Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


50. Peoples ideas :D

Quatement time :D <3

Statement: To Ally: Welcome home babygirl <3

Ally: Thank you!!! <3

Statement: To the boys and Kat: I LOVE CAKE!!!

Harry, Zayn & Liam: We love cake too!!!!

Louis: I LOVE CAKE!!!! I eat Kat's cake that she makes, because she doesn't like cake....strange child...

Kat: yeah...cake tastes disgusting...I don't know how you people eat cake...

Niall: I like cake. Cake is yummy. Cake is food. Food is life. Life is food. I eat food. I think of food all the time. I love cake.

Statement: To Louise: CONGRATS ON CHAPTER 50!!!!

Louise: THANK YOU KATY!!!!!!! <3


Katy's P.O.V

Eb, Ally and I walk out the cinemas laughing at Ally's jokes. They are hilarious, but they're not hilarious at the sametime. Yeah...I don't get it either....

"Why did pa, ma and Nevil go home again?" I ask Eb for the tenth time, knowing she knows. Eb rolls her eyes at me. "Pa had to work and Nevil had to sleep," Eb explains, using hand gestures.

"Katy, did you call a cab?" Ally asks. I look at her as if she's crazy and burst out laughing at her reaction. "Of course I did" I laugh. We get in our cab. "Can you turn the radio up?" Ally asks the cab driver. He nods and turns the radio up. 

Eb, Ally and I look at each other and burst into a song. We talk, sing and laugh for ten minutes. Ally goes quiet. Eb and I look at her. "Can I get out? I need some air" Ally says. The cab pulls over and Ally gets out. She blows us a kiss as the driver drives off. She's at the airport and she has twenty pounds, she'll be safe and she can't run away to another country again.

Eb and I sing and laugh together. "HOLD ON!!!!" The driver screams. "KATY!!!" Eb screams. All I hear is screams. I hear screechs from tyres on the riad and Eboni and the driver screaming. Blood. I see blood, then darkness, then nothing.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Ally's P.O.V

I walk around the airport aimleessly. I've been here for ages, not sure what to do. I've been drinking coffee, eating food and sleeping for countless hours. I've spent nearly all my money. 

"Ally?" Liam's hoarse voice croaks. I spin around to see the boys and Kat. What are they doing home early? Harry and I lock eyes. I open my arms and he embraces me in a big hug. "I've missed you" I whisper. "Be my girlfriend?" He whispers. "Of course" I pull back and kiss him. 

Kat cracks a smile. "You don't know what happened?" Lou guesses. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "Oh dear" Niall sighs. "Eb and Katy were in a car accident, they're in the hospital" Zayn whispers. I gasp. No no no. Oh no, it was the cab, I know it. 

"Let's go" I say walking briskly out the airport. We have no car. Ah great. Dave pulls up in his car. We pile in and drive in silence. "Be strong sweety, be strong for Eb, be strong for Katy" Dave whispers, holding Kat's hand. She nods through tears. "Yes pa" Kat whispers.

It goes silent again, none of us know what to say. We could say it'll be alright, but none of us know this. I know Kat will be saying in her head, 'atleast my Hally Streed heart is complete'. And I don't blame her, we need something good happening.

In silence, we get out the car amd make our way into the hospital. Kat is gripping pa's and Lou's hands, Niall is behind her with his hands on her shoulders. Liam, Zayn and I are holding each others hands tightly. Harry is behind me, keeping me steady. I'm so greatful for my boyfriend. 

Ma rushes up to us and embraces Kat and pa. She let's them go and hugs Zayn and Liam, kissing their foreheads. Ma hugs me and Harry. "I'm happy for you two" ma whispers in our ears. We smile slightly and hold hands. Ma hugs Niall last as Kat holds Nevil. 

We all sit down, patiently waiting for a report, well sort of patiently. We're all supper worried. 

"ALLY!!" A cute little voice shouts happily. I look up still worried. I feel my face light up as Jackson tries to run towards me, getting held back by a man. "Let him go" the women, I recognise as Jackson's mother smiles. I squat down and open my arms as Jackson sprints towards me. I hug him tightly.

"I get to go home!! I'm healed!!!" Jackson grins. "Really?" I grin. He nods. "I'm so happy, now don't go playing with fire" I chuckle at our little inside joke. Jackson laughs. "Why are you here?" Jackson asks. "My friends hurt themselves" I say sighing.

"They'll get better!! Even if you don't believe it! I didn't believe I'd get better, but then you helped me" Jackson smiles. I nod. For a little kid, he's a wise one, he'll turn out being wiser than Zayn! "Thank you Jackson, be a good boy" I kiss his forehead and send him over to his parents, with one last hug.

I sit back in my chair and wait. Waiting, waiting, waiting, a lot of waiting.

Zayn's P.O.V

My girlfriend is in hospital. My girlfriend was in a car crash. My girlfriend may be dead. Liam's girlfriend is in hospital. Liam's girlfriend was ina  car crash. Liam's girlfriend may be dead. 

Thoughts of Katy and Eboni being dead race around my head. This can't be happening. It almost killed Niall when this happened to him, this is going to kill Liam and I. What if they're dead, or if they forget us, forever.

"Katy and Eboni" a doctor calls out. Liam and I jump up and race over to the doctor. "Come this way please" he says. We follow the doctor, supporting each other, to the room where the truth lies. 

"What happened to them?" Liam asks. "One of the girls told me to make you go inside no questions asked" the doctor says. I nod, they must be awake, and remember us!! Liam and I open the door and walk inside. "Liam!! Zayn!!!" Eb grins, her cheery self shining through the scratches on her face and the broken arm. "Eb!" Liam says kissing her. I smile as I hug her.

"I'm so happy to see that you're alright" I say. Eb smiles slightly. "I have to tell you my injuries" Eb rolls her eyes. "I have a fractured rib, a broken arm and I lost my left hearing" Eb says. Liam and I sigh. "But other than that I was lucky as the truck hit the drivers side and I was on the passenger's side" Eb says, almost whispering. Liam and I look at each other a bit worried. Where was Katy sitting? Was she in the middle, behind the driver, in the passenger's seat?

"Katy was not so lucky" Eb says softly. "She was sitting behind the driver and got the full impact" Eb says. "She has three broken ribs, a broken leg, a lot of scratches to her stomach" Eb says. "And?" I ask, slightly scared. "And the doctor told me nothing else, due to stress levels going up or whatever" Eb rolls her eyes. "I nearly started screaming at him but realised he was just doing his job" Eb sighs.

That must not be good then....

"Eb!! I was so worried! I left the cab and-" "Oh shut up and give me a hug" Eb interupts Ally. Kat zooms in before Ally and hugs Eb first. "Ha ha, I got here first" Kat teases Ally. Ally laughs and hugs the two girls. "Isn't it two at a time?" Eb asks. "I was a nurse here, they all know me" Ally shrugs closing the door. "Now the boys and ma are waiting for you two to tell then what's happened and- where is Katy?" Ally interupts herself. 

"She's in another room" the doctor says, standing in the doorway. "We would like to see her" Kat says standing up. "As you wish ma'am" the doctor says. Kat nods. I go to the waiting room to tell everyone what happened with Eb.

"Eb is alive" I smile. "She was sitting on the passenger side so she didn't get hurt as badly, she has a fractured rib, a broken arm and she lost her hearing in one ear" I say. "And she doesn't know about Katy" I sigh. Harry and Niall smile slightly. We all go into the hallway. Ma and pa go into Eb's hospital room to see her. 

Kat emerges from down the hallway, tears running down her face. She sees me and hugs me tightly. "You're going to need a lot of support and courage to go in there" Kat whispers. She kisses my cheek and hugs Niall. 

I take a deep breath and walk in. 





This is bad...

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