Army Girl in Love

Teddy North is Liam Payne's sister, but Liam doesn't know that yet. She and her sister Kypher North were adopted away after Liam was born, they both lost all contact with their family and moved onto their new lives in the Army.
I'm giving no spoilers, so you'll have to read on..


4. Chapter 2- The boys

Teddy's P.O.V

I dragged my sluggish body towards Kypher's dorm, hopefully she would be awake. I approached her door and knocked impatiently on the door,

"Kypher, please open up! I have important things to tell you."  

I stood by the door and waited, before I heard a click of the door opening. I glanced around and saw the boys briskly walking towards Kypher's room, once she opened the door I pushed past her and slammed the door shut, locking it.  

Kypher stood at the entrance of the dining room crossing her arms, 

"What was that for? Sir Payne could get on to us for slamming things, plus why are you here Teddy?"

She snapped whilst waving her arms around like a peacock. 

"Sir's son and his mates have to stay with us for 2 whole months, to get the drift of what its like to live and be a soldier, I don't know if I can do it. But I have to though, cause sir said that he would pay off our apartment and give us a pay rise. You have to help me out here Ky, I'll go insane with 5 boys in our house." 

She glanced at me and sighed "I'll help, but-" She paused as there was a knock on the dorm's door.

I walked over and unlocked the door, I opened the door to reveal the boys all standing there looking at me and Ky. 

"Yes? What is it you need?" 

I glanced back at Ky gesturing to her silently that these are the boys that are staying with us.

Curly head guy spoke up first 

"Liam's father said that he'd find you here, were here to take you with us on tour for a while. Mr Payne said that instead we stay with yous, you stay with us." I glanced at Liam and he nodded.

"Oh okay, how come I wasn't informed, and nor was my sister? We have to know that stuff too."

I snapped back.

They all shrugged their shoulders and started to walk away.


They all turned around and looked at me questioningly 

"Uhm, because me and Ky are staying with yous, would you like to come into our dorm and get to know each other? I'm sure it would be easier now than later."  

They all smiled and walked towards me and Ky.

"Sure Teddy, we'd like that."

I glanced back at Ky and she sighed. 

"Okay, come in and make yourselves at home. There's alcohol out on the patio if you want to have a drink and I'll bring out some snacks. There's chairs scattered every where, just choose one, and make yourself at home." 

Ky finished rambling to the boys.

The blonde one perked up, while the boys watched him,

"What is your name? I know Teddy's but I don't know yours."

"The name is Kypher, yours?"

She sassed back.

"Niall Horan"

She nodded and went into the kitchen trailing behind was me.


"Tee, Niall's hot as. They're all hot. Which one do you fancy?" 

She wiggled her eyebrows at me and smirked.

"No one for your information. They all seem like jerks to me."

I snapped back. She rolled her eyes and grinned.

"Sure sure, I'm sure you fancy someone; your just too scared to admit it."

I fake glared her and grabbed some snacks from the cupboard.

"I'm going to talk to the boys, you coming or not?"

She nodded her head and grabbed some more bottles of rum and dequlias and headed out to the patio with me.


"Okay, first things first. What are your names? and what do you do for a living?"

I shot out to them.

"I'm Harry Styles, that is Liam Payne, this is Louis Tomlinson, the blonde one is Niall Horan as you probably know and this guy right here is Zayn Malik." 

I nodded slightly and glanced around the room.

"So now that I know your names, why did Sir Payne allow us to go with yous? We cant just leave our jobs and tag along with yous."

Louis took a swig of his drink before he spoke up,

"We were told that you and Kypher have had a horrid past, and that we should try anything to help you forget that, and as for our music business, you get to see what we go through all day everyday, and as for your jobs, Mr Payne said that you guys haven't been on holidays yet. So we said that we'd  take you on one." 

I nodded at the boys and smiled. Ky was getting really friendly and lovey dovy with Niall while I observed Zayn glancing at me every now and then.

After what felt like hours, me and Ky traded phone numbers with the boys. They said that they would text us in the morning with the details.

We hugged the guys goodbye and cleaned up the patio.


"I think that Zayn guy likes you, he continued to stare at you all the time."

I giggled and rolled my eyes at Ky.

"Says the one that was getting close to Niall."

She blushed and laughed.

"Sshh you, I know what I'm doing. He's Irish, and you know how much I love Irish guys."

She wiggled her eyebrows and walked out of the patio. 

I think this will be a very interesting 2-3 months.

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