Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


15. X-Factor Finale

Katrina's P.O.V

Ally paces nervously, just like she did when we were finding out if we were getting through to the live shows. Eboni is texting furiously on her phone, probably texting Liam. I still ship Leboni.

I reach under my pillow and grab my diary and my pen. 

'28th September 2012 Age 18

Hiya Grace!!

So Ally and I are in the X-Factor top four!! Eboni and her group are also in the top four!! Eb, Ally and I are all really nervous! Oh gotta go! Wish us luck :D <3

Until next time,

Katrina <3 xxx'

I shove my diary into my pillow case and stand up. I grab ahold of Eb's and Ally's hands. We go over to Simon. Simon is the only one with tso acts left. Louis Welsh has one and Cheryl has onr act left. Dani has none. 

"Okay girls, I am so proud of you all, even if you don't win, I'm proud of you" Simon grins. We all nod. "Please welcome our glamorous judges!!" The host yells. Simon hugs us all and runs over to the other three judges. They walk out. "And now welcome out top four!" We walk our all holding hands. 

Everybody in the crowd clap and cheer. I search the audience. My eyes land on Lou going crazy. I nudge Eb and Ally. They crack up laughing, luckily it's silent though. I see Liam waving. Eb waves. I smile.

"This is the last time you sill hear your top twelve perform together!" The host says. Eboni starts singing first. We're singing Price Tag by Jessie J.

We all take a bow and the top four stand together. "The first act through to the top three is" lots of suspense. "WE LOVE YOU KALLY!!" Someone screams from the audience. I wave to the person. "We love you too" I say. They grin.

"The teens!" The host yells. Eboni squeals and hugs Ally and I tightly. She hugs Simon and then her group. They stand to the side. Simon puts his arms around Ally's and my shoulders. We all huddle together. 

"The next act through to the top three is" more suspence. "Emma Rich" she is really good. She squeals and hugs her mentor. Simon, Ally and I huddle together tighter. "The final act through to the top three is" a lot more suspence.

I silently pray. "Kally!" The host yells. Ally, Simon and I jump up and down in a tight circle. We hug each other and we all go over to The Teens.

The host talks to the person who didn't get through and blah blah blah.


"Okay, it's time" the host pauses. After a night of singing, dancing and doing some other stuff we had to do for the TV viewers it's finally time to find out who has won the X-Factor.

"The act who came third in the X-Factor 2012 is..." more suspence. This show is all about suspence!! "Emma Rich" the host says. Emma says some stuff and leaves the stage.

"The act who came second in the X-Factor 2012 is..." alot more suspence. "The teens. Congratulations to Kally for winning the X-Factor 2012" the host grins. Eboni, Simon, Ally and I have a big group hug. The confetti goes off and I feel people surround us. I look around to see my boys, Dave, mum and Nevil. 

I spin around and hug my mum. "I'm proud of you" mum whispers. I grin and kiss her cheek. I hug Dave next and then Nevil. 

I see Nialler and hug him tightly. He kisses my nose and spins me around. I hug everyone except Lou because he's hugging Ally. He turns to me and grins.

We run up to each other dramatically and hug each other. Lou spins me around and kisses my forehead. "Good job!" Lou yells. I grin. We all clam down. "So Kat and Ally, it has been a pleasure having you two, hilarious girls on the X-Factor" The host grins. Ally and I chuckle. "Let's have a look at some of your moments" the host grins and turns to the screen. It shows Ally and I having our famous, Kally moments. 

Kally moments are us doing stupid stuff like messing up words and stuff. Eboni is in most of our moments.

"When you're gone the pieces of my heart are missing you!!" Ally and I scream in the video. We laugh together watching it. The video goes off and the host turns to us, laughing.

"It has been a hiliarious journey we have been on with you girls" the host chuckles. "But seriously, good job girls, I'm sure you will go far in the music world" The host hugs us. "Goodnight England and Ireland! Have a good night!" The host grins. He waves as everyone else talks.

"After party here we come!" Eboni yells. I laugh and Nialler and I hold hands and follow Eboni and Liam to the after party.


KALLY WON!!!!!!! Now that they've won, there will be drama!! I have warned you....


Love you guys <3 xxx




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