Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


4. Sleepover

Niall's P.O.V

"O-Okay I-I s-sur-en-d-der" Kat gasps out between giggles. "Say the whole thing" I warn. Kat shakes her head. I keep tickling Kat

. "All this because she said she hated you" Harry mutters. "Oh yeah by the way guys my favourite book is actually the notebook" Harry announces. "That's a film" Zayn states. "It's also a book" Ally says agreeing with Harry. 

"I take it back" she giggles. "The whole thing" I say. "Niall James Horan is the amazingest, coolest, wonderfulest guy in the whole entire universe" Kat grumbles. I smirk and stand up. "Thank the Lord" she mutters. I hold my hand out to help her up. She ignores it and goes downstairs on her hands and knees.

Ally and I look at each other and follow her downstairs. "I don't want to talk" Kat says to someone. "Come on Kat" A mystery voice says. The boys join us downstairs. "I don't want to talk" Kat says. "Please" The voice adds. "Go away Jack" Kat says clearly angry. If I was the guy I would run away. 

"Let's go outside" Kat says going outside. We all follow her. I clenche my jaw shut. "Wow, he's hot" Ally says. Harry tenses up. 

"That guy broke our little Kat's heart" I growl. "I've had it Jack" Kat yells punching his chest. "Calm down Kat" Jack says taking her hands in his. She doesn't pull away. Jack pulls her close and hugs her. Kat hugs him back.

"What the hell is she doing?" Zayn growls. "Take them inside" Liam says to Harry and Lou. They nod and start to lead Zayn and me inside.

"What are you doing Kat!" I yell. She looks over to us. She seems to snap back into reality.

Katrina's P.O.V

I snap back into reality as Nialler yells at Jack. Lou falls to the ground. I gasp and run over to him. "Are you alright?" I ask him. He nods and stands up. I smile and go back over to Nialler and Jack.

They are about to fight. I can tell. "Please don't f-" Jack cuts me off by swinging a punch at Nailler. He ducks and punches Jack. I sigh. 

"Guys" I warn. "Please don-" "Stay out of this Katy" Nialler says. "NO!" I yell at them both. They ignore me. I stand in the middle of them. They keep fighting.

"GET OFF OF MY LAWN!" I scream at them. The both look towards me. Jack puts his hands up and stands on the road. Niall walks back over to the boys. "No" I say to his back. He gasps and turns around.

I sigh and follow my head. "You too" I add. He looks at me hurt. "Don't look at me like that Horan" I growl. "She's scary for being so tiny" Lou whispers to Haz. Haz nods.

"You started fighting on my lawn outside of my little brothers bedroom window therefore it will be oartly your fault if he wakes up NOW GET OFF OF MY LAWN!" I scream. He rolls his eyes and stomps over to Jack. They start fighting. Again. 

"I've had it" I mutter. I storm inside. I grab my hand bag and go back outside. I argue back and forth in my head about weather or not I should take my car. Nah, I won't.

I glare at Jack and Niall. "Stop fighting" I say. They, once again, ignore me. I roll my eyes and storm off towards my special place. 

When I was a kid I found a special 'land'. When my parents were fighting I would run here. It's hidden behind a big bush and a lot of trees. I've never shown anyone this place. It is beautiful, too beautiful to show to the world.

I built a cubby house in a really cool tree. My cubby house has three stories. It even has a couch in it. I had all of my weekends as a kid to build this place. All I needed was a hammer, nails and quite a bit of wood. I took my fathers hammer and nails. He was too busy fighting with mum he didn't notice, luckily, or he would have been angry. It only took me two months to build, get furniture and decorate.

I love this place so much. It's my place to escape from my problems. I have a set of draws on the top story. I even built stairs. I loved woodwork in school and I did it since the age of six with my father so that helped building it. I built it all by myself though. No help from anyone.

I also have a pet cat here. I found her mum when I was twelve. She came to me heavily pregnant. She needed help. I took her to the vets and I found the owner of her. The owner was an lovely old couple. 


I take a deep breath and knock on the strangers door. An old lady opens the door. "You found my cat" she gasps. "How long ago did you find her?" The lady asks. "I found her two days ago. I took ger to the vet, she had a limp and she was heavily pregnant, she actually had three kittens" I say holding out the big cage with the three kittens.

"Thank you so much" she gasps hugging me. I smile and try to hug her back. Having a cat and three kittens in your hands doesn't really help when you're trying to hug someone. "How ever could I repay you?" She asks holding one of the kittens

I shrug. "You don't have to repay me" I say. "Yes I do, what about, hmm" the lady thinks for a bit. "How about a kitten?" The lady asks. I nod my head excitedly. I've always wanted a kitten but mum never let me get one,

The lady brings me inside and lets the kittens out. The three kittens are all so cute. One is grey and white, one is brown and white and the last one is orangish white. They are all so cute. My favourite is deffinately the smallest, the grey and white one. It's soooo cute!

The grey and white one stumbles over to me. I grin and kneel down in front of it. She sits on my lap and rubs her face against mine. "You know that means the cat classifies you as part of it's family" The old lady grins.

I grin and hug the cat. "You know what" the old lady pauses. "Keep her" The lady says. "No I couldn't" I say. "Go on" She says. I smile and hug the lady. "Thank you" I grin. She nods and hands me a bed, a bag of cat food and the kitten.

"Thank you so much" I grin. "No problem" she grins. I smile and leave the house. 

*End of Flashback*

I've taken care of my baby ever since. When I went to Hawaii Mrs Johnson (The old lady who gave me my kitten) takes care of my little Alice. Yes, I called her Alice. 

Alice runs up the tree and sits on my lap. I sigh.

"You know Alice, sometimes I wish mum and I never moved from Cheshire" I say. She purrs and lays on my lap. I lean against the couch. "If we never moved from Cheshire I wouldn't have met Jack and Niall and Jack wouldn't be fighting" I sigh. "Except, if I didn't move to London I wouldn't have met the boys and then I wouldn't have gone to Hawaii and wouldn't have met Ally" I sigh.

"That's right" Niall says. I gasp. I turn my head around. There Niall stands at the door with crossed arms. I roll my eyes and kiss Alice's head. "That's Niall" I whisper.

"Nice place" Niall compliments. "How did you find me?" I ask. "I followed you" Niall says. I roll my eyes. "I'm sorry, he just-hag, he annoys me" Niall says. I nod. "I understand" I shrug. "I am really sorry" Niall says. 

I sigh and place Alice in her bed. I stand up and walk over to Niall. I sit him on the couch and grab my first aid kit. I get a cloth and dab his lip.

"You always get hurt around me" I chuckle. He laughs. "Promise not to tell anyone about this place okay?" I say putting the first aid kit away. "I promise" Niall nods. "Thank you, now let's go home" I say. Nialler holds my hand as we make our way towards my house. "I'm sorry for running off" I say. Nialler smiles.

"It's fine, by the way, Jack ran away, Lou and Dave scared him off" Nialler grins. I smile. "I'm glad I have those two as my dads" I grin. Nialler nods.

"There you are" Ally chuckles hugging me. Zayn looks at our hands and gasps. He nudges Liam. Liam looks at us and gasps. He nudges Haz. Haz looks at our hands and gasps. He nudges Lou. Lou looks at our hands and squeals loudly. 

"Is my Kiall Roran together again?" Lou squeals. He is such a girl. I take my hand away from Niall's and shake my head. Ally sighs. "I was excited" Ally groans. "Anyways let's go inside!" Ally grins and runs inside. The boys all follow. I tug on Niall's sleeve stopping him.

"If anyone asks you found me at a service station" I say. Nialler nods. "Now let's go inside before they get suspicious" I chuckle closing the door behind Nialler and I. He chuckles and jogs upstairs. I go into the kitchen and make myself some creamy pasta. 

I end up making a big pot of pasta and take the saucepan upstairs with seven forks. "I got food" I grin. Niall grins and sits down next to me and starts eating. Niall and I shove our faces with food. "They're perfect for each other" Ally smirks. The boys all nod. Niall and I ignore them and keep stuffing our faces with my creamy pasta. 

"Shut up and eat" I mumble pasta dropping out my mouth. I throw the forks at everyone and continue eating. I love creamy pasta. 



Question: To Mr. Tommo: What is your favourite ship?

Lou (or Mr Tommo XD) : KIALL RORAN!!! NO ARGUEMENTS! Followed closely by Hally Streed :)

Question: To Mr. Horan: Would you like to kiss Kat right now?

Nialler: More than I want to eat her creamy pasta :) It is really nice, you should try it :D


Nialler and Kat: SHUT UP LOU!

Lou: *Laughs evily*

Question: To Mrs. Ally: Does Harry fart while he sleeps?

Harry: Of course not!

Ally: HAROLD! The question was directed to me, anyways, yes he does ;)

Harry: *Blushes embarassed*

Question: To Mr. Dave: How much do you care about Kat and Nevil?

Dave: More than I care about my mother and I care about my mother more than it's possible :)

Nevil and Kat: WE LOVE YOU DAD! 

Dave: Kat called me dad :O 

Kat: *hugs Dave tightly*

Question: To Mr. Kat's dad: Do you plan on getting Kat back?

Kat's dad (Nick): Her name is Katrina! But anyways. Of course I'm getting her back, I just need to come up with a plan, a good plan, *chuckles evily*.

Question: To everyone (Kat, Ally and the boys): How much do you love cake?

Kat: I don't like cake, I only like ice-cream cake :)

Ally: YOU DON'T LIKE CAKE!?!?! I learn something new everyday! Anyways, I loveeeeee cake. 

Lou: CAKE!!!!!!!

Zayn: Cake is really good.

Liam: Cake is amazing! Especially birthday cake!

Nialler: Cake is food. Food is life. Life is-yeah I don't know, I love cake.

Harry: I like cake. Cake is cool. It's a cool cake :)

Kat: You lot are weird :P

Question: To Mr. Horan: Can you explain your love for food?

Nialler: If I did you would die first because you wouldn't finish it until you died. I'm not really making sense, sorry. But anyways, food is life. 

Question: To Niall and Harreh, do you plan to get back together with Kat and Ally?

Harry: Yes.

Nialler: I hope so, but I'm not good with plans :/


Nialler: Dear God help us.

Question: To Kat, if Niall wasn't your boyfriend and the other boys were single and you had to choose between them, who would you choose?

Kat: Niall isn't my boyfriend anyways but uhm, probably, ooh this is hard :/ I would choose, uhm, ALLY! 

Zayn: Ally isn't a boy...

Kat: Fine! I choose Zayn because he just talked :)

Question: To Nevil, how much do you love Kat?

Nevil: I LOVE KAWENA SOOOOO MUCH!!!! She is the best sister everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

Question: To everyone, what is your favourite type of animal and why?

Ally: A panda :D Because they're cute, cuddly and awesome at kung fu! 

Harry: CATS, because I love cats.

Kat: Rabbits :) because they're so cute and small and cuddly.

Liam: TURTLES!!! I also have a pet turtle. Anyways, I love turtles because they're amazing!

Nialler: Dogs, because dogs like food and I like food.

Zayn: Pigs because they roll around in mud :D

Lou: I like pigions :D because they are all related to Kevin!!! KEVIN COME BACK!

Everyone except Lou: Here we go *rolls eyes*

I have to go back to school tomorrow and my mum is making me catch the bus :/ I don't want to catch the bus :( Ok anyways, I'll update soon :D keep the questions coming :) it's fun doing them :D  I'm getting ice-cream now, so byeeee <3 xxx



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