Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


49. I'm home babeh!!

Quatement time :D XD <3

Statement: To Niall: see I'm not the only one who wanted you to propose! *giggles and hugs you and Kat* you two are so perfect and your speech was just so on point!

Niall: Ahaha *grins* thanks love <3

Question: To Zayn: how are you love?

Zayn: I'm good thanks :)

Question: To Liam: what's your favourite animal?

Liam: Hmm, a dog, I suppose...

Question: To Louis: Hello Kitty or barbies?

Louis: Hello Kitty, I never liked barbies...

Question: To Harry: What has the down-to-earth Harry Styles been up to lately?

Harry: Hanging out with the lads and missing Ally *sighs*

Kat: WHAT ABOUT ME?!?! IT ISN'T FAIR!!! *sings rest of the song*

Harry: You're classified in 'the lads' *rolls eyes*

Kat: oh...

Question: To Katy and Eb: are you two having fun together?

Katy & Eb: We are indeed *grins*

Statement: To Ally: Yey! You are coming HOME!!! I missed you... *cries into your neck while hugging you* please don't leave again...

Hello my dearest readers xxx So as some of you may have noticed this is the 49th chapter. I KNOW!!! SO EXCITING!! Well....for me anyways...sooooo.....for the 50th chapter I am going to let you guys choose what happens, except it cannot be anyone proposing. Just leave what you want to happen in the comments and I'll put it into the story...unless it doesn't fit in at all. So, work together or whatever :D xxx



Niall's P.O.V

I am upset with Kat not telling me about her tattoo, but I've gotten over it, for our relationship, for me, for her, for us. "All the single ladies, put your hands up!" Kat sings. Harry puts his hands up in the air. "He won't be single for long" Zayn mutters resting his feet on the coffee table.

I silently question him. "Ally's coming back home to mend broken relationships, in Katy's words" Zayn chuckles. I laugh. Katy's a funny one. I'm excited to see Ally. It's a shame we can't see her straight away. "Ally's coming home?" Lou asks, perking up. "Yep, Eb texted me just then" Liam grins coming into the room. 

"HOW DID YOU HEAR THAT?!" Kat yells suspiciously. For someone who hates yelling, Kat does it quite often. Liam shrugs. "I was only in the toliet" Liam chuckles sitting on the couch next to Zayn. "Oh, well....I think we should get Haz and Ally together right this second before my Hally Streed heart explodes," Kat suggests. "That's a bright idea" I grin. Kat flashes me a smile and turns back to Haz and Liam. 

"Ally doesn't lo-" "Ally loves you more than you will ever know. Management made her 'date' Austin Mahone" Kat explains, cutting Harry off. "I bet you were jealous about his eyes" Zayn teases Kat. "Nah bruh, I got Niall's eyes" Kat laughs.

"You and blue eyes" Lou rolls his eyes. "Watch it Carrot Boy, once Kat asked me if it was legal to cut peoples eyes out and keep them in a collection" Zayn laughs. Lou has a look of pure horror on his face, facing Kat. "What?" Kat asks as we all look at her. "I like blue eyes" Kat grins. "Weird child" Liam laughs. Kat grins at him. 

"You lot are weirder for thinking I'm weird," Kat smirks, spinning around so that she sees us all. 

Ally's P.O.V

"MY BABY CAKES!!!" Katy screams sprinting towards me at full speed. I plop my lugage down and hug her tightly. She really is one of us. "ALLY!!!" "EBBY!!" I scream back. Eb laughs and hugs me tightly. "Come on love, we're going to my apartment" Katy grins. I nod and pick one of my bags up. Eb and Katy take the other two and we walk out the airport.

"ALLY! EBONI! KATY! OVER HERE!" People yell from all around me. I take a deep breath and smile widely at all the cameras and interveiwers. "ALLY! ALLY! ALLY! ALLY! ALLY! ALLY!" Fans chant from around the girls and I. "Someone's popular" Eb teases as Katy pokes my side. I laugh and take photos with as many fans as I can and sign as much stuff as I can. Eb and Katy do the same. They are getting heaps of attention. Everyone loves them. 

"Okay sweethearts, I have to go, love you all" I hug the two closest girls to me and go to the car with Katy and Eb. We put my bags in the boot and Katy drives us to her apartment.


"MUMMA ROSEMARYYYYYYY!!!!" Eb calls out as we walk through the front door. We spent the night at Katy's and then came here. "DAUGHTERR EBBBBBBBB!!!" Ma calls back, laughing. "Your baby is home" Katy calls outs. "ALLY!!!!" Ma yells hugging me tightly. I chuckle and hug her for ages. 

"AWWWYYYYYY!!!!!" Nevil yells jumping up and down. Nevil can pronounce our names perfectly, but I call him Wevil and he calls me Awwy. It's out little inside joke. "WEVILLLLLLL!!!!" I yell crouching down and opening my arms. He races into my arms and I stand up, hugging me. "You've grown baby" I smile kissing his forehead. Nevil nods. "I'm a big boy" he grins, showing his 'muscles'. "And he's strong" Dave laughs hugging me and Nevil. I put Nevil down and hug Dave tightly. "Hey kiddo" he grins kissing my forehead. "Hey pa" I grin. 

"How've you been?" He asks. "I've been better" I admit. Dave nods. "I understand" he chuckles. I smile. "Now come on, we're off to the movies, let's go girls" Dave puts his arm around Katy's and my shoulders and leads us outside. Ma and Katy come out after us. Katy holds Nevil on her back. We pile in the car and ma and pa drive us to the cinemas. 

"Come on kids, get our seats as Eb and I get the food and drinks, oh and you Katy" Ma smiles. Pa, Nevil and I go and sit at the back of the cinemas and wait for the others and the movie to start. 

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