Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


27. Plan going into action

Niall's P.O.V

"One more thing" Haz says as Lou drives along with me and Haz in the back. "And what is that?" I ask. "You'll see" Lou smirks at me through the rear view mirror. I sigh and lean against the window.

Lou pulls up to a quiet shopping centre. "I don't think it's going to be open at five o'clock in the morning" I roll my eyes. "I know people" Lou shrugs getting out the car. I undo my seatbelt and follow Haz and Lou.

"Tomlinson! Long time no see, huh?" A guy grins hugging Lou. "Hey mate, can our friend get his braces off?" Lou asks. The guy grins at me. I grin back, something about him just makes you happy. 

"Of course, come this way!" The guy grins and walks into the next room. Haz, Lou and I all follow him. He sits me on a chair and a dentist comes in.

Goodbye braces!!

Katrina's P.O.V

"Where are the boys?" Ally groans. "We have to leave in an hour!" Eboni stresses. Ally, Eboni and I are all freaking out because we want to say goodbye to our boys before we leave, but they went out for a car ride. 

A car ride! They would rather go for a car ride than say goodbye to us! Calm down Katrina. I'm sure there was a purpose for them going out.

I hear a motorbike's engine. I run outside to see someone sitting on a motorcycle talking to Lou and Haz. The person takes their helmet off. Niall?

Since when does he ride motorcycles?? I smile, he looks so hot. Haz sees my stressed out and not very happy face and his smile drops. I walk up to the three boys, not very happy.

"Louis William Tomlinson, Niall James Horan and Harry Edward Styles!" I yell slapping them all on their shoulders. "You left us to go for a car ride and get a motorcycle!" I yell. "Harry Edward Styles!! Your girlfriend is sitting on the couch crying to Zayn because she thinks that you wouldn't be back in time to give her one last hug or one last kiss!!" I yell. Harry looks down.

"What are you waiting for?!?! Go and see her to protect my Hally Streed heart!!" I yell. Harry kisses my cheek and runs inside.

"Niall James Horan!! I have been stressing out because I wanted to see you before I left" I yell. Niall doesn't even look at me. "You wrecked my mums garden and you brought a motorcycle!! You three boys have been stressing us three girls out all morning because you went for a car ride!!" I yell. "That's not my problem" Niall rolls his eyes. 

Lou stays quiet. I feel tears coming to my eyes. "Kat" Zayn calls. I spin around, he's right behind me, well in front of me now.

"Come inside" Zayn says. Zayn puts his arm around me and leads me inside while glaring at Niall. "What's gotten into him?" Zayn mutters. I shrug. "Let's go to the airport" mum sighs and hugs me tightly. 

We pile into two cars. Great! Niall is sitting next to me. Thankfully Zayn is on my other side. I talk to Zayn and sing with Zayn. If Niall is going to be rude to me I will not talk to him.

"Zayn, you okay?" I ask him as he wipes his eyes. He hands me his phone.

'Zayn, I am really sorry, but we're done -Perrie<3'

My mouth opens and closes. My Zerrie!! I hug Zayn tightly. "I'm here for you" I whisper. He sobs quietly. "Zayn, buddy, you alright?" Liam asks. Zayn shrugs. "Can I tell them?" I ask him. Zayn nods. 

"Perrie broke up with him" I say quietly. Eboni gasps. Niall says nothing. 


"Whenever you need someone just call, skype, text me, whatever, I'm always a phone call away and if you need me I will be on the next flight to London" I tell Zayn. He nods and hugs me tightly. "Thank you Kat" Zayn whispers. "Anything for my Zay" I smile.

I hug everyone else except Niall, he's ignoring me, he doesn't get a hug.

"I need to pee" I state. "Niall, go with her" mum intructs, cleary missing that he's ignoring me. "Of course" Niall says politely. 

Once we're out off sight of everone he puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close to his side. "I thought you were ignoring me" I spit out. I push Niall off of me and walk into the ladies bathroom. It's empty. I smile and do my business.

I wash my hands and fix my hair. "You look good with your hair like that" Niall says leaning against the wall. I ignore his comment. "Why are you in the ladies bathroom?" I ask turning to him.

He starts speaking. I take a proper look at him. He's wearing black jeans and a t-shirt. His braces are off and his teeth look amazing. 

His hair is styled in a good style. All in all he looks hot. He's probably trying to impress some girl. "Why the change?" I ask. He looks at me confused. 

After a minute realisation hits his face. "No reason" he smirks stepping closer to me. "It's nice to see that you aren't ignoring me" I say with a bit of sarcasum.

He reaches me, expecting me to move back to the wall. I stand my ground. He grins and puts his arms around my waist. "There is a reason" he whispers locking eyes with me. I get lost in his eyes. No, there isn't a maze in them. They are just so blue!!!

"I'm trying to impress a certain girl" he whispers. "Who is this girl?" I ask barely above a whisper. Niall starts to lean in. I do the same. We kiss. I've missed Niall. 

Flashbacks of our first kiss run through my mind. Cold air hits my lips as Niall pulls away. I try not to look upset. I open my eyes. Niall is once again leaning against the wall. This time he's texting. 

"Ho you texting?" I ask. "The girl I'm trying to impress" Niall says not looking at me. I feel my eyes fill up with tears. 

I run past him and out the bathrooms. I sprint to everyone. "We're boarding, where is Niall?" Ally asks. "In the bathroom" I whisper. "What happened?" Eboni asks. "I'll tell you on the plane" I say. Eboni and Ally both nod.

Niall comes over to us. "We're boarding" Eboni informs him. Niall hugs Eboni and Ally. He goes to hug me. I reluctantly hug him. "You enjoyed that kiss" Niall whispers in my ear. "How would you know?" I hiss pulling away. 

I hug everyone one last time. I get to Zayn and hug him longest. "Remember, I'm a phone call away" I say. "So am I" Zayn kisses my cheek. I smile and board the plane with the girls.

"So what happened?" Ally asks. Eboni nods. "So Niall was ignoring me all morning and then when we went to the bathrooms on the way he put his arm around my waist and held me close to him. When I came out of the toilet cubicle Niall was leaning against the wall of the ladies bathrooms, he was inside" I pause. "I asked him why he changed his look and he said he was trying to impress a girl and then we kissed" I say holding my tears back. 

"And then he leant against the wall and said he was texting the girl he was trying to impress and then I just ran back to you guys" I say. They both hug me tightly.


Hey guys :D, sorry I haven't updated in a while. My internet hasn't been on so I couldn't update :/ I'm going out soon so I have to go, bye my lovelies <3 xxxxx

Read Star Student **Catching pepper** by Hazzies_bear or Katy will eat ya!! <3 Won't ya Katy????? <3 xxx

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