Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


62. The tour bus

Katrina's P.O.V

"It's so big" Ally says in awe. I nod, my eyes wide. I've never been in a tour bus before now. "Come on girls" one of the security guards chuckles, nudging us further inside. I go one one and Ally goes the other. I find the bunks and grin. "SHOTGUN TOP BUNK!!" I yell throwing my stuff onto the bed. "Ah damn!" Ally groans putting her stuff on the bottom one. I grin at her and explore the tour bus. 

"Come on girls, explore later. You have to leave for the show" Mr. Security Man says. Ally and I grab the stuff we need and follow him outside. How are we here already? Mr. Security Man takes us backstage and leads Ally to her dressing room, then he takes me to mine, which is further up the hallway. "What's your name?" I ask. "Carlos" Mr Security Man smiles. "Hello Carlos, I'm Katrina" I grin. "Nice to meet you" Carlos smiles opening the door for me. "Thanks Carlos" I smile walking in. 

I get my hair and make up done. "Can I wear this?" I ask, signalling to my baggy t-shirt and trackies. My stylist looks at me confused. "Oh I know!" I rush into the wardrobe and pull out some skinney jeans. I slide them on and tie my t-shirt up with a hair elastic to make it look less baggy, but keep some of the bagginess. I walk out of the wardrobe and stand in front of my stylist.

She nods in approval. "You have good taste, but I better run, bye Katrina" she smiles at me and rushes out. 

I wander around, quite bored. "Vocal warm ups!" Someone yells out. I make my way to the stage and meet Ally. "You got to keep your shirt, that's so not fair!!" Ally whines. I laugh. We do the vocal warm ups and go through what's happening throughout the show. 

"Everything is good, you guys can relax for a bit" our vocal coach says. "But try to keep your voices please" he begs. We nod and sit on the couch together. 

I text Niall.

'What you up to? Xxx - KatTheFiancée'

'Not much. Yourself? Xxx - NiallTheFiancé'

'Waiting for our concert to start xxx - KatTheFiancée'

'You on vocal rest? Xxx - NiallTheFiancé'

'How's you know? Xxx - KatTheFiancée'

'We always get put on vocal rest after vocal warm ups xxx - NiallTheFiancé'

'Oh yey, we probably will too _-_ xxxx - KatTheFiancée'

'Probably. Lou wants you to call him after your concert xxx - NiallTheFiancé'

'Tell him I will xxx - KatTheFiancée'

'Yes sir xxx - NiallTheFiancé'

'Good ma'am xxx - KatTheFiancée'

'Are we going to tell the fans about our engagement, and is Lou telling the fans about El's pregnancy? Xxx - KatTheFiancée'

'Would you like to? Xxx - NiallTheFiancé'

'Only if you want to. I know how much you love your fans and respect them, I do too xxxx - KatTheFiancée'

'Yes. Lou, El and I will facetime you during your show, is that ok? Xxx - NiallTheFiancé'

'Yes, Ally says that she'll text you when you can facetime us xxx - KatTheFiancée'

'Ok, see you then :D xxx - NiallTheFiancé'

Niall and I talk until Ally and I get called to get our microphones set up and everything. Ally holds her guitar close to her. "Good luck girls" Sally smiles. "Thanks Sally" we say together.

We do our thing we do and jog onto stage together. My ears are met by screams. I'll never get used to this! "Ok, please calm down, my ears are dying" Ally begs. I laugh at her. The crowd goes relatively quiet. "We said goobye here last time, and we promised we'd be back!" I grin. "And we're backkk!!!!" Ally yells. The crowd screams. "Soooo....what should we sing my dear?" I ask walking over to Ally. "Hmm, what about...." Ally starts playing What The Hell. I grin. This is my favourite song of ours.

We sing half the songs that we are singing tonight, dancing around stupidly and talking to the crowd inbetween songs. Ally runs off stage, probably to text Niall, Lou or El and set up the computer. "Okay guys, I know some of you are fans of One Direction, but when they call, please don't faint" I chuckle. The crowd screams, or laughs, I'm not quite sure. "Hey that's my Skype! How do you know Skype?" I ask Ally, wherever she is. "Oh yeah, I told her the other day, oops" I trail off. "I will have to change my password!" I announce. The crowd screams, or laughs, again, I'm not sure. 

"Shut it Lou, we are in front of millions of people for goodness sake" El scolds Lou. "Why yes, yes you are" I grin turning to them. They are on the big screen, so everyone can see them. "KATRINA!!! OH MY GOSH!! I MISS YOU!! AND ALLY!!!" El yells jumping around, waving her arms around. Ally and I laugh our heads off at El's dancing, jumping thingy. 

"Hey Lou!" I grin waving. "Hey Kat, hey Ally" Lou smiles. "Are you sick?" Ally accuses. "Why?" He asks. "Because you are being normal" Ally and I say together. The crowd laughs, no screaming this time. "No, but someone has to be normal" He laughs signalling to El. I smile. "Hey Kat!! Hello Illy" Niall grins, joining El and Lou. "Hey Nail" Ally smirks. "Hey Niall" I grin blowing him a kiss. The crowd awes. 

"Ok, so this will have to be quick, because we like our fans" Ally grins. "More than us?" El asks, calming down. "Yes" I state with a blank expression. El gasps shock but laughs as Lou and Niall fake cry. "Ok, so Niall and Kat have something to announce" Ally states. I nod. 

"Ok, so some of you major fans who have access to the internet and know everything about every move Ally and myself make would know that I went to Ireland with Niall for a couple of weeks over Christmas" I smile. Niall nods. "Are you going to talk at all?" I ask Niall. "I wasn't planning on it" he grins. I shake my head and turn back to the fans. "Ok, so who thinks you know everything about Ally and myself? Be honest, we won't judge!" I smile. About ten peoples raise their hands. "Who knows what went down when we were in Ireland?" I ask. "All of it" Niall adds. Half the people put their hands down. "And finally, who knows that Niall and myself are engaged?" I ask. Everyone puts their hands down. Ally, Lou and El raise their hands. 

The place is dead silent. This is like back home, before Harry wanted to talk to me. "Well, yeah, I am engaged to Niall" I smile. Ally grins and rests her hear on my shoulder. "Well because nobody is replying you guys better go" I adress Lou, El and Niall. "Bye Kat, Ally. Love you both" El smiles. "Love you all" Ally smiles waving. "Love you lots" I blow them all kisses. Lou blows us kisses and hangs up, laughing at Niall. 

We turn to the crowd. "I love you fans to pieces, you mean a lot to me. You guys are apart of my family, all of you, if you're two, if you're twenty, if you're fifty, if you're ninety, you're all part of my family. I love you guys and I hope you are ok with my engagement" I say. The one girl screams out, "KIALL RORAN TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!" She raises her right arm up, her hand in a fist. 

A couple of girls around her follow her league by raising their right arm with a fist to the sky. Eventually everyone, including Ally has their right arms pointed to the sky with a fist. I grin. All I can think of right now is The Hunger Games...

"So, you guys approve?" I ask. The crowd screams. I grin. "Thank you" I smile. Ally bursts into her song while I log off of Skype.

We sing the rest of our songs, bid goodbye to Melbourne and go back to our tour bus. "Making food!" I call out to Ally as I get the ingredients for spaghetti and bolognese. "Make me some too! Having a shower!" Ally calls back. "Yep!" I call back. I hear the water start and make the bolognese. 

Next, I put the spaghetti in the now boiling water. Once I've finished I plate up and put it on the coffee table, with a fork and a spoon each. I turn the tv on and eat my dinner. Ally joins me and eats hers. I finish my dinner and go to my bunk to get my shirt I'm wearing to bed. "Having a shower!" I call out, "mm hmm" Ally calls back, well mumbles back. I chuckle and have a really refreshing shower. 

I slide my shirt on and climb into my bed. "I'm sleeping!" I call out. "Sweet dreams! Love you!" Ally calls back. "Love you too Ally" I smile and lay down.

I am so excited to sleep!!



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