Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


8. Party

Katrina's P.O.V

"Come on" Lou yells into the microphone. "Calm down you idiot" I yell at him. He laughs and hops off the stage. He comes and starts blowing balloons up with me. 

"We need to get this done in two hours" Lou yells in a squeaky voice. I burst out laughing. I fall on the floor laughing. I roll around clutching my stomach. "Your voice man!" I laugh.

He chuckles and hands me a balloon. I blow the balloon up. "I'm Frenchy and I'm the best" I yell out. Lou rolls around laughing. I laugh.

"Come on, let's do this" I grin standing up. I help Lou up. *Knock Knock* I go to the door and open it up.

"DJ Malik! How ya been?" I grin. "What is with your voice?" He laughs. I roll my eyes and close the door behind him. Zayn is being the DJ tonight. "Hellium" Lou yells from someone. I nod. He chuckles and sets his DJing stuff up while I do some other stuff.

"Ally and the boys are going to be here in fifteen" Zayn says. Lou and I nod and run to the kitchen. We put all the food and drinks on the long table we have and put the rest of the chairs around the other tables. 

People start filing into the room. Lou and I greet everyone on the way in as Zayn starts playing music. "Go and check the cake" Lou orders. I nod and run to the kitchen. I open the fridge and check the cake. It's still good.

I made Ally's favourite cake, with a little bit of help from Harry. I get the cake out and put the icing on the cake.

'Happy 19th Birthday Ally!

We love you baby!<3 


I put the cake back in the fridge and go over to Lou. The place is starting to fill up. A nurse Ally works with comes over to me with Jackson. 

"Here's her presents" Jackson grins. "Thanks Jackson, she'll be here in two minutes" I grin placing the presents on the present table. Jackson runs towards Nevil and mum. I smile and run over to Zayn. 

"Okay everybody" I say into the microphone. The music quiets down and everybody turns to me. "Ally will be here very soon" I grin. "We all know the drill?" I ask. Everyone nods. "Okay" I grin. "She's coming up!" Lou yells. We turn the lights off.

The door opens. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" We all scream. Ally grins and hugs me tightly. "Thank you" she whispers. I nod and kiss her cheek. 

"LOU!" Allyyells. "ALLY!" Lou yells back. They hug each other. "May the party being!" Zayn yells into his microphone and starts playing music. 

"Is that Zayn?!" Ally asks. Lou and I nod together. Harry and Ally runs off to dance. "Kat!" El's voice yells from behind me. "Hey El" I grin hugging her. "El" Lou smiles. "Lou!" El grins hugging Lou. "Where's my Ally?" El yells running off. Lou follows her. Liam walks off. 

"Wanna dance?" Niall asks me. I nod and take his hand. He leads me to the dance floor. I grin and we dance together terribly. 

"I really hate to interupt a Kiall Roran moment but it's time for cake" Lou says tapping me on the shoulder. I nod and go to the kitchen with Lou and Nialler following me.

"You're twenty-one this year" I tell Lou. He nods. I laugh and get the cake. "So this girl, Aaliyah is the greatest girl" Zayn starts. "And I am honered to be the DJ for her party" Zayn grins. "But for now, cake time!" Zayn grins. 

"Happy birthday to you, hapoy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ally, happy birthday to you" everybody sings as I place the cake in front of Ally.

Harry and I grin at each other. "FOR SHE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW, FOR SHE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW, FOR SHE'SSA JOLLY GOOD FEEELLLOOWW AND NOBODY CAN DENY!!" Harry and i scream together. Ally laughs and blows the candles out.

"Hip pip!" "Horray!" We shout. We repeat that three times. "This is an amazing birthday party" Ally grins. I nod. I look over to see Nialler dancing by himself while eating.

"He's a cutie" I laugh. "Go get him girl" El grins as Ally pushes me to the dancefloor. "Care to join me?" I ask Nialler. He grins and starts dancing with me.

"Ok girls, grab your boys and start dancing" Zayn grins and plays a slow song. I take Niall to the centre. "I don't know how to slow dance" Niall says to me. "Just follow my lead" I say. Niall nods. I place his hand on my side and put my hand on his shoulder. 

We slow dance to the song. Lou and El apper beside us. Lou winks at us. "Take care of my baby girl" El says to Niall. He nods. I grin. 

Haz and Ally slow dance on the other side of Niall and I. "Niall" I whisper. He nods. "Do you, maybe want to, you know, be my boyfriend?" I stutter. Niall grins and pulls me closer. "Of course" he whispers. I grin. He kisses my nose.

I smile and look at Ally and Harry.

Ally, Haz, Lou and El are jumping around together screaming. I laugh. "KIALL RORAN IS TOGETHER AGAIN!!" Liam and Zayn yell into the microphone. I grin and hide my face in Niall's chest. I feel him vibrating from laughing. 

I grin and go over to Ally and El. "Sorry boys but I'm stealing my girls" I poke my tongue out at Lou and Haz.

El, Ally and I slow dance weirdly. It's hard slow dancing with three people. I leave the two girls and run over to Zayn and Liam. "You two look lonely" I say. Liam smiles. I take his hand and we dance on the stage in front of everyone. 

"I know you miss Danielle" I whisper. He nods. "I'm taking me uncle" Ally smirks and starts dancing with Liam. I chuckle. Zayn skips over to me and we dance together. 

"How's Perrie?" I ask him. "She's good" he grins. "Good" I say. "You look after her" I add. He nods. "Forever" he smiles. "You two are going to last" I say. He chuckles. 

"Go dance for a bit, I'll be DJ, go have fun" I tell Zayn. He hugs me. "Good job with Nialler" he adds before running off. I go into the DJ bit and put the headphones on.

"DJ Rose in the house!" I yell. "Let's have a dance off" I grin. "Liam" I say. He nods and joins me. Ally goes onto the dance floor. "Anybody who is not taking part, leave the dancefloor now" Liam says. 

Half of the people leave the dance floor. Our boys, Ally and El are all on the dance floor. "Ok boys against girls" I say. Liam nods. The boys go on the left and girls go on the right because we're always right XD 

"First people" I call out. El and Lou step up. "Let's do this!" Liam and I yell. I put a dance song on. 


"And the winners are" I grin. "The girls!" Liam yells. I clap. "Well that is all for tonight, be safe and thank you for coming!" I grin. Liam waves. 

"Thank you" Ally grins hugging Lou and I. "Anything for you" Lou says. I nod and hug my two weirdos.


QUESTION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: To Kat and Ally: do you think you can win the X-Factor?

Ally: Of course!!

Kat: It depends who we're up against *shrugs*

Question: To everyone: who's gonna be Kat and Ally's manager?

Lou: who knows?

Harry: me

Liam: Boyfriend and girlfriend in buissiness? Tell me how that works out *snorts*

Nialler: Liam has a point...

Zayn: It depends *shrugs*

Question: To Ally: so Ally, imagine that Harry is not your boyfriend, who would you choose from the boys and you have to choose someone!

Ally: If I'm not dating Harry can I choose Harry? *grins* nah ok, uh, Liam, he's a sweetie :)

Question(more like statement but anywho XD) : To Kat: I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD SING THAT GOOD GURL!

Kat: Ehehehe :) Thank you baby <3 xxx

Question: To Liam: why do you love toy story so much?

Liam: The same reason Nialler lives Kat and food so much XD

Question: To Louis: who do you like more: Niall or Kat?

Louis: Kat for the win!


Nialler: *in sarcastic voice* well thanks :) it means a lot

Lou: Sorry Nialler! but Kat is really cool!

Nialler: Nah, it's fine XD

Question: To everyone: pancakes or waffles!!!!!

Nialler: WHY IS EVERYONE MAKING ME CHOOSE BETWEEN FOODS?!?!?!?!?!?! Uhm, but pancakes

Kat: are you crazy boi? WAFFLES FOR THE WIN!!!

Ally: I'm with Kat, waffles :D

Harry: Pancakes are way better!

Lou: Puh-lease, waffles rule!!

Zayn: Pancakes

Kat: Liam, you decide, pancakes or waffles?

Liam: I'm with the girls and Lou, waffles are best :)

Ally: Good man Liam, good man :)

No more questions for tonight!!! Or morning!!! Whatever!!!

Alright, goodnight for me, maybe morning for you :) Any more questions??

Okay, byeeeeeee xxxx

Here's a picture :) I may or may not love Modern Family.....

I'm ACTUALLY going now, byeeeee xxxxx


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