Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


2. What are you doing here?

Aaliyah's P.O.V

i turn my alarm off and grab my bags. To London I go. I'm going to London for my nursing. I got asked to be a nurse in The London Hospital. Maybe I'll see the boys or Katrina there. Most likely not. London is a big place, they could be anywhere and they might go to different hospitals. 

I get into the taxi and get driven to the airport. I pay the driver and grab my bags out of the boot. I check into the airport and give them my bags. 

Just theee months ago the boys and Katrina were doing this same thing. I sigh and wait to board my plane.


I step out into the chilly London air. I shiver and wrap my coat further around me. I've only been to England once before and that was with the boys and Katrina.

The boys have their second album out. I've lost all contact with the boys. Katrina and I never have time to keep in contact so we rarely talk. 

I get into a taxi. I say the hotel I booked. I look out the windows as we drive along. London is a beautiful place. I guess this is my new home for now. I'll have to get used to the weather change. From hot to cold. Scratch that freezing.

I sigh and lean my head against the window. I pay the taxi driver and walk into the hotel with my bags. I get my room and get into the elevator.

I go into my room and unpack my bags. I change into jeans and a t-shirt and jumper. I grab my purse, phone and key and walk outside.

I catch the next bus and head for London Hospital.


"Hey mum" I grin playing with the string on my jumper. "How'd the interview go?" Mum asks. "I got the job" I grin. "I'm proud of you honey, oh your fathers calling, bye sweetheart" mum says and hangs up. 

I sigh and fall asleep.

-----A couple of weeks later------

I open the doors of the hospital and walk in. I check in and make my way to the staff room, greeting people on the way. 

"I know right" one nurse, Carry squeals. "What's up ladies?" I ask in my American/Australian accent. They just giggle. "Why are people setting up the entertainment room?" I ask putting my bag in the locker. 

"Don't you know?" Another nurse, Cassidy asks. I shake my head. "We're having some people perform, model and entertain the kids today" Carry grins. I nod my head. "Well I better go and check on Jackson" I smile. They nod.

Jackson is in the special burns unit. He was severly hurt in a house fire. I was the first person Jackson spoke and listened to. I am in charge to make sure Jackson is alright.

"Hello kids, hey Jackson" I grin opening the doors to the special burns unit. "Hello" the kids chorus. "Hello" Jackson grins. He's getting better. When we first got here half of his face was burnt and both his arms were burnt. He was really weak.

It breaks my heart to see people like this. I sigh and hand him his medicine. He takes it and sits down with the other kids. He's started talking to the other kids more now.

"Ok kids, your entertainers are here" a nurse I don't know smiles opening the door. The kids all run out excitedly. Jackson holds my hand. I smile and lead him to the front row. He tugs on my sleeve to make me sit down. All the kids are sat so I sit down next to him. I make sure the other kids can see.

"Okay kids, first up we have a clown" the head nurse grins. The kids all clap. They all have smiles on their faces.

The clown is really funny. Jackson and I can't stop laughing. Oh, this is entertaining. I love to see a smile on Jackson's face. It brightens my day.

Niall's P.O.V

The boys and I walk through the back door into the London hospital. We're performing for the kids today. I love doing things like this, I love to see the little smiles on the kid's faces. 

"Oh good, you're here" the head nurse says. I don't pay attention to her, I just follow the boys. 


"Shud up" A voice laughs. We walk into a room. Oh my gosh, it's, it's- no, I don't believe it! "Katrina?" Lou asks. The whole room goes quiet, there is only seven people in the room though.



"Hey Lou, hey boys" she waves awakwardly at us. "That's my cue" The head nurse says and rushes off. "Well this is kind of awkward" Harry says.

"Stating the obvious much" I smirk. He shrugs. "And next up we have a real life model" The head nurse calls.

"Well, that's me" Katrina says and skips off escaping the awkwardly silence. That was awkward.

"You know what she ws thinking" Zayn says. We all turn to him. "Why didn't they keep in touch?" Zayn asks. We all sigh. We never had time as well as keeping in touch with Ally. I miss our girls.

Katrina's P.O.V

I walk down the catwalk, the kids are all smiling. "You know what" I say loudly. "What?" Some kids ask. "Why don't I perform a song for you?" I ask. The kids nod. 

I jump off the stage and go to the front row. I crouch down to a little boy. "What song should I sing?" I ask him. He leans up to Ally? "Ally?" I whisper. She smiles. 

"Halo by Beyonce" Ally says for the little boy. I nod and jump back onto the stage. "Remember those walls I built?" I sing. "Well baby they're tumbling down" "They didn't even put up a fight" Lou sings. I spin around to see him walking on stage. I grin and hug him tightly.



"They didn't even make a sound" I sing. This is like on the areoplane. "I found a way to let you in" Lou sing. "But I never really had a doubt" "Standing in the light of your halo" "I've got my angel now" "It's like I've been awakened" "Every rule I had you breaking" "I ain't never gonna shut you out" Lou sings putting his arm around my shoulder. "Ally's here" he whispers in my ear. I nod and continue singing.

I dance terribly making the kids laugh their heads off.

"Okay guys, I think I may have gone over time" I trail off. "So here is One Direction" I grin waving my hands about dramatically. The kids all clap. I hug Lou and run off stage.



I watch the boys as the sing and dance about with some of the kids. I smile. I miss my boys and Ally.

"Hey stranger" an Australian/American accent says from behind me. I spin around and hug Ally tightly. "Hello" I grin. "I've missed you" she says. "I've missed you more" I smile. "How's ma, pa and Nevil?" Ally asks. 

Ally calls my mum ma, Dave pa and Nevil, Nevil. "Good, good, and good" I grin. "Nevil started walking and he can kind of say my name" I grin. "That's amazing!" Ally grins hugging me. "After work you can come and visit, mum, Dave and Nevil all miss you" I say. She grins widely. "Of course" she grins.

We turn back to watch the boys.

Niall starts playing his guitar. "We wrote this for our friends when we seperated" Harry starts. "Some of you may know them" Niall adds. "They're Ally, who works here and Katrina who just performed for you before us" Lou smiles at us. We wave slightly.

"Can't believe you're packing your bags, 

Trying so hard not to cry,

Had the hest time, now it's the worst time,

But we have to say goodbye" Zayn sings. 

"Don't promise that you're gonna write, 



Don't promise that you'll call,

Just promise, you won't forget, we had it all" Harry sings. Ally sits bsck down next to the little boy and I sit in front of her on the ground.

"Cause, you were mine for the summer,

Now we know it's nearly over,

Feels like snow in September,

But I always will remember,

You were my summer love,

You always will be my summer love" Niall sings looking into my eyes. I wipe my tears away.

"Wish that we could be alone now,

We could find some place to hide" Lou sings. He holds his hand out to me. I take it and start dancing with him. 

"Make the last time, just like the first time,

Press the button in rewind" Lou sings.

"Don't say the word that's on your lips,

Don't look at me that way" Liam simgs dancing with Ally.

"Just promise you'll remember,

When the sky is grey" Liam sings.

Lou hands me over to Niall and we start dancing. Liam does to same to Ally except he hands her to Harry.

"Cause you were mine for the summer,

Now we know it's nearly over,

Feels like snow in September,

But I always will remember,

You were my summer love,

You always will be my summer love" Niall sings staring into my eyes.

I don't have the strength to look away.

"So please don't make this any harder,

We can't take this and further,

And I know there's nothing I wanna change,

Change" Zayn sings. I take my seat in front of Ally's chair. She sits down behind me and rests her hands on my shoulders.

"Cause you were mine for the summer,

Now we know it's nearly over,

Feels like snow in September,

But I always will remember you were my summer love,

You always will be my summer love" Niall sings.

"You were my summer live,

Always will be my summer love" the boys all sing. The repeat that line two times. The kids all clap. I stand up. I hug Ally tightly. "What time do you finish work?" I ask her. "Five" she says. I nod. "I'll pick you up at five" I say. She nods. I hug her again and run backstage.

"I'll go home now" I mumble to myself.



I get in my car and drive home. I walk into my house and there sit the boys of One Direction. "What are you doing here?" I ask them.



Sorry for the lack of spacing. My enter bar wouldn't work. I'm doing the question thing again, so ask away :) bye bye <3 xxx



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