Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


3. Reunited

Katrina's P.O.V

The boys all turn their attention to me. "Your mum let us in" Harry says. I smile. "I've missed you lot" I say. "I've missed you too" Lou jumps up and spins me around. I giggle and hug him tightly. Zayn and Liam hug me together. I grin and kiss their cheeks. 

Harry stands up and hugs me. I smile and hug him. Niall stays sitting. I roll my eyes and hug him. He hugs me back. I smile.

"We loved the video you and Ally made us" Zayn says. "And we loved the song you left for us" Niall says playing with my hair. "Thank you boys" I smile. 

"What's the time?" I ask watching the boys play twister. "Five to five" Harry says. "Oh, I gotta go, I'll be back soon" I say rushing out the door. Niall follows me. I get into my car. Niall sits in the passenger seat.

I start the car and drive to the hospitalin a very awkward car ride. I pull up. Ally gets in the back and does her seat belt up. I drive off.

The car is dead silent. Gah. I can't take silent car rides. I turn the radio on. "You think I'm pretty without any make-up on" Katy Pery sings through the radio. I am sick of this song. I have heard it soooooo many times this week.

I sigh. It's better than a quiet, awkward car ride. "So how have you been" Niall asks Ally and I. "Alright" Ally shrugs. "Fine" I say parking my car in the garage. I turn the engine off and get out. Ally and Niall get out of the car. I lock the car and walk into the house.

"ALLY!" Lou squeals. "LOU!" Ally squeals. I chuckle. They hug. Ally hugs everyone ruining their game of twister. 

"Let's go out" I say. "My treat" I add. The boys and Ally look at each other and shrug. "I'll just put Nevil to bed and we'll go" I say picking Nevil up.

"Goodnight" Nevil waves. "Goodnight Nevil" the boys chorus. "Goodnight little man" Ally hugs him. I grin and take him to his room.

I sing Nevil a lulaby. The door opens and Niall comes in. He smiles and puts his hand on my shoulder. "You's be a good mum" Niall whispers. I blush and put Nevil in his cot. "Goodnight Nevil, sleep well" I say tucking him in.

"Goodnight Kawena" Nevil says and falls asleep. I smile and turn his light off. Niall and I walk out and I silently close the door.

"Thanks" I whisper and jog downstairs. "Hey Dave" I say going into the kitchen. "What's up kiddo?" He asks putting his newspaper down. "I put Nevil to bed, can you tell mum that the boys, Ally and I went out for dinner?" I ask. "Of course, take fifty pounds" Dave smiles handing me a fifty pound note. "Thanks Dave" I grin.

He grins and hugs me. "See you soon" Dave kisses my forehead. "Take your phone" he adds. I nod and get my bag from the couch. I close the door behind me. The boys and Ally are already in the car. "I'm driving, slide over" I say opening the drivers side door.

Niall unbuckles his seat belt and slides over to the passenger seat. I put the key in the thingy and start the car.

We drive to Nandos. I gotta please my guests XD and my best friends, if we're still best friends, I hope we are.

I park the car and we all jump out. We walk into Nandos and sit at a table. "I'll go order" I say standing up. "I want-" "I know what you want Nialler, you yelled your order at me for ten minutes because I got it wrong" I laugh. He blush and looks down. I chuckle and skip up to the counter thing.

I order our food and wait. Nialler rests his hand on my shoulder. I jup like ten feet high. He starts laughing. "Why do you always scare me?" I ask. "You're easy to scare" Nialler chuckles. I roll my eyes and collect one of the trays. Nialler grabs the other one and we walk back to the table.

We all eat and catch up. I've missed my old buddies. I wish the summer would come back. "I've missed us" Zayn says. "Me too" I agree. "And me" Ally pops in. Nialler nods his head. 

"Big sleepover" I announce. "My house" I add. The boys and Ally all grin and nod. I smile. I hope things go back to how they were. Us seven, never to be seperated ever again.


Question: To Kat, what did you think when you saw the boys and Ally?

Kat: OH MY GOSH IT'S MY BOYS AND MY ALLY, wait what is Ally doing in England? OH WELL I DON'T CARE! MY BOYS AND MY GIRL!!! 

Question: To her mom, do you want Kat to find her friends again, and come to a relationship again?

Kat's mom (Judy) : Of course I want my baby to find her friends again, I love that lot, they are like my own sons and daughter and sort of, I trust Niall, he's a nice boy, but my baby will be growing up! *shedding a tear*

Kat: Muuuuuummmmm

Judy: I'm sorry *wiping her tears away*

Question: To Niall and Harry, what did you think when you saw Kat and Ally?

Niall: Well, my mind went all over the place. I couldn't really think at all.

Harry: Oh my, firstly what is Ally doing here? And secondly, Kat is an amazing model and I CAN'T BELIEVE MY GIRLS ARE HERE!!! 

Question: To Nevil, do you miss Ally and the boys?

Nevil: You awoke me from my sleep -_- but yes, I do, very much, they are like my older brothers and sister. I'm glad they're back :D Now let me sleep please *yawn* :)

Liam: Nawwwww, thanks Nevil! 

Question: To...Uhm...Zayn, do you like karamel? :3 

Zayn: Are you actually asking me this? 

Liam: Zayn Javaad Malik! Don't be rude!

Zayn: Sorry, but yes I loveeeeeeee caramel :D x

Question: To Ally, what did you think when you saw Kat and the boys?

Ally: I didn't actually think I would see the boys and Kat! What do I say? What do I do? Do I ask why they didn't keep in contact? Do I hug them? Should I buy them food? I'm hungry.

Niall: Yes you should have bought us food, why didn't you? -_-

Kat: I bought you food wierdo.


Kat and Niall: Shut up Louis!

Question: To Kat and Ally, do you want to get in a relationship with Harreeeh and Niaaalller?

Ally: Uhm, uh, possibly, don't tell the boys though, they'll make fun of me :) 

Kat: Pfttt, no *looking around avoiding eye contact*

Liam: Stop lying Kat ;)

Niall: So you want t-


Question: To everyone, what are your favourite books? :3

Louis: Well my dear, probably uhm, I don't know, I don't really read much *shrugs*

Zayn: A child called it. Best book ever, no arguements.

Liam: Please Zayn, there is an arguement there *snorts*

Zayn: Really? What book is the best then?

Liam: our book Dare To Dream? Yeah our book :)

Harry: I'm like Lou, I don't know, maybe a book I read in school, uhm, Crazy Pigs :D

Ally: Are you actually serious Harold? Ahahahaha :') Ok anyways, my favourite book is Call Me Kat :) 

Niall: Bliss, it's about a magic cookbook. It is amazing :D

Kat: Breaking Beautiful. Full stop. No arguements. 

Question: To everyone, if you were a bug, what bug would you be?


Ally: A ladybug or a ladybird which ever you say :)

Lou: Why on earth would you want to be a grasshopper?

Kat: Because Sheldon Cooper is like a grasshopper and I love Big Bang Theory XD

Lou: I worry about you... anyways, I would be a bee, because they're cool!

Harry: A cockroach, because they scare people >:)

Liam: Bugs scare me and Lou, a bee is an insect not a bug, anyways I would be a cricket.

Zayn: Liam, always being technical, tut tut tut, I would be a spider, if that's a bug?

Niall: Zayn...I don't think a spider is a bug but anywho, I would be a butterfly :D

Kat: Niall, a butterfly?

Niall: I searched it up, it's a bug 

Kat: No it's not that, you're a cutie! You'd be a butterfly :')

Niall: You're the cutie :)


Ally: Always ruining the moment Tomlinson -_-


Everyone: Sowwy Nevil

Everyone: Goodnight people xxx


Okay, keep the questions coming ;) Love you guys <3 I woke up and there were 7 reads, I went out for twenty minutes, I came back and I had 23 reads! I was like whattttt? Ok byeee <3 xxx










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