Dont really know what this is but it's been kinda stuck at the back of my mind for a while. As the title suggests, it's all about how people interpret various situations differently.


2. Stick

Wind looked after me for around a week but he had to leave after a while. I was sitting in my favourite armchair by the fire when he put his eye up against the window and asked me to come out so he could talk. He said "Now little one, I must go. The world cannot be without me blowing down trees to long! You can leave or stay, I don't mind but I've asked one of the tree nymphs to come and look after you." I remember that made me very angry at the time. "I don't need babysitting! I can look after myself!" I swung the backpack that I'd packed the day I got there onto my back and made to leave. Wind put his giant hand in front of me, blocking my way. "Have you forgotten that you would have died if I hadn't helped you? You can't look after yourself, you don't even know what you are! You shouldn't even be able to see this!" I growled and stomped my foot in frustration. "I'm not blind! Have I not proven that I can see as well as everyone else!" Wind frowned at me. "I know you're not blind. You see too much, not too little. You can see the world that mortals cannot, but you don't understand it. This world is dangerous! Just meet him. If you don't like him I'll find someone else, but you need somebody to look after you." He put on his 'pretty-please?' face .I groaned and dropped my backpack on the floor. "Fine. What's he called anyway? No, no, let me guess. A wood nymph? Hmm... Willow? Oak Face perhaps? Or maybe Woody?" I bent over laughing. Suddenly a tree root whipped out of nowhere and tangled around my foot, pulling me over before melting into the arm of a boy standing by the door and forming a hand. He was barefoot and wore tatty brown leggings and a short-sleeved green top, leaning against the door with his arms folded. He flicked his dark brown hair out of his eyes, grinned at me lying on the floor and said "Actually, my name's Stick."

 I'd been with Stick for 5 years. I looked at him  and noticed that he was staring at me. "What should I do?" I asked him. He blinked and shaked his head as though I'd woken him from a deep sleep. "You mean the letter? I don't know. Their your family, it's your decision." I got up and threw the letter on the ground. " How can she expect me to go back?! For the funeral of the man that did this to me?" I gestured to the ropey purple scar on my face. "And I can't believe that all these years that I've been with you, you've been going there behind my back!" Stick examined his bare feet. "I wanted to see why you ran away." I stared. I couldn't believe it. "You already knew! I told you what he did me! Do you need any other reasons? Fine! I scared them. Can you imagine if your family had been scared of you? It was horrible! My sister cried when I came near, my mum called me a freak and my dad got himself so drunk that he decided that cutting his daughter with a knife was alright! Look at me!" I pushed his head up and forced him to look me in the eye. "Look at me. I have multi colored eyes! I'm disfigured and ugly and it's all his fault." Stick did nothing, just stood staring at me. I suddenly became aware of how close we were. Then he traced the line of the scar with his finger. "You're not ugly." I stepped away. Stick grinned his mischievous grin and I knew he was back to normal. "It's late. Look away." Stick knew that I hated seeing him turn into his dormant form. It was just something about seeing him melt slowly into a tree that disturbed me greatly. I looked away quickly and didn't look back until the weird rustling and creaking noises had stopped and were he had stood there was a young willow tree. The bark was exactly the same colour as my long light, brown hair. "At least one person doesn't think I'm ugly" I said to it. When he was dormant he was just a tree, so I could say whatever I wanted. I turned and walked upstairs to my room leaving the dreaded letter downstairs next to the tree that was Stick.

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