Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


55. Ireland

Statement: ​To Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson: congratulations!! You guys are so perfect! Now we must start planning Niall's proposal to Kat...*grins evilly*

Mr and Mrs Tomlinson: Thank you and thank you, yes we must *grins evilly*

Quatement: To Harry: you my friend are an amazing match maker. Could you help me find Mr. Right? 

Harry: Why thank you dear, I'll try...

Statement: To everyone: love you all SOOOO much! Xxxx

Everyone: WE LOVE YOU!!! XXXXX

Statement: To mr and mrs tomlonson: awwwee!!!!!! You guys are soo cute!!

Mr and Mrs Tomlinson: Thank you!!!!

Statement: To Kat: good job on the pictures. 

Kat: thanks babe!! <3

Quatement: To Zayn: how is your love life? I do ship zerrie, but you and Katy are soo cute!! You really care huh?

Zayn: It is very well thank you. Thank you, I do :)


Statement: To El: AWWW!

El: :)



Lou and El: Thank you <3

Statement: To Louis: YOU MY FRIEND, ARE A LUCKY MAN!! <3 

Louis: I really am!!

Question: To Niall: When will you and Kat get married? :))))) 

Niall: who knows?



Question: To Haz Baz: My dear Harry, can you also help me find Mr. Right? <3 :DDD 

Harry: I'll try dear, <3


Everybody: THANK YOU!!! YOU TOO!! <3 :DDD

Statement: To Louise: Girly girl! I miss talking with you ): <3 I loooove you :* <3 x

Louise: KATYYYYYY!!!!! I miss talking with you toooooo :( <3 I looooove you moooore :* <3 x


Niall's P.O.V

Lou's and El's marrage has gotten me thinking about settling down with a family. I would still be in One Direction of course, but I would like to marry Kat. I must admit, I've been thinking about proposing to Kat. I'm just afraid she would say no. 

"We'll see you in a month" El grins. Lou and El are going away for a month for their honeymoon, they're going to Australia and spending Christmas there. "Be safe, don't be stupid, look after each other. If you are in trouble I'll fly right over. Don't go down dark alleys and send me a text every couple of days so I know you're safe, what have I forgotten? Uhm don-" "They'll be fine, have fun. Stop stressing" Zayn chuckles cutting Kat off.

"But sweetheart-" "No sweetheart, they'll be fine, if you and I can be married and safe, these two can" Zayn says putting his arm around Kat's shoulders. I feel my mouth drop. I look at the others to find them reflecting my shock. Everyone is in shock except El and Lou. "Sweetheart, just because they know I have a tattoo doesn't mean they know about our marrage" Kat hisses. "Oops, well, it's better they knew, we couldn't keep our love hidden forever" Zayn says. 

They hug El and Lou and send them off. As soon as Zayn shuts Lou's and Harry's appartment door Kat goes off. "HOW COULD YOU ZAYN!! YOU KNOW I WAS PROTECTING KATY AND NIALL. I ACTUALLY CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU! ONLY EL AND LOU KNEW, I EVEN GOT LOU TO KEEP IT SECRET. LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON CAN NOT KEEP A SECRET! BUT HE DID, AND YOU DIDN'T! YOU IDIOT!" Kat throws the pillow she was holding on the floor and storms towards Lou's room.

"Sweetheart! I'm sorry! Come back!" Zayn cries out desperately. "Sorry you had to find out like this" Zayn says to Katy and myself. He runs towards where Kat went. Ally and Harry follow them. 

Everything is quiet until I hear laughter. "D-D-DID YOU SEE THEIR FACES!!!?!?!?! THEY WERE S-S-SO SHOCKED!!!" Ally screams out through her laughter. Harry and Zayn come back towards us with Kat and Ally on their backs. They all have tears streaming down their faces, from laughing so much. 

"I hate you" Katy smirks. "NOOO DON'T HATE ME!!! IT WAS LOU'S IDEA!!!" Kat screams hugging Katy. They end up on the floor laughing and hugging. "Blame the married man why don't ya?" Lou smirks coming in holding a video camera. "So now that that is posted on facebook and twitter, my wife and I will actually be leaving" Lou grins hugging Katy and Kat. Lou and El hug everyone and leave.

"Let's watch it!!" Eb cheers bringing it up on twitter. It already has a heap of likes, favourites and retweets. We watch it and I can't stop laughing. Our reactions are hilarious. 


"Can I sleep now?" Kat asks as we finish the movie. I nod and put my arm around her. We are on our way to Ireland. Our big family isn't spending Christmas together this year. El and Lou are in Australia, Kat and I are in Ireland, Ally and Haz are in Hawaii, Eb and Liam are in Wolverhampton and Zayn and Katy are in Bradford. It turns out, Katy used to live in Bradford, and her grandmother lives next door to Zayn's mums place. 

Kat falls asleep quite quickly, while I watch another movie. 

I wake up with Kat talking to her phone. I listen to her conversation with her phone. Who is she talking to?

Katrina's P.O.V

"Awe! You guys are so cute!! You're my best friends!" I grin to the followers who are talking to me on tiwtter. I woke up with Niall sleeping and I got bored, so I decided to talk to my followers on twitter.

"No Carliquittheband, Lou is not going to quit the band. I'll make sure of it" I laugh. "Niall's sleeping next to me, look at his little baby face" I coo facing the camera to Niall's face. "Fiona and Shrek, the fairy tale every person should pay attention to, just because" I say randomly facing the camera on me again.

"What's a good movie to watch?" I ask. I get heaps of answers in the comments. 

"Who are you talking to?" Niall asks sleepily. I jump, scared out of my mind. "Don't scare me like that!! In answer to your question, I am talking to my followers on twitter" I grin at Niall and face the camera on him. He waves, trying to wake up. "Are we nearly there?" Niall asks. The seatbelt sign comes on as he asks, signalling we are going to land. I nod at him.

"Well my lovelys, I better go, before I get told off" I chuckle. "I love you alllllllll!!" I grin and blow a kiss to the camera. I smile and log out of twitter. I intertwine my fingers with Nialls and kiss his cheek. 

He smiles at me. I laugh for no reason and look out the window as we land.

I'm so scared for meeting Niall's family. He keeps telling me it'll be fine, but I don't believe him. I'm so scared...

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