Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


20. Ring shopping

Question time :D

Question: To Kat: how did you feel when Niall lied to you?

Kat: I was really upset :'( I just don't know why he lied to me :'( 

Question: To Niall: YOU. CHEATING. *Bad word which I shall not repeat*. *Slaps Niall several times*

Niall: I'm sorry :'(

Louis: That's a statement *raises eyebrow*

Question: To Kat (again) : what was your reaction when Dave said he was going to propose to your mum? 

Kat: I was so shocked and happy!! I started squealing in my head!!

Question: To Nevil (the forgotten child) : don't feel left out. I still love you. P.S. you are my favourite.

Nevil:  Thank youuu. I love you too <3

Louis: Again. A statement

Question: To Niall: I will find you and kill you. How dare you hurt Kat. She loved you. *Starts crying* 

Niall: I'm sorry, I just couldn't- I just- I'M SORRY *runs off crying*

Liam: Niall!!

Zayn: I'll talk to him

Eboni: No. I'll talk to him.

Ally: Don't kill him. Kat still loves him and I ship Kiall Roran to the end of this world!!!

Louis: I didn't get an answer -_- does nobody like me??

Liam: Drama queen *rolls eyes*


Katrina's P.O.V

"Wake up Princess, we're going ring shopping" Dave says softly. I grin and jump up. Dave chuckles and walks out my room. I run into my wardrobe and pick out my outfit. I get changed and do all the stuff people do in the morning.

I jog downstairs and eat my breakfast happily. "Kat and I are going shopping, do you need anything?"  Dave asks mum. Mum shakes her head. "If I do, I'll text you" mum hugs Dave and I. We go and get in the car.

We drive to the centre of London, singing and dancing in our seats. "It's a long way to the top if you want a sausage roll" Dave and I sing terribly, twisting the words of the song. Dave parks in a car park and we go into the shops. 

We walk through the shops trying to find a ring shop. "Found one" I grin pointing to 'The Wedding Ring Shop'. We walk in. The shop is very quiet compared to outside. 

I go over to a cabinet and look at all the rings. They're all so pretty. Dave comes over to me. "Can I please borrow your phone?" He asks. I nod and hand it to him. He goes onto my contacts and calls Liam's phone. What?

"Hello" Dave smiles. "It's Dave" Dave chuckles. "Can you put me on speaker phone?" Dave asks. "Thanks Liam" he says. He speaks to Liam, the boys and the girls for a bit while I lookaround the shops.

"Hi, do you need any help?" The shop lady asks me. "Yes please" I smile. "My mums boyfriend, that guy over there" I point to Dave. "Is proposing to my mum and we need a ring" I explain. "No problem" she smiles. Dave hands me my phone. "So what sort of rinf and what size?" The lady asks. Dave says any ring. The lady chuckles. "My mums finger is the same size as mine" I say. The lady takes my hand and mesures it.

"Ok, come this way" the lady smiles. We get led to a cabinet at the back. "These rings are our newest stock" the lady smiles. Dave and I look at the rings. I see one mum would really like. "How do girls go jewelery shopping? It's such hard work" Dave stresses. "Mum would like this one" I say pointing to the one mum would like.

Dave nods. "She would" he agrees. "We would like this one" Dave says as I point to it. I try it on to see if it's the right size. It is indeed. It's beautiful. Mum will love it.

The lady puts the ring in a box for Dave. "That will be two thousand, four hundred and fifty-one pounds" the lady says. Dave nods and pays on his card. 

The lady puts the box in a bag. I smile, my family is soon going to be complete again.


We get home and Dave and I get out the car. Dave takes a deep breath. "Dave" I say. He turns to me. "Where are you going to ask her?" I ask him, the thought occuring to me. "I haven't thought this far ahead" Dave says. I sigh. "You'll ask her in dinner" I say. He looks at me confused. "You and I will make dinner together, we'll make it fancy and stuff and then in the middle of dinner you'll propose to mum" I explain further. Dave nods. "What would I do without you?" He asks. I chuckle. 

"I'll hide the ring in my room" I say taking the bag and putting it in my bag. Dave nods. We go into the house. I slip up to my room and hide the bag in my wardrobe on my secret shelf. It's not secret but it's hard to get to so nobody knows it's there, so itis kind of secret. Gah. I'm confusing myself.

I hear Nevil laughing. I smile and walk into Nevil's room. He runs over to me. I grin and pick him up. "Hey baby, how are you?" I ask him. "Good" he grins. I chuckle and pinch his cheek lightly. He giggles and kisses my cheek. I smile. 

"Niall is fun" Nevil grins clapping. I look at Nevil confused. "Niall loves you!" Nevil grins. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "Niall said he still loves y-" "That's enough Nevil" Niall says taking Nevil from me. 

Niall turns his back to me and sets Nevil down on the ground. "Katrina doesn't want to hear that" Niall says. "But it's true" Nevil protests. "You love her" Nevil adds. "Yes Nevil, but Katrina doesn't love me" Niall says quietly. I feel my eyes fill up with tears. "You make Katrina cry" Nevil says pointing to me as a tear slides down my cheek. Niall sighs. 

"Nevil" I say standing next to Niall. "I do love Niall bu-" "Why aren't you together then?" Nevil asks. "Because Niall did something that wasn't good" I explain. "Did he take your favourite toy?" Nevil asks confused. He's so cute and innocent.

My eyes fill up with tears again and I nod my head. "I'm going to go and see mum" I whisper. Niall turns to me. I see his caring eyes and run out the room.

"Kat" Lou says cheerfully. "Hi Lou" I force out. He sighs and hugs me tightly. "When did you get here?" I ask him. "While you were out" Lou says. I nod. "I have to go and see someone" I say. "Tell mum and Dave I went to visit a friend" I say. Lou nods. "Hey Niall" Lou grins. I turn around to see Niall holding Nevil. 

I spin around and run out the house. I sprint to my special place, crying. Ever since I met the boys I have been crying a lot more. I used to never cry. I climb up into the top floor. 

I collapse on the ground and cry. "Why" I sob. "Why me" I sob. "Why do I get heart broken? why do I lose my memory? Why do I get cheated on? Why do bad things happen to me? Why me?" I sob. 

"You know, out of every bad thing, comes a good thing" Niall's Irish accent says. I look up to see Niall standing there looking at me. I put my head back in my arms and cry. "What out of my life has been a good thing for every bad thing?" I cry not really making sense. 

"Your parents divorced, Dave's proposing to your mum. You and your mum had a fight, you stayed with me, came to Hawaii and got six best friends. Louis and you got kidnapped, you found out Frenchy's real identity. Your real singing voice got found out, you and Ally won the X-Factor and we all got another best friend. Your boyfriend dumped you through a text, you went out with me. I broke your heart, you came home just in time to find out Dave was proposing to your mum" Niall lists things. I realise he's right.

I sigh and sit up. "I'm sorry" I whisper. "Why?" Niall asks me. "I'm the one who broke your heart" Niall adds. "I'm just sorry" I say. "Come on" Niall says standing up. I sigh. Niall holds out his hand. I take itand help him down the tree. We walk out of my special place. 

"I just have to do one thing" I say heading to the fimiliar house in front of us. I knock on the door three times. 

Jack opens the door. "Come crawling back to me baby?" Jack asks leaning against the door. I feel Niall tense up beside me. I nod at him. He puts his arm around my waist and holds me close. 

I smirk. "No actually" I say. Jack looks confused. I push Niall to the side lightly and punch Jack square in the face. He stumbles back. "That is for dumping me through a text" I say with sass. I punch him again. He once again goes stumbling back.

"And that is for fighting on my lawn" I say. I grab Niall's arm and start walking towards my house. Niall just smirks at me. "If I wasn't your friend I would do the same to you" I say. Niall's smirk drops. I smilein victory and walk into my house. 

I look at the time. Quarter to six. "Boys, Eb, Ally" I call out. They all rush over to me. "I need you guys to get my mum out the house" I tell them. "But don't ruin her appitite" I add. The girls nods. The guys just shrug. "We'll take her to a spa!" Eboni squeals. Ally nods. "Can we stay here then?" Zayn asks. I chuckle and nod. "Mumma!" Ally calls out. Mum walks over to us. "What can I do you for?" Mum asks. "Eboni and I are going out for a late spa day, would you like to join us?" Ally asks. Eboni and Ally pull puppy dog faces.

"Of course! Come on" mum grins. "Sweety are you coming?" Mum asks me. I shakemy head. "I have phone calls to make, and I need to supervise the boys" I chuckle. Mum nods. "Bye guys" mum says. She hugs everyone in turn. Eboni, Ally and mum leave the house. 

Harry and Liam run off to play with Nevil. "Let us cook!" I grin skipping into the kitchen with Dave. We start cooking. "Ohh" I grin. "What's going on in your mind?" Dave asks grinning. "I'm going to make a caramel slice" I grin. 

Dave nods. I turn the radio on. "Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight" I grin. I love this song. We are young, by Fun is the amazingest song everrrr!!!

I dance around the kitchen while making my caramel slice. 

Louis, Niall and Zayn dance around together, out of the kitchen. Dave just laughs at us.


We finish eating dinner and Dave and I go back into the kitchen while Louis and Harry clean up for us. Dave and I had another plan. We are writing 'Will you marry me?' On the top of the caramel slice. I get it out of the fridge and write the message on the top with white icing.

I grab the ring and hand it to Dave. I hold the caramel slice as we walk into the dining room.

I put the caramel slice in front of mum as Dave goes down on one knee. Mum gasps and covers her mouth. I pick Nevil up and hold him in my arms.

"Judy Margret Rose, I love you so much. I love Nevil, Katrina and yourself so much. I cannot imagine my life without you three and our seven other children. Ever since I met you, you have come out as a strong, independent woman and I admire that so much. I love the fact that you can be serious, fun and silly. You care for your two children so much and it is so admirable. Will you, Judy Margret Rose do me the honour of being my wife?" Dave asks.

Mum grins. "Yes" Mum grins crying. Dave slips the ring on mums finger and they kiss and hug. I grin. "Don't cry" Niall whispers in my ear. I smile and wipe my tears away.

Mum and Dave hug Nevil and I. Everyone takes their seats except me, because I cutthe caramel slice. I smile. 

"My three beautiful daughters" mum pauses. Eboni, Ally and I stop talking and turn our attention to mum. "Would you three like to be my bridesmaids?" Mum asks us. We all grin and nod. "And my lovely Katrina" Mum says. I nod. "Would you do me the honour of being my maid of honour?" Mum asks me. I grin.

"Actually mum, Dave already asked me to be his best man" I chuckle. Mum laughs and hugs me. I chuckle. "Of course I would mum" I grin.

"My six lovely sons" Dave chuckles. The boys and Nevil turn their attention to Dave. "Would you boys like to be my best men?" Dave asks. The boys all nod. I grin. "When's the wedding?" I ask. Mum looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry" I chuckle putting my hands up in surrender. 

My family will be complete. Finally.


Hello :D Here's a picture of Judy's ring :D

Okay, byeee <3 xxx

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