Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


19. Times up

Katrina's P.O.V

I wake up. Louis comes into Niall's room, which I'm sleeping in. "Time's up" Louis whispers. My eyes widen. No. No, it can't be. Please. I need to remember! I want to remember! I hug him tightly. "I'm sorry" I whisper. He shakes his head. "It's not your fault" he says. I let my tears fall. 

We go to everyone else. I'm surrounded in a group hug. "Why don't we go to the fair?" I ask. Everyone shrugs. "We could do with some cheering up" Ally chuckles. We pile in the car and drive to the fair.

We go on mostly all the rides.


"Let's go on the rollercoaster!!" I yell happily. Harry shakes his head. "I'll come" Louis grins. "And me!!" Zayn grins. 

Lou, Zayn, Eboni and I go and line up for the 'scariest rollercoater we will ever go on!' As the person selling the tickets said. 

We get in the two back carrages. Lou and I in the right back and Eboni and Zayn in the one in front of us.

We scream and throw our hands up throught out the ride. We come to the end suddenly. I fall forward and bang my head on the back of the carrage in front.


My whole life flashes in front of my eyes. I remember everything, getting the job as One Direction's stylist, mum kicking me out, going to Hawaii with the boys, meeting Ally, getting kidnapped, Frenchy, Hayden, Jack, having a baby brother, Nevil, Dave, Niall and Jack fighting, modeling, meeting Alky and the boys again, going on the X-Factor with Ally, us winning, the after party, Niall and a girl kissing, me running, me getting hit by a car.

I sit up rubbing my head. I look around. Everyone is off the ride. I get out. Why did Niall lie to me. He said I went out for air. It's his fault I forgot my memory. I clench and unclench my fists. "Hey, what happened?" Niall asks. "I uh, I hit my head" I mumble, hiding my anger. Niall nods. He puts his arm around me and leads me to the boys and Eboni and Ally. 

We pile in the car and Zayn drives us to the beach house. "Eboni, Ally, we need to talk" I say. They nod and follow me outside. "I remember" I pause. "Everything" I add. They squeal and hug me tightly. They step back and see my serious, not happy face.

"What's the matter?" Eboni asks. "Niall lied to me and he cheeted on me" I say my eyes filling up with tears. Eboni and Ally hug me tightly. "We'll talk to Niall an-" "No" I cut Ally off. "I'll talk to him" I say taking a deep breath. "Are you sure?" Ally asks me. I nod. "You guys may want to keep an eye on me though, just in case I go rage" I chuckle. Ally and Eboni chuckle. We go back inside.

I try and keep my anger down. The boys are all sitting playing X-Box, except Harry is watching. 

I go in front of the TV. Niall tries to look around me. I roll my eyes and pull the plug on the X-Box. "We were getting a record!" Liam complains. "That's fantastic" I say sarcastically. "Why did you lie to me?" I ask Niall. He furrows his eyebrows in confusion. "You told me I got hit by a car because I needed air" I say. "What was the real reason?" I ask him.

"That is the real reason" Niall says quietly. I snort. "Calm" Ally says. Eboni and Ally both rest a hand on my shoulders. "And even now, when I remember everything, you still lie" I say holding back my tears and putting on a brave face. 

"You cheated on me and lied to me, you thought I would never remember, so you lied to to me" I say. A tear slips out of my eye. "Thanks Niall, thanks a lot" I whisper. I run to Niall's and my shared room and pack my bags. 

I wipe my tears away but they keep coming. I sob quietly. Why? Why is it always me who has bad luck? I grab my bags and go towards the front door. I left my phone in the kitchen. I slip into the kitchen. "Liam, go away" Niall says not turning around. I grab my phone and leave the kitchen.

I put it in my pocket and grab the keys to my mum's house. I slip out the door. I ring mum's number. "Hello" Dave says cheerfully. "I-I'm coming home" I whisper walking towards the airport. "Sweety, what's wrong?" Dave asks. "I-I remember everything" I hiccup. "That's great!!" Dave yells. "Then what's the problem?" He adds. "N-Niall lied to me" I cry. "I'll meet you at the airport, what time will you land?" Dave asks me. "About seven" I guess. "Okay, see you soon" Dave says. "I love you" I say. "I love you too" Dave says. "Bye Pa" I whisper and hang up. 

I buy a ticket to London. Yep, about seven o'clock in the morning (Probably not right but eh *shrugs* let's pretend it's right :D, okay? Good) I board the plane. 

I put my seatbelt on and take a deep breath. I quickly text Ally and Eboni in a group text.

'Sorry for leaving :'( I couldn't handle it <3 I'm safe though <3 I'm with mum and Dave, I love you girls <3 xoxoxo <3 - KAT<3'

'It's okay babe <3 we understand <3 Good thing you're safe, have a nice plane ride baby <3 We love you too baby girl <3 xoxoxo <3 - ALLY<3'

'What ALLY said XD <3 Say HIIII to everyone back in London :) I love you too beautiful <3 xoxoxo <3  - EBONI<3'

I'm glad my girls understand. I turn my phone off and fall into a deep sleep.


I hop off the plane and turn my phone on. I go through customs and stuff. I look at the time. '6:54' I sigh. I hope Dave is here. I scan the airport. I spot Dave and wave dramatically. He grins and spins me around. "Hey kiddo" he chuckles. "Hey Pa" I smile. Dave hugs me again.

"So tell me about Niall" Dave says. I tell Dave everything. He nods and hugs me once again.

We're surrounded by paprazzi. I spot a little girl at the back trying to look through the crowd. I push through everyone and bend down to her height. "Hello" I smile. "H-h-hello" she whispers. "Do you remember anything?" She asks. I nod. Her face lights up. "I do, I hit my head on a ride and it all came rushing back to me" I smile. She grins and hugs me. I hug her back. "Where is Ally, Eboni and the boys?" She asks me. 

"They're in Hawaii, I just wanted to see my family" I say. She nods. "I have to go" she says. "It is a pleasure meeting you" she says. "The pleasure's all mine" I say. She hugs me again and runs over to a lady, I'm guessing her mum. The lady smiles and waves. I do the same. Dave and I push through the crowd and get in Dave's car.

Dave drives us home. "Before we go inside, I need to ask you a question" Dave says. I nod and turn to him. He takes a deep breath. "Do I have your permission to propose to your mother?" Dave asks me. I grin and nod. I hug him tightly. "As long as I get to attend the wedding and be a bridesmaid or the best man" I say grinning. "I would love for you to be my best man, but if your mother says yes-" "which she will" I interupt Dave. He chuckles. "Okay then, when she says yes" Dave chuckles. I grin. "She will probaboy want you all to herself" Dave grins. I shrug. "Maybe" I chuckle. "When are you going to propose?" I ask him.

"Well I need to buy the ring, so I was hoping you would help me pick it out" Dave smiles. I grin. "We can go shopping later today!" I grin. Dave nods. We go inside and I fill mum in on all the information, leaving the proposal planning out of it of course. I smile. Ring shopping here we come!!

I decide to text the boys and the girls in a group chat. "Can I tell the guys?" I ask Dave. He nods. 

'Dave is gonna propose to mum!!!!!! I get to help pick the ring!! By the way girls, I landed and I'm safe <3 xoxo <3 - KAT<3'

I plug my phone into charge and watch movies all day with mum, Dave and Nevil. I love my family. I love them very much!


Was this a late update? It felt like it was :) Well I've updated now :D 

Louis: what do you think Mumma Rose will say?? And I want an answer from atleast someone :) I really don't care who :) If I get no answer I will drop out of this story foreverrrrrrr

Me: Yeah, no you won't. You're going to help get Kiall Roran back together, later on :)

Louis: Okay...But I still want an answer!! 

Okay, byeeee <3 xxx


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