Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


12. Mentors

Question time :D:D:D:D

Question: To Kally: what 

song are you going to sing next??

Ally: I didn't think about it *shrugs*

Kat: Who knows *shrugs*

Question: To the boys aka One Direction: are you guest staring on X-Factor this year?

Lou: I don't think so, if we are we haven't been told :)

Question: To Kally (again): do you think you have any competition?

Ally: Deffinately

Kat: YESSSSSS!!! Especially Eboni! She is really good!

Question: To Narry: are you planning something special like getting married or getting the girls preggers? ;P

Narry: Not yet..

Question: To Louise: you're the best writer ever!!


Read on lovelies <3 xxx


Aaliyah's P.O.V

I grogily grab my glasses and my phone. I side my galsses on. I press the centre button and squint at the screen. It's so dark and then there's my phone going 'HEY I'M REALLY BRIGHT AND I'M GOING TO KILL YOUR EYES!!' 

I type my password in.


I look at the time. 


I sigh and swing my legs over the bed. My feet land on the ground. I slide into my slippers and stand up. I get the flashlight up and find my way into the kitchen.

I turn the light on and turn my flashlight off. I open the fridge door and grab my chocolate. I grab the laptop everybody shares and log into twitter.

'@HarryStyles: Ugh /: Can't sleep :/ Wish I could talk to someone :( xx'

'@AaliyahThatsMe: Go on Skype? Xx'

'@HarryStyles: Deffinately <3 xx'

I log onto Skype and see Harry is online. I immediately get a Skype call. I got into the study and pick up. 

Harry's face pops up onto the screen. His curly hair is messy and he's smiling. "Hey Haz" I grin. "Hey Al" he smiles. He blows me a kiss. I grin and catch it. I blow one back. 

I grin. "How are you?" I ask him. "Alright" he shrugs. "Missing you" he adds. "Missing you too" I smile. He chuckles. "Why are you up missy?" He asks wagging a finger at me. I shrug. "I woke up" I chuckle.

"The real question is" I pause. "Why are you up?" I ask. "Couldn't sleep" Haz shrugs. I chuckle. "Well I have to sing tomorrow and wake up early, so goodnight Haz" I say. "Goodnight beautiful, sleep well" Haz blows me a kiss. "Love you" I tell him. "Love you more" Haz blows me a kiss. I blow him a kiss and hang up. 

I go back to bed and fall asleep.


The groups all stand together talking. Eboni is in a group with two other girls. She sings and the other two rap. 

"Who do you want as a mentor?" I ask Eboni. Eboni, Kat and I are talking. Eboni's frisnds are hanging back ignoring us. "I want Cheryl" Eboni smiles. "I want Simon" Kat pops in. I nod. "Me too" I agree. 

Four limos pull up. The over twenty-fives are first. Cheryl steps out. Eboni sighs. Kat and I pat her back. The boys are next. Dani steps out and screams. She goes and hugs everyone. The groups are next.

The limo door opens and Simon Cowell steps out. Kat, Eboni and I squeal and jump up and down. "Hello groups" Simon smiles slightly. He sees us and grins. Simon Cowell just grinned at us!!

"Hello girls" he grins opening his arms up. "GROUP HUG!!" Kat and I scream and hug Simon tightly. He laughs and hugs us. Eboni joins us. The rest of the groups join in with the hug. 

Simon laughs. People start to get into cars. "You two are friends with One Direction" Simon says pointing a finger at Kat and I. We nod. "Niall's and Harry's girlfriends actually" Eboni says. We nod. Simon chuckles. 

We turn around to get in a car limo thingy. "Come in mine" Simon smiles. Kat and I sit in the back back and Simon and Eboni sit in the middle back. Whatever you call it. 

Simon, Eboni, Kat and I talk the whole time. 


The groups are singing Yellow by Coldplay. I loveeee this song! 

We finish singing and all stand together holding hands. 

"The following people step forward" Louis Welsh says. Simon reads out six groups. Eboni's group and Kat and I are not called forward. 

Eboni, Kat and I all hold hands tightly. I feel my tears coming on. I guess we're not getting through.

"I'm sorry to you six but you are going home" Dani says. "You other six" Louis says. "Are throught to the live shows" Simon grins. Kat, Eboni and I squeal and hug each other tightly. 

"Your group looks angry, you should hug them" I whisper to her. She shrugs and hugs us tighter. I grin. She chuckles and goes to hug her group. 

We run up to Simon and hug him. "Good job girls" Simon whispers. "Thanks" Kat and I say together.

I smile and Kat and I run off backstage. "How does it feel to be through to the live shows?" The host asks. "Amazing!" Kat yells. "Awesome!" I grin. He chuckles and goes to the next person. We run over to Eboni and her group. 

"Ew! Who are you?" One of Eboni's friends shriek. "Shut up Clarissa!" Eboni slaps her shoulder. "Good job girls" Eboni grins hugging us. "Thanks Eb" I grin. "Don't listen to Clarissa and Megan, they're jealous" Eboni whispers. We nod. "Come on, let's go" Eboni links arms with Kat and I and we leave her group and skip to the bootcsmp house.


"HEY BOYS!!" Kat yells waving frantically. "HEY KAT!" The boys yell waving frantically back. "HEY ALLY!" The yell. "HEY RADOM PERSON WE DON'T KNOW!!" They add. I chuckle.

"Boys this is Eboni, Eboni this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn" I introduce the boys and Eboni. Liam looks at Eboni. "Hello" Eboni smiles. "Hey Eboni" the boys say in sync. She chuckles.

We talk for three hours non stop. "Eboni, quick question" Lou grins. "Here we go" Kat mutters. I chuckle. "Who do you ship more, Kiall Roran or Hally Streed?" Lou asks. "It's too hard to choose" Eboni says. "We're keeping her!" Lou declares. I laugh.


"Yey!" Eboni grins. I laugh. 

"Ok, dinner's ready, so goodbye my lovelies" Kat waves while blowing kisses to the boys. "Bye Kat, bye Ally, bye Eboni" the boys yell. "Give Nevil, mum and Dave big hugs and kisses from us" Kat says. I nod. 



I hang up and we go to the dinner table. Kat, Eboni and I are cooking tomorrow. I smile. 


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