life time?"

She asked. I shrugged and kept my thoughts to myself. Maybe the boys aren't so bad after all. But they seemed like absolute arses when I first met them in Sir Payne's office. 

We both approached the end of the staircase and glanced around. 

"Where are they Tee? I thought you said they would be waiting for us."

"Yeah, I was given a note this morning. They said they'd be down here at 7:35 this morning."

Ky nodded and looked worried.

"Why dont we just look around outside, they might be down there."

"Wait, they said at the assembly area, lets head down there."

Kypher smirked and dashed to the outside doors, as soon as the last of the doors opened; we walked down the steps and around the corner. We followed the track and turned another corner and there they were. All five boys leaning against a large bus chatting to a girl. Must be someone's girlfriend.

Ky shifted her weight on one leg while we stood awkwardly away from them.

"Whose that girl Tee? I've never seen her before, she's gorgeous."

I smiled and shrugged. I glanced at her.

"I wouldn't have a  clue, she is most likely a girlfriend of one of them, but im not sure of who."

Ky nodded and we decided that we should make ourselves obvious and headed towards the boys and the mysterious girl.



Teddy's P.O.V

I tapped Zayn on the shoulder and he swung around almost instantly.

"Hi Tee, Hi Ky. Nice to see you this morning."

I nodded and looked around.

"Who is that gorgeous girl next to Louis?"

I blurted out quietly to Zayn.

He smiled and glanced down at me.

"That's Felicity, Louis' girlfriend."

 "Oh okay thanks."

He nodded and looked at the boys.

"I think we can hit the road now, Tee and Ky are here"

They all looked around even Felicity and greeted us with "Hi's". 

I smiled and followed everyone on the bus. 


"Hi, I'm Felicity. You must be the famous Teddy and Kypher. Niall and Zayn have said so much about youse. I hope we can be friends." 

I looked over at Felicity and smiled.

"I'm sure will be become great friends. How did you meet Louis?"

She smiled and sat next to me and Ky on the red comforter.

"I met him at a meet and greet. Love at first sight really." 

"Nawwh so cute." Blurted Ky

I shot her a look and she just smirked.

Three girls and 5 lads, I wonder how this adventure will go.

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