Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


68. The big day

Sorry for the RRRRREEEEEAAAALLLLLYYYYYY late update :( I've been back at school and I had to get back into my ruteen. Lots of love,

    ~ Elounor_forever xxx


Niall's P.O.V

I stand at the alter, Liam by my side. The man who is marrying us, stands with the Bible, softly tapping his foot. I twirl my thumbs around and around, behind my back. My nerves are making me shakey. Where is she? "Excuse me sir, when will you fiancée be here?" The man asks softly. "I don't know, we planned on this time and place, I don't know where she is" I sigh. Zayn's phone rings loudly. Everyone goes silent, some people glare at him. "Answer it" I smile slightly. Zayn nods and lifts his phone to his ear. "Katy, where are you?" He asks. He goes quiet as Katy says something to him. "I'll tell him" Zayn smiles slightly. "I love you too, bye" he smiles and hangs up. 

Zayn jogs up the steps and stops in front of Liam and I. "The girls are running a bit late, Katy thinks they will be here in ten, fifteen minutes" Zayn says. Liam tells everyone to catch up with each other and be social as the bride is running late. When will Katrina get here?

Four hours earlier

Katrina's P.O.V

I mutter out some jumbled up words as I open my eyes. I look at the clock ready to have a lot of the day to get ready. I look at the clock and my eyes go wide. "ALLY!!!" I yell. Ally skips into my room in her bed clothes. "Yes my lovely?" She asks. "You were supposed to wake us all ages ago" I state. "What?" She asks, confused. "It's twelve o'clock!" I yell. Ally looks at me with wide eyes. 

"My alarm must have not worked" she mumbles. "Sorry darlin'" she apologises. "It's fine, just get the girls up" I smile. Ally hugs me tightly and runs out my room. I get up and have a shower. I wash my hair thoroughly and turn the water off. I step out the shower and wrap my hair in a towel. I dry the rest of my body and put my underwear on. "Kat, darllin'!! Where are you?" Eb calls from somewhere. "My bathroom" I call back. The girls barge into my bathroom. 

"I will never get used to the size of this bathroom" Katy grins, plugging the hair dryer into the powerpoint and turning it on. I grin at her. Katy blow dries my hair. "I'm so excited!" I grin. The girls go on about how proud and excited they are of and for me. Ally straightens my hair and kisses my cheek. I grin at her and apply eyeliner and mascara. I apply a little bit of lip gloss. 

"Katrina sweetie, Dave, Nevil and I will meet you at the church" mum smiles. "See you then mum" I smile. "I'll see you at the church, be safe, I love you" Mum hugs me tightly and kisses my forehead. "Love you mum" I smile. "I love you too" Mum hugs me tightly. She let's me go and goes downstairs. I pick Nevil up and kiss his nose. "Love you sweet pea" I smile. "Love you Kat" Nevil grins and hugs me. I pop him down and hug Dave. Dave kisses my forehead and hugs the girls before leaving. 

"Girls" I mumble from my closet. "Yes sweet?" El smiles, joining my in my closet. "My dress is at the dry cleaners!" I gasp. "Put some clothes on! GIRLS GET IN THE CAR!!" El yells. I freeze, my dress is in the dry cleaners, mostly all my clothes are in the wash and I'm probably going to mess my wedding up!

El sighs and hands me a pair of trackies and a shirt. I slide them on and grab my dry cleaner ticket from my desk. I lock the house up and get into the passenger seat. I hand Katy -who is driving- the ticket so she can see where to go and buckle up. Katy reverses out of the driveway and drives to the dry cleaner. I hop out the car, with Ally on my trail and rush into the dry cleaner. Ally and I gasp at how long the line is. "Back of the line sweetheart" a man snickers. Ally glares at him and he shuts up. 

"OKAY EVERYONE!! LISTEN UP!!" Ally yells. Everyone goes quiet and turns towards Ally and I. I groan in embarrassment. "Ally" I hiss under my breath. "Not now Kat" Ally hisses back. "Ok everyone! It is this little lady's wedding today, to be exact, in three hours and fifteen minutes and we would really appreciate it if we could get her wedding dress real quick!" Ally announces. "Congratulations" people say to me as Ally drags me to the front of the line. I smile at them all. 

I hand my ticket over and the man hands me my dress. "Thank you" I smile. He nods. Ally and I rush to the car. "Where are the girls?" Ally groans. I hear Lou laughing. "Girls. The bride is over here" I smirk. "KATRINA!!!" Lou screams running over to me. Ally takes my dress just before Lou reaches us. He picks me up and spins me around. "How is the bride?" Lou asks, grinning like a sheep. A sheep? What???

"Well I woke up forty five minutes ago" I look at Ally. Ally smiles sheepishly. "But she got us past the huge line, so it's alright" I shrug. "But I'm good, just nervous" I smile. Lou nods. "Niall's nervous, he won't shut up" Lou rolls his eyes. "But then again, I was the same" Lou chuckles. I laugh. We see Niall coming and Lou jumps in front of me, hiding me. Ally lays the dress across the seats in the car and closes the door. "Louis? What are you doing?" Niall asks.

"Hiding Kat" Lou shrugs, like it's completely normal. "Why?" Niall asks, trying to look around him. "Because you're not supposed to see her before the wedding" Lou says, clicking his fingers. I laugh and move past Lou. I hug Niall tightly. "Hello" I mumble. "Hey beautiful" Niall chuckles, resting his head on top of mine. "You're not supposed to see her before the wedding!" Katy tells us off. "Oh please, mentally they've been married for years, but Kat, we do need to go" Eb smirks, standing with El. 

I kiss Niall, hug Lou and get in the car, followed by the girls. We wave as Katy drives us back to my mums house. We get inside and do some last minute preperations with my hair and make-up, which ends up taking three hours, somehow. I'm not even sure how...

The girls put their bridesmaid dresses on and do their make-up -with my help- and hair. I put my dress on and get one of the girls to zip it up. "You look so good in this dress" Katy smiles, hugging me. I smile. "You look gorgeous!" Ally gasps. "Amazing" Eb agrees. "Beautiful!!" El grins. "Guys, we have fifteen minutes to get to the church" I mumble looking at the clock. The girls spring into action. I hitch my dress up and walk down the stairs. I get into the car, very awkwardly, with the help of Eb and Ally. Katy locks the front door and El starts the car. El starts driving towards the church. 

To our luck, we get stuck in traffic. I look at the clock, filled with nerves. The service was supposed to start ten minutes ago. Katy gets her phone out. "I'll call Zayn" she announces, looking at my worried expression. Katy explains to Zayn why we're late and how far away she thinks we are. 

After ten, nail biting minutes, we finally arrive at the church. Twenty minutes late for my own wedding. Way to go Katrina!

El parks the car and the girls help me out of the car. Our heels click against the pavement as we walk up to the doors. Dave spots us and leads us to where we're supposed to go. I hear Liam say something loudly and the chatter quiet down completely. I breath deeply, trying to calm myself down. My nerves are kicking in. My nails dig into my palms. 

Dave hugs me. "You look beautiful" he whispers. "Thank you" I whisper back. The girls all hugs me tightly. The doors are pushed open and the girls walk down the asile with their flowers. I take my flowers in my left hand and clutch Dave's hand with my right. Mum rushes over to us and loops her right arm through my left arm. Mum and Dave walk me down the asile. 

I set my eyes on Niall and smile widely. He returns my smile, a twinkle in his eyes. Mum hugs me, kisses my cheek and stands to the side. Dave hugs me, kisses my cheek and joins mum. They take their seats together, holding hands. I walk up the few steps that are there and stand in front of Niall.

We do the vows, rings and all that wedding stuff. 

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride" the man says. Niall and I kiss. I hug him tightly. All the non married ladies gather behind me. I throw my flowers behind me. One of Niall's cousins or someone catches it. Everyone cheers and claps. 

Niall wraps his arm around my waist. We sit at the head of the table with the cake in front of us. Niall's mum made it and I must say, it is amazing!!

Ally and Louis stand up, grinning like chesire cats. They walk onto the stage and take a microphone. "Hello" Ally grins. "Hi" Louis adds, waving. "So as some of you would know, I am Ally and this is Louis" Ally grins. "And our best friends just got married" Louis grins, looking at Niall and I. "Ok, Ally, you first?" Louis asks. Ally nods and takes the microphone. 

"Katrina Penelopy Rose. You are my sister and Niall had stolen you from me" Ally pretends to wipe a tear away. Everyone chuckles. Niall grins at Ally. "Anyways, I love you two together and if you ever get a divorced I will cry for days on end. And that is the end of my speech, sooo, LOVE YOUUU!!" Ally yells and walks back to the table. Louis grins at us.

"Katrina. You have been there for me since we met and I love you, you are my best friend thingy mabob. Niall. You are my band mate, best friend and my personal bin" Louis chuckles. Niall laughs loudly. "You two were practically married years ago, but now that is offical I am in love. I hope happiness and love comes to you throughout your life and marrage" Louis blows us a kiss and comes to the table. 

We cut the first piece of the cake and split it between us. We dance together throughout the evening. I am finally married, and I could nor be happier with my husband. 


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