Me And My Broken Heart.

What happens when Harper runs away from her abusive father and then meets a boy? Would he change her life or break her heart even more.
Harry Styles fanfiction
Contains bad language and sexual scenes.


1. My Life

Harpers Pov

It was another morning when i woke up in my bed with the sun blinding me. My body ached in pain and then came my dads voice shouting "come down you fucking slag". Yes my dad abuses me he tried to rape me once but my mom stopped him so he took my mom into their room, forcefully had sex with her then came to grab me but my mom came in the way so he killed her. This all happend a week ago and luckily he hasnt touched me, only beated me up


"Harper?" my dad said. "Yes daddy" i replied innocently. "Do you love me?" "Ofcourse i do". Then my dad said "you're beautiful, do u want me to do something with you?" I nodded unsure. He took my clothes off and my mom walked in. My mom screamed "what the fuck are you doing" my dad slapped my mom and took her to their room and locked it. My dad beated my mom up and all i could hear was screams and the bed squeaking and my dad saying "scream my name" and i could hear moans. My dad came out grabbed me half naked my mom stopped her and slapped her, she fell down and banged her head on the wall and passed away.

End of Flashback

I woke up and went down. All my dad want me is for sex, to be honest it feels nice to be loved i dont like it when my dad does it but once he starts i dont want him to stop but it feels disgusting with my dad in me.

This is my life.

A/N anyone like it? Shall i continue?xxx

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