Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


51. Support is needed

So, we have no quatements this chapter....but I would like to say..........THANK YOU KATY FOR THE AMAZING COVER!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY CAKES!!!!!! <3 XXXXXXXX

Okay, so now, let's read on :D


Zayn's P.O.V

I need more than courage and support to look at my girlfriend laying in a hospital bed right now. Louis' hand rests on my shoulder. Katy is laying on the hospital bed hooked up to a machine which is studying her heartbeat, I think. Her heart is beating ever so softly.

This is deffinately bad. "I see you found Katy" a nurse says. "Hi I'm-" "Just tell us what you know" Lou interupts the nurse. The nurse nods. "Well, she has three broken ribs, her right leg is broken, she has quite a few scratches and" the nurse doesn't continue. "Are you going to tell us or are we going to have to get another doctor or nurse?" Lou asks quite rudely. I am greatful for him being here though, I'll have to thank him later.

"Katy is in a coma and there is a eighty percent chance she will not recover and she will die" the nurse says. My eyes fill up with tears. Lou takes a deep breath. "but this is only because she was hit with the full impact of the truck and her right lung has closed down and will never work again, she needs more blood and her head got hit very hard, I'll leave you with her" the nurse says and closes the door behind her.

I burst into tears as soon as she's gone. Lou wraps me up in his arms and hugs me, supports me. My tears soak Lou's shirt and his tears soak my shirt. We stand together hugging and crying for a long time.

"Katyyyyy, you better be awake beautiful" Ally's voice chirps as she opens the door. Lou and I are blocking the bed. Lou and I look at Ally as she closes the door. She sees our tears and us hugging and her smile disappears. "It's not good is it?" Ally asks us. I shake my head.

"Katy has the injuries Eb told us and she is in a coma, there's a eighty percent chance she'll not survive, she was hit by the full impact of the truck, her right lung has closed down and will never work again, she needs more blood and her head was hit very hard" Lou explains. I hear the boys all gasp. Half way through Lou talking I started crying again and hid my face.

"Her lung?" Liam asks. I nod lifting my head up. Ma gasps and hugs me tightly. I see Niall holding Nevil in his right arm and his left arm holding Kat close. I grin in my head. They would be amazing parents. Liam tightens his fists and calls for a nurse.

The nurse rushes in and checks Katy and sighs. "Yes?" She asks. "I would like to donate my lung" Liam says. The nurse furrows her eyebrows and checks Katy's records. "Oh of course sir" the nurse smiles. "What type of blood does she have?" Liam asks. "She is in the blood group B" the nurse says. "We're all in A" Lou observes. "Not all of us" Niall pipes up. I look at him confused.

"I'm in B" Niall says. "And Eb and I are in AB" Kat says. "I would like to donate blood" Kat says stepping forward. "You can only donate lungs and blood once the patient is awake" the nurse says. "If she wakes up you two will go into surgery to donate your lung and blood" the nurse smiles and walks out.

"Liam I won't allow you to donate your lung" I say softly. He smiles. "I will die for my family, and as long as my family is safe I'm happy" Liam smiles. "What about Eb?" I ask. Liam considers this for a minute. "I'll talk to her, there is a possibility I won't die Zayn" Liam smiles and walks out, probably back to Eb's room.

I sit in the chair next to Katy's bed. Please survive Katy, I can't live without you. Katy's monitor does one long beep. A heap of doctors and nurses come and and wheel the bed away from me shouting orders and shouting for people to get out the way.

Oh no....

Katrina's P.O.V

I watch as Katy gets wheeled into another room with doctors and nurses shouting orders at each other and other people. I need to get out of here, now. "Niall" I say softly. He gives Nevil to Eb and walks over to me. "Yes love?" He asks. "I need to get out" I say softly. Niall nods. "I'm taking Kat to get some air" Niall says. He puts his arm around my waist and leads me outside the hospital.

I breath in the air. We're surrounded by photographers. Niall pulls his hood up and we jog to Dave's car. Niall gets in the drivers seat and we drive home.

"Come on" I smile leading him to the shed out the back. "I realised the other day, you have a motorbike for over a few months and you haven't taken me out on it once" I say opening the shed. Niall keeps it here as he has no place to put it and Dave doesn't use this shed.

"Would you like to go on it?" He asks. I grin and grab my helmet. I used to ride motorbikes with my father and I never got rid of my helmet, and it still fits, it used to be massive on me.

I slide my helmet on and do it up. I put Niall's on and do it up for him. He swings his leg over and sits on the motorbike. It's a beautiful motorbike. I smile and shut the shed after him. I open the garage for him and he drives onto the driveway and waits for me as I lock the front door.

I swing my leg over and sit on the back. Niall drives onto the road and drives it around. I spread my arms out and feel the wind on my arms and legs. I grin, this is a relief from the gloomy hospital and my baby cakes Katy slowly dying and Eb with her injuries. Katy better not die on us.

I wrap my arms around Niall's stomach and rest my head on his back. We drive around for a while, until finally we decide to go back to the hospital.

We put the motorbike in the shed again and I drive us to the hospital. "Kat, Niall" Zayn rushes up to us frantically. I hug him tightly. "any news?" I ask. Zayn shakes his head. "Except for the driver heard about Liam wanting to give his lung and the drivers is healthy and he is going to donate his lung before he dies" Zayn says. "What room?" Niall asks. Zayn leads us to the drivers room.

"Hello sir, I'm Katrina Rose, I'm best friends with the two girls who were in the taxi with you" I say politely. He sighs. "I am so sorry about that and I'm donating my lung" he sighs. "It wasn't your fault, I came to thank you, thank you so much for donating your lung, it truely means a lot to myself and my family" I say. He smiles weakly. "It's okay" he grins at me. I nod at him and meet Zayn and Niall in the room. I hold their hands and lead them to Eb's room.

"How is she?" Eb asks. I shrug as I cuddle Nevil. He smiles and pinches my cheeks. "Smile Kat, smile" Nevil kisses my nose. I laugh. "Yes sir" I laugh. Nevil smiles. "I don't want Katy to be hurt" Nevil sighs resting his head on my chest. "None of us do buddy" I kiss his head and smooth his hair down. 

He closes his eyes and settles down to sleep, on me. I cuddle him and end up falling asleep.


I open my eyes sleepily. Niall is talking softly to pa who has Nevil on his lap. "Kat sweetheart, go back to sleep" pa says. "Where is everyone? Where is Eb and Katy?" I ask sleepily. "We're at home, everyone else is asleep and Katy and Eb are still in hospital" Niall answers. I sigh and close my eyes again.

"What was it like?" Niall asks pa. "It was the most nerve recking moment of my life, just ask Louis, he would also know" Pa says. What are they talking about?

"But it was worth it" Pa adds. "Well we better put my children to bed" Pa says. "Yes, goodnight Dave" Niall says picking me up. "Goodnight son, sleep well" Dave says. Pa kisses my head and I am carried to bed. 

I wake up a little later. Niall is sleeping peacrfully beside me. He looks so cute. My ears perk up as I hear Nevil's crying. I immediately hop up. I throw my hair into a pony tail and rush to Nevil's room. He is laying on his back crying his eyes out.

I close the door to make the crying quieter to other people. I bend down into his cot and pick him up. "Shh Nevil, hush baby" I say softly bouncing him around. Nevil sniffles but stops crying as much. "What happened baby?" I ask sitting on a chair. Nevil sniffles again.

"I had a bad dweam" Nevil sniffles. I sigh and wipe the remaining tears away. "What was it about sweety?" I ask. "Monsters" Nevil says simply. I nod. "No monsters are going to get you, they have to go through me, pa and mum first" I say holding up a fist. Nevil smiles. 

"Can you sing to me?" Nevil asks me. "Of course baby" I smile softly. 

I start singing when you're gone. "Goodnight sweetheart" I kiss Nevil's forehead as he drifts off to sleep. I place him in his bed and slowly close the door. I decide to stay up and watch tv quietly. It's five o'clock, no point in going back to sleep, someone will end up waking me up in an hour or so.

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