Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


42. Tattoo's

Quatement time XD

Question: To Ally: How are you doing with this 'new boyfriend' thing?

Ally: Not well at all...


Katrina's P.O.V

Liam comes downstairs in pijamas. I grin and move my legs so there's room for Liam to sit. "We haven't caught up in ages" Liam observes. I nod. "We've both been focusing on our relationships and stuff" I shrug, grinning. Liam laughs. 

"Can I tell you something?" Liam asks. I nod. "Of course" I say. "I love the girls and I wouldn't send them away for the world...but..." Liam sighs. "I sometimes miss when it was just you, me and the boys" Liam says. I nod.

"I know how you feel, and if you're feeling bad about it, don't" I smile. "Eb, Ally, Katy and I were talking about it the other day in fact, they were saying, sometimes they miss their old lives and I was saying how sometimes I miss when it was just me and the boys" I pat Liam's legs that are lying on my lap.

"The girls and I all understood each other and stuff" I smile. Liam nods.

"Like, these talks I miss. When we wouldn't have anyone interupting us because we would squirt the boys with water guns" Liam laughs. I laugh at the memory of Liam and I squirting the boys with water guns.


Liam and I sit in his room talking about everything and anything. "Knock knock" Harry calls out knocking on the door. "Go away" Liam and I chorus.

They barge into the room grinning like children who just won a game of hide and seek. I grab the water gun I was looking at earlier and squirt the boys. Liam joins me. 

Zayn shrieks like a girl, Harry starts yelling to the cat heaven? I don't even know..., Niall runs off and Louis has a tantrum of the floor. I smirk and slam the door in their faces.

"Leave us alone!!" We yell together high fiving in victory.

*End of flashback*

"I-I think I want to get a tattoo" Liam stutters. I smile. "Let's go then" I smirk. We stand up and seperate to get changed. Me in the Zayn's room, him in his room.

I text mum quickly.

'Can I please get a tattoo?? Don't tell the boys, Liam's getting one xx - Katrina<3'

My phones buzzes as soon as I put it down.

'Yes darling, I won't tell the boys about any tattoos, they would go berserk!! XD Anyways, I already know about the one you have on your hip xx - Mum<3'

'Thank you so much!!! Love you lots xxxx - Katrina<3'

I put my phone in my bag and pull my jeans down a tad so that I can see where my tattoo I already have is. It's a heart with family written in it. 

I got this tattoo when my family was falling apart. My grandma took me to the tattoo parlor, paid and signed the permission slip thing.



My grandma is the best, she's really out there and makes sure everybody knows that she is in a room. Everyone loves her lots.




I pull the left side of my jeans up and walk to the living room. I link my arm with Liam's and we skip to the car. Yes. We skipped. 

I get into the drivers seat of my car and Liam sits in the passenger seat. "Any ideas?" I ask Liam. He nods. "I want to get 'Everything I wanted, but nothing I'll ever need' on my left arm" Liam says. I nod. "Are you getting a tattoo?" Liam asks me. I nod. "Yes, but it's a surprise" I grin.

Liam laughs. We drive talking and singing. 

I park my car and we get out. I grab my bag and lock the car. We hold hands tightly as we walk into the parlor. I gasp as I see the man who did my tattoo the first time. "Katrina!! How are you??" He asks in his Columbian accent (apologies from me if I spelt that wrong xx). I grin. "I'm good, and yourself?" I ask. He nods. "Why the change?" I ask. "I wanted a change of scenery from Holmes Chapel" he grins. I nod.

"Well, my friend and I would like to get a tattoo" I say. He nods and waves us through the door. Liam and I follow him.

Liam sits in the chair and gets his tattoo while I look through the tattoo book. I see an infinity sign and smile slightly. I keep flipping through the book.

Liam hisses in pain and grits his teeth. I chuckle slightly and squeeze his hand tightly. He smiles at me greatfully. I grin as Liam gets up. My turn

I sit in the chair as Liam sits down. "What would you like?" The tattoo artist asks. I show him my drawing of a heart and an infinity sign interlocked with Nevil's name written in the middle. 

He nods. "Where would you like it?" He asks. "On my left wrist" I say holding my wrist out. He nods and gets to work. I hold Liam's hand with my right hand. He smiles reassuringly at me. I smile back.

My tattoo is finally done. We split the bill. Liam and I hold hands and walk outside. It is dark out and very few people are around. "Are you going to tell the boys?" I ask Liam. "They're going to see my tattoo anyways, so yes, I suppose" Liam shrugs. "What about you?" He asks. I shrug. 

"Maybe, I think they will go berserk though" I chuckle slightly. Liam nods. "Yeah, the girls will be fine, they'll think it's cool, Ally may scream out about how her baby is growing up and blah blah blah, but they boys will go berserk" Liam agrees. I laugh.

"I can imagine Ally doing that" I smirk. Liam nods. I start driving and we talk the whole way home, stopping to buy a drink on they way.

I park the car and we go to Liam's appartment. I sigh. "What do you think Niall will think of my tattoo?" I ask Liam. "Well, Niall never really liked tattoos, he didn't mind Zayn's but I dunno, he might like it" Liam shrugs. "What do you think Eb will think of my tattoo?" Liam asks.

"She'll love it" I say. "Eb loves fancy writing and she's never hated tattoos" I say. Liam smiles. "I'm sure Niall will like it" he rubs my back and sits on the couch. I get food and put a movie in the dvd player. "Text Ally" Liam says. I nod and grab my phone.

'Hey babe <3 Sorry if I woke you x don't tell anyone...buttttt....Liam and I got tattoo's xxx - KAT<3'

I put my phone on the table and make myself warm with a blanket. We have like, a billion blankets and pillows around us. I chuckle and focus on the movie.

"I'm not going to tell the boys, they can work it out themselves" I say. Liam nods. "I won't tell them about your tattoo" he says. "Thank you" I smile widely.



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