Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


17. The past revealed


Question: To Ally: how did you feel when she didn't remember you?

Ally: Like my world just fell apart. Kat is my best friend, I was extremely upset, and the doctor should have warned us!

Question: To Niall: Aww Niall, it isn't your fault. -Hugs Niall-

Niall: *Wiping tears away* T-Thanks, but I-I know it is, if I stayed with Kat, t-this wouldn't have h-h-happened *starts crying*

Lou: It's ok Niall, it's ok *hugs Niall*

Question: To Frenchy: I'M. GOING. TO. KILL. YOU!! and how in the world did you escape from that prison??

Frenchy: I'd like to see you try *smirks* and I have my ways.

Eboni: *Holds Hazzies_bear back from attacking Frenchy* Calm down Ally, calm down.


Kat: I am so sorry but no *sighs* I don't remember a thing *sighs again* I'm sure you're wonderful though :) xxx

WELL THEN FOLKS!! THAT'S THE END OF THIS CHAPTERS QUESTION TIME :D yeah, ignore that......somethings wrong with me... XD...nah just kidding XD!! Okay, you can read on now without me making you wonder if I need medical help :D 


Katrina's P.O.V

I listen to an Irish and an American accent talk. I keep my eyes closed though. I don't have the strength to open them. "The doctor's here" The Irish accent says. I open my eyes and sit up. The doctor smiles and sits in front of me.

"So now I will actually ask you some questions, answer what you can and feel under no preasure" The doctor says. I nod. 

"The year?" The doctor asks me. I've answered this a billion times!! "1999" I say. "The date?" "I have no idea" I shrug. The doctor mumbles something under his breath. "What's the last thing you remember?" The doctor asks me. I rack my brain for the last thing I remember.

"I-I remember Auntie Frenchy telling me something when she thought I was sleeping" I say. "And what was that?" The doctor asks me.


"Goodnight sweetheart" Frenchy says kissing my forehead. "Auntie Frenchy?" I ask. She turns towards me. "Can you sing me a lulaby?" I ask her. She nods and sits down beside me. I close my eyes and Auntie Frenchy sings me a lulaby.

"Sweety, are you asleep?" She asks. I don't answer her. "Good" she mutters. What?

"I hate your mother, she's stupid and idiotic" Frenchy growls. "She was always better than me, she always had better grades, better clothing style, better hair days, better boyfriends. All the boys in school went for her and not me" Frenchy growls. "My one boyfriend that I liked left me for her. She gladly took him" Frenchy hisses. "And you're justlike your mother! You are stupid and idiotic! I'll be better off when Hayden and I kill you" Frenchy hisses before walking out my room.

*End of Flashback*

"Who is this Frenchy?" The doctor asks. "She is my mum's sister" I say. "Right ok" The doctor says. 

"I am sorry to say but you have lost 72 per cent of your memory" The doctor says. I gasp, so does everyone in the room with the doctor and I. "But" The doctor smiles slightly. "You can get it back" The doctor says. I sigh in relief.

"How do we get her memory back?" A girl with long brown hair asks. "You have one month to get it back by taking Katrina to places you went with her and things you did, for imstance if you went to a fair, take her there and do the things you did there or show her pictures" The doctor says to the people in the room with me. "Do not preassure her" The doctor says sternly.

"Doctor" I say. Ugh, my throat is sore! He turns to me and nods. "How long do we have to get my memory back, and what happens if we don't?" I ask the question everyone has been avoiding. 

"Like I said, you have one month, if you don't get it back in one month there is a two per cent chance you will remember anything from the past thirteen years" The doctor says. I nod. "When can I go home?" I ask him. "The nurses need to run some tests on you and then you will be free to go" The doctor smiles. I nod. "Thank you sir" I smile. "No problem" he smiles. "You have a very strong daughter" The doctor says and walks out.

The nurses come in and take me to do some tests.


"Where's dad? And why aren't we in Holmes Chapel?" I ask mum extrememly confused. "You lived in Holmes Chapel?" Harry asks. Hang on a minute. I remember Harry's name!!

"I did indeed Harry" I grin. Harry gasps. He hugs me tightly. "You remembered me" Harry grins. I smile. I see the blonde boys face drop a little, but he fake smiles. 

Harry puts me down. "So mum?" I ask. She takes a deep breath. "Sweetie, your father and I divorced when you were tweleve and then we moved to London after that" Mum says. I feel my eyes fill up with tears as I remember that day. 


I watch as my father and my mother fight. "I HATE YOU!!" My mother screams at my father. My eyes fill up with tears. "I HATE YOU MORE!!" My father yells. I sit on the top step watching my father and my mother fight.

"I DON'T KNOW WHY I EVER MARRIED YOU!!" My father yells. Salty tears silently slide down my cheeks. "I DON'T KNOW WHY I EVER MARRIED YOU!!" My mother screams hitting my father in his chest. More tears spill out of my eyes. "Please stop" I beg quietly.

I start sobbing loudly. My sobs are drowned out by plates and glasses smashing and my parents yelling. "YOU'RE BOTH TERRIBLE PARENTS!" I scream, not caring if they hear me or not. I run up to my room and scribble in my diary furiously. 

A knock on my door awakens me from my sleep. I get up and hide my diary. I neaten up my bed and open the door with puffy eyes from where I fell asleep crying.

"Sweetie, sit down" my father says. I sit down on my bed and pull my knees close to my chest. I rock back and forth. I stop when mum looks at me, meaning it's a serious conversation.

"Your mother and I are getting a divorce" my father says. I start crying even more.


Three weeks later through a lot of fighting my father moved out to Italy and mother and I moved to London.

*End of Flashback*

"Katrina!" The boy with brown hair and brown eyes yells. I blink. "S-sorry, I had a memory" I say. The boys hugs me. "Can I know your names?" I ask them. They all nod.

"I'm Dave, this is Nevil" Dave says. I smile. "I'm Louis, this is Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Eleanor, Eboni and Aaliyah" Louis says pointing to everyone ad he goes. I nod. The phone rings. Mum picks it up and talks for a bit.

"Okay, thank you doctor, bye" Mum says and hangs up. "The doctor said each day we tell her a bit of her life she forgot" mum says. "Can I just ask one thing?" I ask the boys and the girls. They all nod. "Why did I get hit by the car?" I ask them all. They all look at Niall nervously. "You wanted to g

et some fresh air and you were walking along the main street and you got hit" Niall says avoiding eye contact. He must feel bad about it. Poor thing. "Ok, well I'm tired so, good night" I hug mum. "Kawena" Nevil says cutely. I smile and hug him. "Goodnight little man" I whisper. I go to my bedroom and get under the covers and fall asleep. Wish I could remember.



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