Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


13. Leboni

Katrina's P.O.V

I ship Leboni! Leboni is Eboni and Liam. I ship Leboni to the end of this world but I also ship Payzer to the end of this world! It's too hard to choose! But it's obviousLiam likes Eboni and it's obvious Eboni likes Liam so Leboni is cute!!

I need a life. One that doesn't include me talking to myself about my ships. 

I skip over to Ally. "We got Stronger by Kelly Clarkson" Ally says handing me a piece of paper. "I love this song!" I squeal. She laughs. 


Ally and I finish practicing Stronger. We jog off stage. Eboni runs over to us and hugs us tightly. "That was so good" Eboni grins. "Thanks Eb" I grin. "Good luck Eb" Ally grins. Eboni nods and runs on stage with the rest of her group.

I smile as I watch Eboni sing. She is so good, she could be by herself and win. She could win anyways but still. 

"Niall wants to talk to you" Ally says handing me her phone. I nod. She was talking to Harry I'm guessing. I take the phone and go to a quiet place. "Hey Nialler" I smile. "Hey beautiful" Nialler's voice floats through the phone. "I miss you" I sigh. "I miss you more" Nialler says. I chuckle and shake my head. He can't see me...oh well :D

"How was practice?" Nialler asks me. "Alright" I shrug. "Eh, well Tommo wants to speak to you" Nialler chuckles. "Okay, bye Nialler" I smile. "Bye Katy" Nialler whispers. "I love you" I say. "I love you more" Nialler whispers.

"Okay that's enough lovey talk, let me speak to my daughter!" Lou yells from the background. I grin. Nialler laughs. "Ok, bye" Nialler says. The phone gets handed over and my ear gets met by the sound of Louis shouting.

"Hey Lou" I chuckle. "I miss you" Lou says. "I miss you too" I sigh. "Don't come home though, I want to see you and Ally winning this thing!" Lou yells, probably grinning. I laugh. "I can't promise you a win, but we'll stay as long as we can" I say. "Good girl, anyways, I better go, love you!" Lou yells. "Love you too Lou" I say. He chuckles and hangs up.

I go back over to Ally and hand her her phone. Eboni runs over to us. "Who do you like?" Ally asks her. "Nobody" Eboni lies. Ally and I smirk at each other. "Come on Eb" I say. "You have to like someone" Ally adds. "Do you like Liam?" I ask her. "No" she says far too quickly. Ally and I grin. "LEBONI FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" We scream dancing around. 

Eboni groans and sinks into the couch trying to hide. 

"Liam and Eboni sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, FIRST COMES L-" "Okay, we're done here" Eboni says covering our mouths with her hands. I lick her hand. She squeals in surprise and takes her hand away. I grin evily. She chuckles and we walk to bootcamp house, Ally and I embarrassing Eboni.


"Doesn't mean l'm lonely when I'm alone" I sing. "When I'm alone" Ally finishes the song. We once again get a standing ovation. Ally and I grin and hug each other. 

"We should just go home" Dani says sitting down. Ally and I grin. "Yep, Simon, your groups are amazing!" Cheryl yells sitting down in her chair. Louis chuckles and sits down. "Thank you girls" Simon grins.

"In all seriousness, you girls were amazing, once again" Simon chuckles. "Girls" Louis Welsh pauses. "I truely think you girls" Louis pauses. "Kally" he pauses again. "Could win the X-Factor 2012" Louis says. Ally and I look at each other wide eyed. 

"Well done girls, another standing ovation" The host grins putting his arms around Ally and my shoulders. "If you want Kally to stay in the competition call the number on the screen now or text 1800 Kally XFactor UK" the host says. Ally and I blow kisses to the audience. 

"Can I introduce the next act?" I ask the host. "I don't see why not" he shrugs. I bring the microphone up. "The next act is truely amazing" I grin. "Please give it up for Eboni and her group!!" I yell. "The teens" Ally yells. We wave one last time and run off stage hugging Eboni on the way past. She chuckles to herself.

Ally and I dance around together as we listen to Eboni and her group. They're called the teens. Yeah, I know. 


I don't think we have any questions today, question time.....sowwwy <3 Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I didn't have my tabket and my ohone was being weird and then I went to a party :) so yeah, anyways...BYEEEEEE <3 *Louis' accent* BYE MY LOVELIES<3 XXXXXXXXXX



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