Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


46. Learn how to swim

Quatement time :)

Quatement: To El: How are you feeling?.....OMG CONGRATS!!!!!!


El: I'm over the moon :D


Niall's P.O.V

I wakeup with my beautiful girlfriend sleeping, with her head on my torso. I smile down at her. I'm the luckiest man in the world. I suppose, I am Irish. I grin at myself.

Kat flutters her eyelids open. "Good morning beautiful" I smile kissing her head. "Morning handsom" she grins, cuddling me tightly.

I chuckle and try to sit up. "What arrrre you doing?" Kat asks. "Sitting up?" I question. Kat smiles and sits next to me. My arm drapes over Kat's shoulders.

"Good morning beautiful people!" Lou grins handing us breakfast. Kat grins. "Someone's jolly this morning" I chuckle. "Well obviously, he's an engaged man" Kat grins, through a mouthful of food.

"Did Harry cook this?" I ask. Lou shakes his head. "Nope" he smiles popping the p. "I cooked it" Lou grins proudly. "It's realllllly good!" Kat pipes up happily.

Lou smiles at pats her head. "Well I'm off to wake Zayn and Liam up" Lou states. "Good luck" I call after him as he runs off. Kat grins and keeps eating. I follow her league and shove food into my mouth. Kat was right! This is good! Like, it is so good I'm surprised Lou cooked it, no offence to him.

"Lou and El are going to be good parents" Kat says putting her plate of the floor. I nod my head in agreement. "Alright lazy people, Haz, Liam and I are going to the beach, if you want to join us" El grins taking our plates away. "IMMA COMIN'!!!!!" Kat yells jumping up. I laugh and slowly get up after her. 

She goes to her suitcase and gets something out. She goes into the bathroom, literally kicking Zayn and Lou out. I laugh. "That's my girl" I mutter to myself as I get changed into my swimming truncks. 

"WE WIL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU HORAN!!!" Lou screams. I laugh. Our neighbours must hate us. I grab a towel and go to where Lou, El and Liam are sitting. "Where's Haz, Zayn and Kat?" I ask.

"They got impatient and went to the beach" Liam shrugs standing up. I chuckle and follow him outside. The other teo follow us to the hired van thingy and we drive down to the beach.

I get out and race Liam to the sand. Liam, sadly, wins. I look at the water to see Harry giving Kat a piggy back and Zayn chasing them in the shallow water. Harry is grinning from ear to ear, so are the other two.

My jealousy kicks in. 'She loves him more than you' the voice in the back of my head snickers. I feel myself tensing up with every step Harry takes with Kat on his back. 

"PUT ME DOWN!!" Kat shrieks with laughter and Zayn tickles her. Harry goes into the deeper waters. "Now?" He asks. Kat shakes her head vigorously. 

Katrina's P.O.V

I cling onto Harry as he pretends to drop me into the water. Zayn laughs at us from the shallow water. "Take me to Zayn" I say. Harry laughs and takes me back to the shallow water. I'm glad to see Haz actually, genuinly smiling, from ear to ear. 

"Zayn, when we were in Hawaii I said I'd teach you how to swim, and that time has come" I smile. Zayn looks at me unsure. "Haz and I will be with you the whole time, I promise" I say. Zayn sighs and nods.

I take his hand and lead him a bit deeper, so that the water goes up to his knees and my thighs. Harry and I hold Zayn's hands tightly. Zayn takes a shakey breath. "I'm right here love" I say. Zayn nods. Harry pats his back supportively.

Zayn smiles at us greatfully. "Okay, now we're getting to deeper waters, so to float" Harry starts. I go through the instructions of how to float. Harry shows Zayn how it's done while I keep him stable. Harry keeps Zayn stable as I show him a clearer version of what Harry did. Harry's was uhm....very extremely confusing.

"Your go" I smile. Zayn nods and floats, by himself. "Yeah! Go Zayn!!" I shout as he floats. "Now breast stroke is very simple, you just pull with your arms, kick with your feet and glide to top it off" I smile.

I show Zayn how to do breast stroke. Harry stand over there, and take Zayn with you" I say. Haz nods and takes Zayn a little distance away from me, about three meters. "Now pull, kick, glide, towards me" I call. Haz holds Zayn steady and Zayn starts off, terribly. 

He finally makes it to me, gasping for breath. "Zayn honey, you have to breath" I chuckle. "But how?" He asks. I show him when to put his head in the water and when to bring it out and breath. "Now go back to Harry" I say. He nods and sets off, better than the last time.

Zayn makes it to Harry as Harry and I cheer excitedly. Harry and I show Zayn more swimming strokes and Zayn does most of them relatively well. I look to the shore to see Lou and Liam looking impressed and Niall looking out to sea, in deep thought. He has an angry expression on his face.

"Keep practising, I'll be back" I say. Zayn and Haz nod. I swim back to shore. "How did you get Zayn in the water?!" Liam asks. Lou and El nod. I shrug. "Zayn trusted me, I suppose" I smile and jump onto Niall's back. He doesn't reqct at all.

I get off his back and go to his front. "Oi, earth to Nialler" I say waving my hand in front of his face. He smiles at me, his angry expression going away. I hug him tightly. 

I see Liam and Lou looking worried. I follow their gaze and gasp. Zayn is splashing around and there is no sigh of Harry. "KAT!! HELP!!" Zayn screams. I take a deep breath and dive into the water, scraping my belly. I forgot it was shallow. I run as far as I can and dive under the water.

I open my eyes and scan the water. Harry is under the surface not moving. I gasp letting water go into my lungs. I choke hysterically. I ignore it and lift Harry's limp body to the surface. I bring my head up and cough up water. "Help Zayn" I croak. Zayn and I carry Harry back to shore.

We lay him down on the sand and kneel down next to him. As I look at Harry's limp body I start crying. "What happened?" I ask through sobs. "I-I don't know, one minute he was there the next he started screaming and went under, I didn't know what to do" Zayn sobs. We hug each other as Liam and El take action.

Niall is silent, and Lou is running around shouting angry things out to the ocean. I close my eyes and dig my head into Zayn's neck. Some coughs and splutters. I lift my head up to see Harry coughing hysterically. "Harry!" I yell. "You're alive!" I cry. He smiles.

"Only just" he chuckles. I hug him tightly. "Oh my gosh I was s-" "shh Kat, hush now" Harry whispers, stroking my hair. Zayn joins in on our hug. "I'm sorry" Zayn sighs. "It wasn't your fault, I don't really know what happened" Haz shrugs. "Thank you both for teaching me how to swim" Zayn smiles. "Our pleasure" Haz and I say together. Zayn grins and stands up.

He helps Haz and I up. I interlock Niall's fingers with mine and swing our hands back and forth as we walk down the sea line, watching the sun set.

I am truely, the luckiest girl on earth, to have my boys and my girls there with me all the time, and of course, my beautiful family. I smile. Niall is perfect.

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