Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


67. IT'S COMING!!!

Statement: To Kiall Roran: Yey!!!!!!! I love you guys and I would die if you two break up but I know you won't :)

Kiall Roran: Thanks!!

Statement: To everyone (not Kiall Roran) : Great job guys

Everyone: We didn't really do anything....but ok!!

Quatement: To Eleanor : Omg girl. How u feelin??

Eleanor: I feel amazing!! And really bad at the same time...


Everyone: *fangirls!!*

Is anyone but me back at school? I get a locker this year, yey!! on my lovlies 

    ~ Elounor_forever xxx


*Seven months later*

Eleanor's P.O.V

I place my hands on my belly as I lie on my bed. I've been so tired and emotional lately. I miss Louis so much. I sit up and take a sip of my water. I miss Louis, my boys, my girls. I miss them all. The girls had their tour extended and so did the boys. Eb and Katy are baby sitting Nevil, like allll the time, as mumma Rose and Dave have work. They are amazing parents though, I hope Louis and I are as good parents as them.

I close my eyes and fall asleep.

I wake up rubbing my head. I look around confused before realising that I'm in the kitchen. I groan and stand up. My ringtone blares from the llving room. I go to it and answer. "Hey Ni" I smile. "Hey El, how you feeling?" Niall asks. "I am...good" I smile. "How are you?" I add. "Very good, come outside" Niall orders and hangs up. I shake my head and do what he ordered. 

I waddle outside and see my husband. I gasp and smile. Louis runs towards me. He slows down as he gets to me and hugs me. I hug him tightly. I missed him. Before I know it, I'm crying softly. "I'm home sweetheart, it's okay" Louis whispers. I nod. "I've just missed you so much" I sob. "We can talk later. Kat, Ally, Katy and Eb wanna see you" Louis smiles. I grin. I kiss him, before he moves aside. I see Zayn and Kat sprinting up the street towards Louis and my house. I smile as Niall hugs me. Everyone hugs me and stands with Lou. "I'L BEAT YOU!!" Zayn cheers. "NO WAY SWEETHEART! EL IS THERE" Kat laughs. She gets to me first and pokes her tongue out at Zayn. Zayn smiles cheekily and hugs me before Kat. I chuckle and hug him. 

I hug Kat tightly. "I've missed youuuuuu" Kat sings. "I've missed youuuuuu" I sing back. Kat grins and we go inside. We spend the day catching up and sharing stories.

"Kat is actually the weirdest person to go on stage with" Ally laughs. "Do you guys have scripts on what to say on stage?" Kat asks the boys. They shake their heads. "That is so not fair" Kat groans. "You rip them up anyways" Ally smirks. "Yes, but we still get them, even though you clearly told them that we wouldn't say the stuff on them" Kat states. Ally smirks. "I tried" she chuckles. Harry smiles at Ally.

Louis' P.O.V

I go to have a shower. I really need one. I have a shower, wash my hair and do all that stuff. I finish my shower, get changed and leave my hair to naturally dry. "Lou" Katy calls nervously. I open the bathroom door. "Yeah Katy?" I grin. I'm so happy to be home. "It's happening" Katy smiles. "What?" I ask, unsure of what she's saying.

"YOUR BABY IS COMING NOW GET IN THE GOD DAMN CAR!!" Eb screams from outside. My eyes widen in shock. I am not prepared...

Katy and I run downstairs. I shut and lock the door and get in the car. "You would've gone with El, but her, Kat, Niall and Harry left ten minutes ago" Zayn smiles. I nod as Liam starts driving. 

"Eleanor Tomlinson" I say to the lady. "Room fourteen" she smiles. I nod and run to room fourteen. I get there and open the door. El looks towards the door as I come in. She smiles at me. I close the door and hug her. I kiss her and pat Harry on the back. "Thanks mate" I nod at Harry. He smiles. "Did you see Kat?" El asks. I shake my head. "I ran straight here" I chuckle. El sighs. "I haven't seen her since-" "Sorry. Niall wanted food" Kat rolls her eyes. "Not my fault" Niall mumbles. El chuckles. "It's ok" she smiles.

El is in labour for nine hours, with me by her side the whole time.


"Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" our child screams. El grins and kisses her forehead. "Hey baby" she whispers. El looks drained. I can not imagine what she went through these last nine months. Our little girl stops crying and closes her eyes. El holds her arms out towards me. I smile and take my little girl in my arms. "Cecelia" El mumbles. 

"Huh?" I ask. "Cecelia, I like that name" she nods. I smile. I have always liked that name. "Cecelia it is then" I grin. El smiles. "Now let's get her Godmother in" El smirks. I laugh and hand Cecelia to El. I open the door and Kat rushes in. "Ohhhh!!! She's so cute!! I love her already!!" Kat coos. "Cecelia" El smiles handing Cecelia to Kat. "Hey Cece" Kat smiles, tickling her nose. Cecelia giggles. I smile and sit with El as we watch Kat talking and dancing with Cecelia.

I love my wife and my daughter. I will protect them forever.






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