Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


75. She's actually gone

Before we start this chapter, I need your help. Would you like another book? And if so, would you like it about the kids growing up and/or about how everyone is coping? If it is the second one? Would you like it in a sort of diary thing? Or maybe both, for example the first chapter might be like Annika's P.O.V or something and then the second chapter might be like Niall, Ally or someone writing in a diary and how they are coping? Well, continue reading. Lots of love,

  ~ Elounor_forever xxx.


Niall's P.O.V

She's gone. My wife. My one true love is gone. Katrina Horan is actually gone. I wipe my tears away as I hear Annika crying. I need to be strong for my children. I need to show them everything will be ok. I go into their shared room and smile at Dylan's sleeping face. I bend down and pick Annika up. I hold her close to me and bounce her around a bit. "Shh Annika, shh, it's ok" I whisper. "I miss mummy" she sobs. I sigh. "I know baby, I do too" I whisper. 

Annika cries for ages. I am stuck on what to do! El and Lou went back to their house a week ago, after I told them hundreds of times I would be alright and I have been coping okay. I don't want to bother anyone, wake anyone up. I take Annika out of her room, so we don't desturb Dylan and walk into the kitchen. I hear a whimper and smile. I pop Annika on the couch with Sponge Bob on, quietly, and go outside. My puppy races up to me and jumps up. He licks my face. I chuckle and pat his head. "Come on Bruce" I say to my German Shepherd, standing up. I open the door for him and he scrambles inside. 

"BRUCE BRUCE BRUCE!!" Annika cheers. I shut the door and race into the living room to make sure Annika is ok. Bruce is lying across Annika's lap, his head on his paws and Annika is stroking his back. Bruce is two, we got him a year ago from the pound. Kat picked him out and fell in love with him. They did everything together, Bruce also took Kat's death hard. I sit beside Annika and pat Bruce's head. The home phone rings. "Look after each other" I say to Bruce and Annika. Bruce sits up and goes on patrol as I leave. He is extremely protective of Annika and Dylan, even if he is only two. 

"Niall speaking" I say, holding the phone to my ear. "She's gone forever" Ally sobs. "I'll never see my best friend again, she's gone" Ally wails. "Ally, shh, it's ok, she's still with us, even if we can't see her" I sigh. Ally and I talk for a bit before Ally goes back to bed. I put the phone down and go back into the living room. I find Annika sleeping on the couch, cuddling Bruce. Bruce has his head on Annika's head, his eyes closed. I smile and take a photo. I place my hand on Bruce's head and he looks up at me. "Let's take Annika to bed" I smile. Bruce hops off the couch and stands by my side. I pick Annika up and take her to her bedroom. I quietly close the door and lock the back door. I turn the lights off and go up to my room. Bruce races in and jumps on my bed. I smile and close the door. 

I turn my light off and try to get some sleep. 


I wake up by a knock on the front door. I chuck a shirt on and silence Bruce's barking. I shuffle downstairs, Bruce running around my feet, doing loops and figure eights and everything. "Sit" I order Bruce. He obediently sits by my side as I open the door. "We've come to collect Annika and Dylan for the big day out" Eb grins. I bang my head against the door frame. "I'm so sorry Eb, I totally forgot about that" I groan. "It's fine Ni, I'll just tell everyone to come inside" Eb grins and makes some weird signs to the cars out the front. Slowly but surely everyone makes it inside. 

I go into Dylan's and Annika's room and smile as they play with their toys together. "We're ready to go out!" Dylan grins as he races up to me and hugs me. Annika joins our hug. I smile. "Well done!" I say happily. "I even brushed Annika's hair!" Dylan adds. Annika nods and spins around in a circle. "I can see, you did a very good job Dyl" I smile. Dylan nods. "Enough chit chat! We wanna go" Katy smirks. I chuckle and hug her. "How are you coping?" She asks, brushing my hair with her fingers. "Alright, I forgot about today" I sigh. "Don't worry Ni, Harry and Zayn forgot too" Katy chuckles and skips off with Annika and Dylan. 

"Can I sleep anywhere?" Zayn asks. I nod and open a door that leads to a spare bedroom. "Thanks Ni" Zayn nods and collapses on the bed. I chuckle and go back to where everyone is. "We will be back around three thirty for the barbeque, love you all" El says blowing kisses to us all. "Ok that's it, uhm, sleep well Zayn!" El and the girls laugh. They all hold the childrens hands and leave my house. "Football?" I ask. Liam nods and sits down beside me. Bruce jumps onto my lap. Harry sits on a swirly chair that I have and Louis spreads out on the floor. 

"I never knew Ally posted this for Kat" Louis mumbles, looking at his phone. "Let's see?" I ask. He hands his phone over to me. "Read the comments aswel" Louis states. I nod.

'@KallyAreWeirdos: Hello dearest Kally fans! This is Ally speaking, well typing, but this message is from Katrina:

My beautiful fans, thank you all so much. Thank you for everything. Thank you for voting for Kally on the X Factor, thank you for supplrting me through my marriage and relationship with Niall, thank you for buying tickets to come and see Kally live in concert. I'm sorry I couldn't meet you alll. If I could've done one thing before I left, I would have come around to your houses and hung out with you all, chatted, sung, talked, whatever. I know, you are going, what? Left? Huh? DID YOU QUIT KALLY YOU PIECE OF JUNK? If I wasn't me, and I was someone else who supported Kally I would have been screaming the last thing at my phone/laptop/computer thing. Well anyways...I would like to thank you all for everything you have done for Aaliyah and myself. Now that I have left, I want Ally to continue making music and singing and allll that JAZZZZZ!!! Yes I sung that in my head...if you were wondering....if you're like me you would have sung that tooooooooo! We are one!! Just kidding...okay anyways....I love you all and IIIIIIIIII-IIIIII WILLLLL ALWAYSSSSSS LOVEEEE YOUUUUUU-OOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOO!!! Sorry...who am I kidding? I'm not sorry for singing in a tweet. Pfffttt. Yes where was I? Apart from singing? Oh yes, I want Ally to continue making music, so pleasssseee pleasssse pleassseeeee support her like you have supported us together. I love you all and I'm sorry for departing so early. As I may have realised, you have no idea what I'm on about. Before I tell you what happened, I want to make one thing very clear, and if you can follow this one thing (yes I started singing One Thing in my head), I will respect you so much and we can hang out in heaven together. Wooo!! Party!! Hanging out in heaven together!! Ok, I do not want anyone to commit suicide, cut or hurt yourself in any way, shape or form because of this news. You still have one half of Kally and I'll still be with Ally every performance and every award she wins. Be strong my beautiful fans. I'm so sorry I couldn't say this in person, but here is the news. I am dead. I passed away two weeks ago. I'm sorry Ally couldn't tell you sooner, but my family, my husband and my children had to get through it first before she told you all. I love you all. Stay strong. You are beautiful no matter what AND WORDS CAN'T BRING YOU DOWNNNN!!! OHHHHHHH!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SINGLE WAY!!! NO WORDS WON'T BRING YOU DOWNNNN!!! Lots of love, Katrina Penelopy Horan xoxoxo'

Underneith the tweet are pictures of Kat and Ally that have been taken with fans and some of just Kat and Ally. I read some of the comments.

'@KALLY_FOREVER!!: I actually can't believe this! Is this a hack? Is Kat actually gone? All the best Ally. We'll be with you all the way xxx #RIPKATRINAHORAN #RESTINPEACEKATRINA #KALLYFOREVER #GOODBYEKATRINA #LONGLIVEKALLY'

'@ExcusemewhileIdieoflaughter: Is this actually true? What the hell!? Katrina is not here anymore? I am in tears! Please don't let this be true :( :'( :( :( :( xxx #RIPKATRINAHORAN'

'@Lolaaa: Did I read this correctly? :( x #RIPKATRINAHORAN'

'@KatrinaIsLife101: Kat you have helped me through so much, I can't believe this. You and Ally have helped me through the bullying with your music and your personalities. I can't thank you enough! You shouldn't be thanking us, we should be thanking you! I love you so much. @AaliyahThatsMe stay strong. Please don't leave us as well! Please continue making albums and going on tours. We love you so much. We'll stay strong if you stay strong? Xoxoxoxo #RIPKATRINAHORAN #RESTINPEACEKATRINA'



' @Kally_haters! What are you trying to prove here? All that you are showing is that you are a big idiotic bully! I don't particually like Kally's songs, because I like metal and stuff but you don't see me laughing at Katrina's death! If you're going to be a bully and laugh at someones death, do it offline where you won't get yelled at by Kally fans, and non Kally fans for that matter. Katrina's family, friends and fans are all taking this really hard, you are not making it any better, so just shut your mouth and go somewhere else where you won't cause any more harm. Sorry @AaliyahThatsMe @KallyAreWeirdos for having to see @Kally_haters! post. Stay strong Ally, you'll get through this, you and your fans will get through this, you too @OneDirectionOffical and the rest of Katrina's family xxx #RESTINPEACEKAT #RIPKATRINAHORAN'

'@AaliyahThatsMe: Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me and Katrina's family. @Kally_haters! You don't have to post that on here where our fans will just get angry and upset at you, @KALLY_FOREVER @KatrinaIsLife101 @excusemewhileIdieoflaughter @Lolaaa I'm sorry darls, this is true, you read it correctly :( but we'll get through it, together, as a family xoxo <3'

I hand the phone to Liam and he reads it. Zayn joins us. I pat Bruce, as he smiles up at me. I smile smile slightly. 



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