Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


56. Meeting his family

Quatement time :)

Statement: To Kat and Niall: Just get married already!! You guys are too cute!


Niall: Shut up Lou, go talk to El

Kat: *Laughs* maybe we will ;)

Everyone: *gasps in hope*

Statement: To people in the prank: I was like 'wait what', then it was fake. Good job. Got me.

Ally: Thank you

Lou: they always called me the prank master :D

Harry: it was mostly Zayn and Kat, idiot *rolls eyes*

Statement: To Zayn: Love you boo ♥♥♥

Zayn: Love you too <3


Katrina's P.O.V

"What are you doing?" I ask as Niall howls out of the window. "Wait for it" he says putting a finger to his lips. From the distance I can hear dogs barking loudly. Niall bursts out laughing. I chuckle and read my text.

'Everything is good, we just landed. Enjoy yourself in Ireland. LOOOOOOVEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!! <3 From myself and El xxxx <3 - THEAMAZINGLOUISTOMLINSON<3'

I smile at my phone and reply.

'Thank you for texting me lovey :) I will, enjoy yourself in Australia!! LOOOOOVEEEEE YOOOOOOUUUUU TOOOOO SWEETHEARTS!!!! Love from myself and Niall xxxxx <3 - THEWONDERFULKATRINAROSE<3'

"Lou and El have landed, everything is good" I inform Niall as I put my phone in my bag. "That's good" Niall mumbles. I smile at Niall. He's a weirdo, my weirdo.

"It's goos to be home" Niall smiles. He pays the driver and gets our suitcases out of the trunk. I take a deep breath and get out the car. I grip my suitcase tightly and follow Niall up the driveway. His house is really cute. "Well this is the house I grew up in" Niall smiles putting an arm around my waist. "It's really cute" I smile. He makes me go forward and knocks on the door.

"Maura! Someone's at the door!" A male voice yells. "That's my dad" Niall says softly. He rubs my arm, trying to calm me down. "Really Bobby? I would have never guessed that!" A woman's voice says sarcastically as she opens the door. I didn't realise that Niall jumped behind the bush.

"Hello dear, may I help you?" She asks politely. "Well actually, Niall wanted me to meet his parents but because he decided to ditch me, I'll be gone. Sorry for wasting your time" I say. 

"Katrina? Oh Katrina! I've heard so much about you dear, come in, we'll leave Niall out here, afternoon dear" She smirks. She is deffinately Niall's mum. I laugh and wheel my suitcase inside. Niall's mum closes the door and locks it. "I'm Maura, my husband is Bobby and my eldest son is Greg" Maura smiles pointing to Bobby and Greg in turn. 

"Hello, I'm Katrina" I say softly. "She's nervous about meeting you, she's not usually this quiet" Niall smirks resting his head on top of mine. "How did you get inside?" I ask stepping away from him. "I like you" Greg grins. I smile. "I have a key" Niall swys in a duh tone. "Well you're mean, so I'll hang out with your family" I say turning my back to Niall. 

"Nooo, come back to me!!" Niall whines. I laugh and hug him. He grins. "Follow me" he smiles, picking up both our suitcases. He struggles to pick mine up. I roll my eyes and take it from him. "Let the man do the work" I smirk at him. Niall rolls his eyes playfully and leads me to his room. 

I set my suitcase down and fish out some clothes for me to wear. "Can I have a shower?" I ask. Niall nods and shows me where abouts everything is. I go into the shower room with my clothes and towels. I brush my hair and turn the shower on. I get undressed and wait for the water to get warm. Once it's warm I stand under the flowing water.

I turn to where my body wash, shampoo and conditioner should be. Greattt, I left it in my toiletry bag, in my suit case. I groan in annoyance and call out for Niall. "Niall!!" "Yes babe?" Niall asks throuh the door. "Could you please do me the honour of getting my body wash, shampoo and conditioner out of my toiletry bag?" I ask. Niall laughs. "Of course my dear, I will return!" He claims. "Or will he" I mumble to myself. 

Niall knocks on the door, singing about how he went through lava and caves and all that jazz to get my stuff. I wrap my towel around me and open the door to a dancing Niall. I watch him for a bit before he notices me. He passes me my stuff. "Thanks hun," I kiss his cheek and close the door. "By the way Kat, Greg is taking us all out to dinner, so wear something fancy" Niall says. "Alright hun" I call back. He laughs and probably, I'm guessing, walks away.


I finish curling my hair and turn the power off. I grab my make-up bag and apply my mascara and eyeliner. Should I wear lipstick? I grab my phone and text my girls. 

'Dinner with Niall's family, fancy resturant, lipstick or no lipstick? Xxx - KAT<3'

I put my phone down and slide into my dress, with a couple jumps and hops, and losing my balance...

While waiting for a reply I brush my teeth. As I'm brushing my teeth my phone buzzes. 

'Red lipstick, deffinately, have funnn xxxx - ALLY<3'

'Hmm, tough question ;) but red lippy, for the win xx - KATY<3'

'This is Lou. No lipstick!!!! Have fun though love xxx - EL<3'


I laugh at my girls, and Lou. As I'm about to reply I get another message.

'This is actually me this time :) I got my phone back!! Yey!! Anyways, I think red lipstick, or a very dark pink, have fun bub xxx - EL<3'

'Tell Lou not to go rage, but I'm going with red lipstick. Thank you girls (yes Lou, that means you too) for your help. You guys have fun too!! Lots of love xxxxxx - KAT<3'

I put my phone back on charge and finish brushing my teeth. I rinse my mouth with mouthwash and water and set my toothbrush back in it's place. I run my fingers through my hair and grab my handbag. I out my phone, charger, purse and some other things in my handbag and walk downstairs. 

"Darling, you look beautiful!" Maura smiles. I smile shyly. "Thank you" I smile. "No problem darl', now just waiting on the boys" Maura chuckles. "Niall! Bobby! Let's go! Greg will be waiting for centuries if you two slow pokes don't hurry up!" Maura calls out. Bobby and Niall both laugh loudly. Maura rolls her eyes and tides up the kitchen, with my help. Yes I helped and did not stand by and do nothing. Bobby and Niall stand together with their arms crossed. 

Maura puts her arm around me and leads me past the boys, not giving them a second look. She grins at me. "They were slow, they get to lock up" Maura winks at me. "Fair enough" I grin. Maura laughs. 

Maybe this won't be that bad, maybe Niall's family will approve of me. I really hope so anyways.

"Mum, stop trying to steal my girlfriend" Niall says kissing me on the cheek. I smile and hold his hand. "Your fault for taking so long to get ready, oh and sweetheart, remind me to talk to you before you go to sleep" Maura smiles unlocking the car door. 

Niall nods and opens the door for me. I smile at him and sit in the car. I can't wait for the food!!



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