Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


74. Letters

Katrina's P.O.V 

If only I could hold my babies while they cry. If only I could spend another day with my baby brother. If only I could cuddle with Niall one last time, if only I could talk to my girls one last time. If only I could muck around with my boys one last time. 

I sit on the couch, next to my mum and Dave. Mum reads her letter. 


I love you so much. I'm sorry I went this early. I am thankful for everything you've ever done for me. Look after Nevil. Take care of him and Dave. Don't shut yourself out from the world like you did when dad left. Be there for Nevil and Dave. Be the strong women I know you are and can be. I love you mum, so much. 

Lots of love,

your daughter, Katrina Rose xoxo'

Dave hugs her as she cries into his chest. I wish I could hug her, tell her it's ok, tell her I'm still here. When mum finally calms down, Dave reads his letter.


Thank you, thank you so much. I love you and I'm really glad you are the father of my baby brother. I can not thank you enough for everything you've done for my family. Thank you for helping mum see what love is. Please look after mum and Nevil. Stick by their sides. I love you. 

Lots of love,

your daughter, Katrina Rose xoxo'

I leave the living room and go to Nevil's room where he is reading his letter. 


My baby brother. Well, you're not really a baby anymore! I can't believe you're ten. I will always be with you Nevil. You may not see me or hear me, but I will be here, watching over you, protecting you. I want you to look after mum and Dave. Help Niall with Annika and Dylan, if you want to. I love you Nevil. I'm so proud of you and I love watching you grow into a young man. Do the best you can in everything, don't let me down buddy. Take care of yourself, okay? On your wedding day I'll be standing by your side, probably crying. I love you, don't ever forget it. Thank you for being the amazingest brother ever. I'll always be here,

lots of love,

your sister, Kat xoxo'

I get up and go to Liam's and Eb's apartment. 

I sit down with them. 


Thank you Liam, for everything. Take care of Eb ok? Thank you. Take care of yourself as well. Please make sure Niall is alright, he'll need support. Maybe councilling if it gets really bad. Look after everyone for me yeah? Thank you Liam, thank you for always being there. I love you, you're my brother, take care, see you later :)

Lots of love,

your idiot, Kat xoxo'


Hello :) don't shut yourself out from the outside world, ok :) Love you Eb. Take care of yourself and Liam. When you two get married, I'll be there, walking you down the asile. I promise. I could say so much in this letter, but I know you don't like reading very much, so I'll just say I love you and I wish you the best. Live a long happy life, and I'll see you when you come and join me in heaven (and we can shop because I'll have no one to shop with :( do they have shops in heaven? Well I suppose I'll find out). 

lots of love,

Your idiotic girl, KATTTTT!!! XOXOXOXO'

Liam and Eb sit together, in silence. "She was an amazing person" Eb smiles. "Is an amazing person" Liam corrects. I smile. They'll be fine together. I make my way over to Ally's and Harry's. 

'Princess Kitty Paws.

Haz, Hazza, Harold, Princess kitty paws, curly fry, I love you. We've had disagreements and we've had hilarious times. Everything you've ever done for me will be remembered. I remember when we went to the opera and couldn't stop laughing. I remember so many things others wouldn't. I'm going to miss you Harry, but I'll be waiting at the gates of heaven to greet you when you come and join me. Be the amazing father you are, take care of Ally and Lucas, ok? Because if you don't, I will kick your but in my ghostly form. Take care of yourself, and continue with your amazing careerer. Thank you for teaching me how to make pastry. I haven't mastered it yet...but I'll work on it. :)

Lots of love,

Your idiot, KitKat xoxoxo'

'Ally. Ally. Ally.

Where do I start? The amount of laughs we've had is amazing. Take care of Haz and Lucas. I know you will, but I'm going to say it anyways, please help Niall if he ever needs it with Dylan and Annika. If Niall gets married again, or finds another girl, please don't kill her. I am so thankful that you have been with me. Take care of mum and Dave for me? Make sure Nevil stays strong. Make sure you stay strong. I think Harry is going to need support, so support him, help him. There is one last thing I want you to do. Even if you feel bad doing this, I know deep down you want to continue singing and touring and making albums, and I want you too. So follow your heart and continue making music, okay? I'll be with you on stage every time, singing along. Keep writing, you'll need it. Please explain to my followers that I will no longr be updating, or online. Thank you baby.

 I love you Aaliyah Reed. 

Lots of love, 

Your weird, stupid, complete idiot, Kat xoxoxo'

I smile at my Hally Streed. Harry holds Ally and Lucas close to him. "We'll be alright Haz" Ally whispers. "Kat will be with us" Ally adds. "I know" Harry sighs. "I just miss her" Harry sighs. "I know babe, I do too" Ally sighs, kissing Harry's hand. I make my way to Katy's and Zayn's. 


I'm sorry I couldn't live long enouh to come to your wedding in life form, but I'll be in the front row, grinning like a proud mum, probably crying. Katy, my dear, I love you and I'll forever be with you. Continue your life and your work. Be there for your kid(s) and husband. Take care of yourself and Zayn. Be there for the girls. Continue with your life and everything. Keep Zayn on earth, don't let him get a big head. I love you Katy. 

Lots of love,

your idiot, Kat xoxoxo'


Take care of yourself. Take care of Katy. Take care of Johnny. Don't get a big head. I don't know why I'm telling you this and no one else, probably because you said it to me once :D Don't be afraid of who you are, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. Don't be afraid of others. I'm trusting you to take care of my baby girl...who is older than me....shhh. Be there for Katy and your child(ren). I'll be at your wedding, crying in the front row. Love you Zayn.

Lots of love,

Your idiot, Kat xoxoxo'

Zayn cries as Katy hugs him. I sigh and go to El's and Lou's house, where nobody is. I see a note on their door.

'Not in at the moment. 

Call ********** to contact us.

~ The Tomlinsons'

I sigh and go to mine and Niall's house. Can I still call it my house? I mean, I'm not alive, so I suppose, it's just Niall's house. I go inside to find Lou and Niall sitting on the couch. "They are all asleep" El says, cuddling with Lou. "Thank you for staying here" Niall whispers. "Anything for you mate" Lou smiles. El searches through her bag and hands the boys their letters. El opens hers and smiles. "I always loved her handwriting" El chuckles.


We didn't spend as much time together as what I would have liked, and I'm sorry for that. I am so thankful to you and how much you helped me throughout my pregnancy and how much you helped with Annika and Dylan. Take care of yourself, Lou, Cecelia and Tannika. Please help Niall if he needs it, which he probably will. I always enjoyed going to those mothers groups with you, so thank you. I have always admired you, I love you El. You are an amazing mum, don't ever doubt yourself. You and Lou make amazing parents, Cece and Tanni are so lucky to have you guys as parents. I love you El. Thank you for everything.

Lots of love,

Your idiot, Kat xoxoxo'

'Louis William Tomlinson.

You are my best friend. You have been my best friend, brother, dad for many years now, and I want to say thank you. Thank you for all your support, advice, laughter, everything. Thank you for always being there, thank you for always helping me and making sure I was ok. You are an amazing dad, and you deserve the best. Take care of yourself. Take care of El. Take care of your little girls. Watch them grow as you watched me grow, as you said a while back. Since the first day that I met you, you have never failed to make me laugh, and I am thankful for that. You have always been there. You were the first person that I coukd actually trust. You were the first person I told everything to. You deserve nothing but the best and since you are married to El, you have the best, as you also said a while back. I love you Lou and if I keep writing I'll probably use all the paper in the world, so I'll finish up now. Please take care. I love you.

Lots of love,

Your daughter, sister, best friend, idiot, thing, Katrina Penelopy Horan xoxoxoxoxo'

Lou laughs through his tears. "She's such an idiot" he chuckles and looks to the roof of the house. "Love you stupid" he says to the roof. I grin. Love you too idiot. Niall cracks a small smile. Niall unfolds his letter, very slowly and carefully, as if it carries all the secrets in the world. 

'My love,

Niall. I love you hun. Don't forget that, please. I will always be with you, whether you know it or not. Before I carry on I want to say something, well write something. I love you, and if you find another woman that you love as much as I love you, I will not be upset if you get remarried, and I will be at the wedding, to support you. Knowing you, youmight not get remarried, and that is also fine, do whatever your heart says. I have loved you for many years now, we have been together for many years. I'm sorry I had to go this early in life, but my spirit is still here. Take care of yourself. Get help if you need it, let the others help you. Take care of our children. Make sure Annika and Dylan grow up to be bright young kids. Don't let our babies get hurt. Take care of them. Love them. Spoil them from time to time. Spoil yourself from time to time as well. Carry on with One Direction. Don't shut your fans out. Don't shut the world out. Don't shut your family and friends out. I love you Niall. Thank you for helping me realise what real love is. Thank you for helping me realise how important family and friends are. Thank you for everything. Thank you for always being there, even when I hurt you. You deserve the best and I hope you get the best. I love you Niall. Thank you for being my husband. Please don't forget to give Annika and Dylan their presents from me on their eighteenth birthday. Lullaby. To get Annika and Dyland to sleep, sing lullaby by professer green and tori kelly to them, only the girl bit though. They love it and it gets them straight to sleep. That was always my secret. I love you Niall James Horan.

Lots of love,

Yours truely,

Katrina Penelopy Horan xoxoxoxoxoxo'

I smile and go up to heaven. My work on earth is done.





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