Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


37. Taken to Italy

QUATEMENT TIME!!!! I'm updating as much as I can before I go on holiday :) for you guys <3 xx

Question: To Kat: will you tell Niall so that he can protect you? Or will you tell no one?

Kat: I think I'll keep this to myself, they would worry to much and I would never be able to go out of their sight again.

Question: To the amazing author: are the boys famous?

Me! (Author person XD): Indeed they are :D

Question: To everyone: I love you guys so much. Why didn't you guys notice how Kat was acting? Sorry Kat!!!

Liam: I suppose, we didn't really think about it, we just thought she had a headache or a sore stomach, something like that. Normally she talks to us about things anyways, I'm sure she'll talk to us soon :)

Kat: It's fine...

Quatement: To Louis: My friend in class looks at my binder with you and the other boys on it. He asks who my favourite is. I point to you, Niall and Zayn. He says to me, "Oh, so you like 'Lewis'." I get so mad at him. One time I almost punched him. But it's so funny because he said he was a fan to get a piece of gum. I asked him some questions. Terrible. All wrong except for two. Out of eleven. Ok. I just wanted to say that. How does it make you feel.

Louis: It makes me feel like he better pick his act up! If he falls for a girl who is in love with a boyband, girlgroup, artist, whatever, that girl is not going to date him if he gets everything wrong about them ans pronounces their names wrong! Good on you for nearly punching him, mum would tell me physical contact is not a way to solve problems but anyways...things people do for gum these days....

Question: To Niall: are you going to propose to Kat? If so, when?

Niall: Maybe not at the moment, we are both still young and our schedules are so busy, we wouldn't have time to plan it out or anything.

Question: To the girlies: do you like 5SOS? If so, what is your favourite song by them?

Ally: Well, myself, Kat and Katy have already answered this, Eb was too busy dancing to answer so Eb, answer!

Eb: Yes, I love Michael and my favourite song is she looks so perfect :D

Carry on reading :D...

Also, sorry for this chapters shortness <3 I'll make next chapter longer <3 xxx


Katrina's P.O.V

I yawn widely and start to strech, only to be stopped as I open my eyes. This isn't my room. I get up and peek out the door. This isn't my house. "Darling! You're awake!!" My 'father' exclaims hugging me tightly. I stiffen up.

He looks at me quizically. "Why am I here?" I ask. "You're spending time with your old dad" My father grins. I roll my eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me young lady! I was the one who did everything with you when you were younger!" My father yells.

"Yeah! And then you ran away to Italy, losing all contact with your daughter, after you ignored her for ages!" I yell and storm into the room I woke up in. It has a lock. Yey! I lock the door and barricade it up with a bookshelf and a desk for support.

I still have my phone. Phew. I turn it on. Twenty percent charge. I have a lot of missed calls from my family.

I text them, thank goodness I have an international sim card and credit.

'Guys, I'm in Italy with my 'father'. I got kidnapped by him, I'm trying to escape now, love you all xoxo - Kat<3'

I grab a little bag, that is mine, atleast my father packed something for me. I unlock the window and climb out. There's no tree but the is a ladder next to my window. Well then...

I start to climb down it. I sneak around to the front of the house to get the car, I took the key from my fathers pocket when he hugged me.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING!?!" My father yells. I gulp. Help me. He grabs me by the arm and drags me to the ladder. He throws me up, he literally throws me. I cling onto the ladder, so that I don't fall. I climb up as fast as I can and climb into the room.

"NO FOOD OR WATER FOR A MONTH!!" My father yells and storms off. I close the window, lock it and slide onto the floor.

My phone rings. I pick it up. "H-H-Hello" I sniff. "Kat! Where are you?!" Louis asks sounding sad. "In Italy -sniff- my father kidnapped me -sniff- and I have no water or food for a -sniff- month because I tried to run away -sniff- I love you guys -sniff- I only have twenty percent charge left on my phone -sniff- I have to go, love you" I say. "Hang in there, we'll save you" Lou says. I nod and hang up.

If you're going to save me, please be soon.



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