Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


23. News

Katrina's P.O.V

I groan as I come out the bathroom. I'm on my period and it sucks. I have terrible cramps. I trudge downstairs. I grab some pain killers and a glass of water. I put the two tablets in my mouth and gulp them down.

I go into the living room to see Eboni and Ally spread out across the floor. "Hey girls" I say. "Hey Kat" Eboni says. "Hey babe" Ally says waving slightly. "What are you guys doing?" I ask them. "We're on our periods and we have terrible cramps" Ally says.

"Me too" I say joining them on the floor. We lie on the floor not speaking at all. Our silence says everything. If we want to talk we agreed we'll text each other.

"What are you girls doing?" Mum chuckles. Ally holds up a sigh she made saying that we are on our periods. Mum nods. "I'll make you guys something to eat or drink" mum says walking off.

"What on earth are you three weirdos doing?" Dave laughs. I hold the sign up so Ally doesn't have to do it again. "Fair enough, anyways, I'm off to work, see you three later" Dave says kissing all our foreheads. He goes into the kitchen. I groan and grab my phone.

'Eb, can you please pass me the remote? Xx <3 - KAT<3'

'Yeah babe <3 xx - EBONI<3'

The TV remote lands on my belly. I turn the TV on. "What do we want to watch?" I ask the girls. "Horrible Historys" Ally says. I nod and put it on from recorded TV. 

Dave kisses our foreheads again and leaves the house, with mum following him telling him to be safe and everything else mums say to their husbands. 

Mum sits us down against the couch and gives us food. We eat it happily. I love my mum. My mum is the best!!

"I smell food" Niall announces standing in front of us. I hold my hand out for the whiteboard, which the sign is on. Ally hands me the whiteboard and Eboni hands me a whiteboard marker. I turn the whiteboard over and wrote on it.

'Please get out of the way :) - The girls <3' 

I hold the sign up. Niall steps to the side. "What's up with you girls?" Zayn asks us. Eboni holds the original sign up. Zayn nods. "Fair enough" Liam nods. Ally takes the sign from Eboni and puts it down on the coffee table.

I rest my head on Eboni's shoulder and Ally rests her head on my shoulder. Eboni rests her head on top of mine. I smile. I will never hurt these two girls. 

"How's your fanfics going?" Harry asks sitting down in front of us. "Good" I smile. "You write fanfics?" Eboni asks Ally and I. "They do, and they are amazing!!" Zayn grins. "Can I see your accounts?" Eboni asks us. 

"Computer" I say to anyone. Lou hands me my computer. I log on and go onto Movellas. I go onto Ally's account. "This is Ally's" I say as Eboni scrolls through it. 

I go onto my account. "And this is mine" I say. Eboni grins at us. "Your accounts are my favourite accounts and your Movellas are my favourites!!" Eboni squeals. Ally and I grin. "Why thank you, what's your account?" Ally asks. Eboni goes onto her account and hands us my laptop.

Ally and I grin. Eboni has been our most active fan, she always comments on our Movellas and promotes them. What a coincidence! We are all each others biggest fans and we didn't even know. I chuckle.

I log off my laptop and hand it back to Lou. He takes it to my room for me. Harry jumps on the couch behind us, making sure to not kick us. Liam and Niall join him. Liam behind Eboni, Haz behind Ally and you guessed it!! Niall behind me. Yey! Sarcasum much.

A knock on the door interupts Lou's and Zayn's conversation about something or other. "I'll get it" mum says going to the front door. "Yes they are" mums voice says. "Come on in" mum says. The front door closes and Simon Cowell comes in with mum following him.

"Ally and Kat, Simon wants to talk you" mum states. We nod. Simon takes a seat and smiles at us.

"Okay girls. I have some news for you" Simon says. "This isn't a reality TV show, there is no needto build suspense" Lou sasses. Simon chuckles. "Sorry Louis" Simon laughs. Lou shrugs.

"You girls are going on tour" Simon grins. Nobody says a word. "OH MY GARDDD!!! MY BABIES ARE GOING ON TOUR!!" Lou screams hugging us tightly. Ally and I hug him. Lou lets us go. We look at each other and attack Simon in a hug. He laughs and hugs us.

Ally breaks the hug and runs over to Haz. I run over to Eboni. She grins and spins me around. "Well done" Liam grins hugging me. Zayn and Haz join in on the hug. I hug them all. I turn to Niall. He grins and spins me around. 

"Are we having a supporting act?" I ask Simon as mum and Nevil hug me. Simon nods. "Yes, but we don't know who yet" Simon says. "But I do" I say. Simon and Ally look at me confused. "Eboni" I grin. Simon nods. "Fantastic!" Simon grins. "You three will need to meet me at the recording studio so that you can realease albums" Simon says.

"When?" Eboni asks. "Tomorrow, nine o'clock" Simon says. "I will see you tomorrow, good day" Simon says and leaves.

Mum, Ally, Eboni and I squeal and hug. We dance around in our group hug. I am so excited!

I smile. My life is amazing, who says nice guys finish last? Huh? 


Two updates in one day :D are you happy with mehhh???? <3 

Question time :) :D

Question: To Kat: do you think that record deal...will break something? Like your time with others...?

Louis: And your time with Niall

Kat: It might, but I will do everything in my power to make time for the ones I love, with the tour, I will deffinately be away from my family and my boys, but I will call, text, email and skype whenever I can and if I don't I will get Louis to kill me :)


Nevil: I TOTALLY DO!! Okay everyone, I have a story :)

Louis: YEY!! Story time with Nevil!!! 

Everyone: *Gathers around*

Nevil: Ok so once when Kat was putting me to bed she told me a bedtime story about a prince saving a princess and I asked if Niall was Kat's prince who was going to rescue her and love her forever and Kat said-

Kat: Do we have to tell this story?

Nevil: You don't, but I do! Okay where was I? Oh that's right! So Kat said, I wish he was Nevil. I really do but he did something that wasn't good so I am scared to trust him again. But anyways, YES I DO THINK KIALL RORAN SHOULD BE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!

Question: To everyone: Live with the fact that this is a statement Tomlinson. I AM CUUUTE (x

Louis: I just can't! It's question time not statement time!!

Me: Then I'll make it Quatement time, you happy now??

Louis: I suppose it'll do -_-

Me: It will do, thank you very much 




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