Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


7. lazy day


Question: To Kat: what are you planning to do later for Ally's birthday?

Kat: Lou and I are planning a birthday party for Ally when we get back to England :D

Question: To Ally: what are you planning to do with the guitar?

Ally: Play it? I'll get Niall to teach me :) NIALLERRRRRRRR!!!! WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUU?????

Question: To Nevil: are you missing Kat, Ally and the boys?

Nevil: Yes, but it is quieter :D

Question: To Zayn: what did you think of Kat's fanfic?


Question: To Ally: Do you write fanfics too?

Ally: Yeah :)

Question: To everyone: what is your favourite song?

Ally: Don't stop or Live while we're young

Lou: Any song by The Fray :D

Liam: The happy birthday song

Harry: Hey soul sister by Train

Zayn: In my head

Nialler: Stereo Hearts


Question: To everybody: if pigs could fly, would you then fly on them?

Kat and Ally: *looks at boys* *nods* We all would :D

Question: To everyone: whatcha favourite colour?

Zayn: red

Lou: red red red red red red red red *singy voice* RRRRREEEEEEDDDDDD

Kat: Weirdo *looks at Lou stangely* *clears throat* purple


Nialler: Blue :D

Ally: Pink 

Harry: Orange

Question: To lé Ally's neighbour: are Ally, the guys and Kat loud? *whispers* be honest with me..

Lé Ally's neighbour: Yes..

Question: To lé france, aka Louis: will you soon marry Eleanor? *grins*

Lé france (Louis): I might just marry her *grins*


Everyone except Niall: All the time *smirks*

Niall: I do not *looks around guiltily*

Kat: Sure sure sweetheart *smirks*

Question: To lé author: Do you know I love you?

MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!: Nawwwwww, I love you too <3 xxx

Question: To Niall: What's your favourite food?

Nialler: Hmm, I would have to say Nando's chicken :D Leeeeyyyuummmm I want Nandos!

Question: To Kat: do you like Niall?

Kat: *makes sure nobody is around* *whispers* Very much

Question: To Ally: do you prefer bacon or steak?

Ally: Good question! I prefer steak :)

Question: To everyone except Kat and Niall: do you want Kiall Roran to happen again?


All the boys except Nialler: YES!!!

Ally: Yeah...sorry about them. Anyways, yes we do :)

Question: To everyone: do you believe in unicorns?

Everyone: YES

Question: To Louis: what's your favourite thing to do alone?

Lou: Talk to Kevin or look at photos of Eleanor :)

Question: To Liam: do you like Kat or Ally?

Liam: As best friends yes, as a crush, noooooooooooooooooooooooo :)

Kat: Weirdo *hugs Liam*

Ally: CUDDLES!!!!! *joins the hug*

The boys: GROUP HUG!!!!!!


Read on my lovelies <3 xxx

Louis' P.O.V

I look up from my phone and shake my head. Kat and Zayn are playing sing star. It is killing my ears!

"I'm home" Ally calls out. Harry runs to the front door like an excited puppy. Harry and Ally join us in the living room. We are having a lazy day today.

I observe my dearest friends.

Zayn and Kat are playing sing star while dancing together, Liam is reading a Nicholas Sparks book: At First Sight, Niall is watching Kat and Zayn- mostly Kat and doing something on his phone, Ally is talking to someone on the phone and Harry is playing with Ally's hair.

I turn my attention back to my phone. "Ok, thanks, bye" Ally says and hangs up.

"You know what" Kat says suddenly. "What?" Liam asks. "Uh, I forgot, nevermind" Kat shrugs. "Kat" Zayn says. She turns to him. "Yo" she says pulling a weird face.

"Why don't we watch a movie" Zayn suggests turning to the rest of us. We all shrug and get comfortable.

Zayn puts a scary movie in. Kat sits down between Nialler and I. I put my phone on the table and pay attention to the movie.

Ten minutes into the movie and Kat is shivering like mad. "I hate scary movies" she mutters underneath her breath. I rub her arm comfortingly. She jumps ten feet high. Nialler chuckles. "AHHHHHH!" Kat screams hugging Nialler and hiding her face in his chest. I chuckle quietly.


"I need to pee" Kat whispers. "Come on" I whisper holding my hand out. She takes it and holds onto me for dear life. I rub her back and lead her to the bathroom. "Don't leave me" she whispers.

I look into her eyes. Her eyes are filled with fear and something else, hurt? anger? confusion? something.

"Never" I whisper. She hugs me and goes into the bathroom. I wait outside for me.

We go back into the pitch black living room. "Lou" she whispers clutching my hand. I put my arm around her shoulder and pull her close. A scary laugh from the movie laughs loudly. We spin around to the TV. It's paused, but...

"I'm scared" Kat whispers hugging me. I feel her tears on my shirt. "It's just the boys" I reassure her. "Is it now?" A cruel voice cackles. "Your friends are dead" the voice howls. Kat hugs me tighter.

I try to stay calm. The voice laughs loudly. I pick Kat up and run outside. I look at her in the light. Tears are streaming down her face, she is shaking like a leaf. Her eyes are filled with fear and hurt. Why hurt?

I suppose she is a broken girl, but still. "We're safe now" I whisper. She doesn't say anything, just hugs me tighter.

"W-where a-ar-e t-t-the bo-ys?" she hic cups. "And Al-Al-Al-ly?" she adds. "In the house" I say. "Trying to scare us" I add. She nods and stands up and helps me up.

We walk into the house silently. The boys and Ally are sitting on the couch getting lectured by Cindy.

"You scared the living daylights out of Katrina" Cindy says sternly. "You should know better" Cindy says and walks off.

Kat and I look at each other and quietly run to the kitchen. We grab a sharp knife, some blood from some meat.

We tiptoe into the room I'm staying in. Kat gets her make-up and we start our work. We make it look like Kat got stabbed.

"I'll be back soon" I wink at her. I make myself cry by telling myself that One Direction is coming to an end. What? It's the first thing that popped into my head.

I run into the living room looking distressed. "Guys, guys" I say frantically. They all turn to me. They see my tears and run over to me "I walked into my room and Kat was- Kat is d-dead" I say. I run to my room.

They all are so shocked. "Shot through the heart and your to blame darling you give love a bad name!" Kat yells jumping up. The boys and Ally jump ten feet in the air.

Kat and I high five and hug. I burst out laughing. Ally laughs and hugs us both. "We deserved that" Zayn chuckles. The boys nod.

"Come on" I grin leading Harry and Liam to the living room. We jump on the couch and watch Finding Nemo.


I'm on my dads computer :) I have my best friends birthday soon and I'm leaving the house in fifteen minutes, so byeee xxx I'll update tomorrowish xxx



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