Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


63. I need a break

-Two months into Kally's tour-

Katrina's P.O.V

I sob quietly into my pillow. I don't know why, the only person in the tour bus is me, the driver is having a break, so are the security men and the crew and Ally are out shopping or eating. I miss my family, I miss my boys and I miss my girls. I haven't seen them in two months and I miss them like crazy. 

My phone rings loudly beside me. I ignore it until it gets too annoying to listen to. I see the caller id and answer it. "I miss you" I sob as I answer. "Kat, what's the matter?" Liam asks. "I-I miss you guys so much" I sob. "Where are you?" Liam asks. "In my tour bus" I whisper, trying to calm my tears. "I figured, I mean which country?" Liam chuckles. "Tokyo" I whisper. "You're kidding!!" Liam yells. I smile. "No I'm not". "I have to go, love you" Liam says and hangs up. Well then, there goes my only person to talk to. 

At that moment my phone dies. I sigh and throw it to the end of my bed. I sob into my hands, talking to Liam was a bad idea. I miss everyone even more now. I really need a hug. 

Someone knocks on the tour bus door. I sigh and jump down from my bunk bed. I don't bother to clean my face up, the fans can see me like this, I don't care at the moment. 

I fling the door open. "Yes?" I ask the person. I actually am so mad at humanity right now. "Did you order a pizza?" Someone asks. "No" I grumble, going to close the door. "But I did" Liam smiles paying the person and taking the pizza. 

"LIAM!!" I yell. He places the pizza on the ground and open his arms. I jump into his arms and he spins me around. "I missed you!!" I smile into his shoulder. "I missed you too love" Liam chuckles, kissing my forehead. I smile. "Who was the pizza guy?" I ask picking the pizza up and walking inside. "Some backstage guy from your crew" Liam shrugs and closes the door. I lock it and put the pizza on the coffee table. "How are you here?" I ask taking a slice of pizza from the box. 

"We are in Tokyo for two days" Liam smiles. I nod. "Now missy, why are you crying?" Liam asks taking a bite of his pizza. "I miss my family, I miss you boys, the girls, and the hate from some Niall fans and my fans is too much. I don't know if I can do it anymore" I whisper, tears sliding down my face. "Do what?" Liam whispers, putting his arm around me.

"Get married, be famous, everything" I sob. "Of course you can, you just need a break" Liam sighs, stroking my hair. I wipe my eyes. "But you boys will still be away" I sigh. "I know Kat, but on the bright side, only four more months" Liam chuckles. "Anyways, let's eat!!" Liam grins. He puts the Notebook in and we watch it together.

Liam and I are crying together at the end. Not a tear here and there crying. No. We are full on, nose running, puffy eyes, crying. We've used a whole tissue box, using a second. I'll text Ally to buy more tissues. "Can you text Ally so she can buy more tissues?" I ask. Liam nods and types away on his phone. "There, sent" Liam smiles. 

"When is your next concert?" Liam asks. "Tonight, but I don't know if I can go" I sigh, I don't want to upset my fans...

"What time do you have to be there?" Liam asks. "Six" I say. "How about you and me go out for lunch?" Liam suggests, turning the tv off. "Yeah, just let me get cleaned up" I smile. "I will too, I'll come get you at ten thirty" Liam smiles as we stand up. "Thank you Liam" I smile. "I'm always here for you" he says, hugging me. I nod. "Now go get ready, I'm hungry" I chuckle. Liam chuckles and walks out the door. I wave before shutting and locking the door. 

I go into the bunk area and grab a pair of black skinney jeans and a Batman t-shirt. I check the time, 9:30. Okay, let's get ready!! 

I have a shower, making sure to wash my face and dry and put my underwear and clothes on. Usually I really hate there being a clock in the bathroom, but today, I'm quite greatful for it. I have forty-five mintues. I grab my make up bag and apply my eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick and apply them all after mositurising my face. 

I take a look at myself and smile. Louis would kill me for wearing make up. Maybe I'll pick Liam up, oh, I don't know where his tour bus is. I put my phone on charge and play x box for a bit. "FOR GOODNESS SAKE DIE!!" I scream at the tv. I get eaten and throw my controller next to me. Stupid game. 

I turn it off and check my charge on my phone. Fifty seven percent, wow, that charged fast! I check the time. 10:15. Fifteen more minutes. I gather some things that are needed on a daily adventure and hold my bag on my shoulder. I grab my phone and plug it into the portable charger. I put my phone and my portable charger in my bag and wait for Liam. 

A knock on my door makes me jump up and smile. I open the door to see Liam looking sorry. "I tried to stop them" Liam sighs. "Huh?" I ask confused. "Paul tried to stop them too, he literally held them down but they followed me" Liam sighs. "I'm still confused" I state. Liam steps to the side and I see Louis dancing wierdly with Niall, Zayn grinning at me and Harry trying to look around me. "Ally's out" I state. Harry chuckles. I sprint over to Harry and hug him tightly. He rests his head on mine as we hug. "I missed you" he whispers. "I missed you too" I sigh. Harry chuckles and kisses my forehead. I jump on Zayn and he spins me around. "You're all dolled up" he chuckles, poking my nose. I nod. "Am I not allowed?" I ask. "I think you look gorgeous, if you ask Lou though, he will send you to take it off" Zayn chuckles. I nod, agreeing. He's quite right too. 

I sneak behind Louis and tickle his sides. He shrieks and jumps around. His face grows serious as he see's me. "You-" "Are wearing make up, I know, and you don't like it and would like me to take it off. Well that ain't happening" I smirk cutting Louis off. Louis grins and opens his arms. I go around him and hug Niall tightly. "You're all dolled up for someone" Niall accuses. I roll my eyes as I hug him. "I'm serious Katrina" Niall says. I spin around and Louis jumps onto me. I chuckle and hug him tightest. "I missed you" I whisper. "I missed you more" Louis whispers. I chuckle and put him down. "Katrina. Answer me" Niall orders as I pick my handbag up and lock the door. 

I link arms with Liam and smirk at him. "Liam, of course" Liam and I start walking along a path. "We are wearing matching tops" Liam states. I look at his top and gasp. "We are!!" I yell. Liam laughs. "Aren't you afraid your fans might see you?" I ask Liam. He shrugs. "It's our day. Aren't you?" He asks. "Not at all, with my last tweet, they'll probably leave me alone anyways" I smile slightly. Liam chuckles. "Oh yes, that one" Liam nods his head. I laugh. "Most were agreeing with me though, so that was good" I shrug. Liam nods. "Where do you want to eat?" Liam asks me. "Sushi?" I ask. Liam nods. "Sounds good to me". "Great!" I grin. 

"Niall's face was priceless when you ignored his question" Liam chuckles as I put a piece of sushi into my mouth. "He got so protective" I chuckle. "Zayn and Harry were all like 'ohhhhhhh'" Liam laughs. I nod. "They were really surprised that I ignored him" I laugh. Liam nods.

We talk for hours, recounting shows, interviews, tour bus moments, anything that pops into our minds. Liam is a really good best friend, I'm glad he's mine. My phone rings and Liam's phone rings at the same time. I reach into my bag and answer my phone. 

"Yes?" I ask, knowing it's Harry. "C-can you please come to my tour bus?" Harry asks. "What's up?" I ask. "Yeah, you just might want to come" Harry sighs. "We'll be right there" I say and hang up. Liam and I look at each other and jump up. We leave the bill on the table and walk out. 

Liam leads me to his tour bus. He bangs on the door. Harry opens it. I hug him tightly. Atleast he's alright. "What happened?" I ask. Harry hands me his laptop. Liam and I look through the news report. 

'Just two months after Katrina Rose announced her engagement to Niall Horan she was spotted having lunch with Niall Horan's best friend and band mate Liam Payne'

"I'm confused" I state. "Read on" Harry sighs. I do what I'm told.

'Katrina Rose was spotted hugging Liam for a long time before inviting him inside her tour bus. He came out three hours later. Then at ten thirty he went back and they went out for lunch. They sat together for hours on end. Katrina was all dolled up for Liam and they were wearing matching outfits. 

Later, they were spotted kissing outside of Liam's tour bus. Is this a new couple? Does Niall Horan know? What does he think about it all? Is this the end of Kiall Roran's engagement and relationship? Find out more next week!! @NewsOnlineCelebrity'

"We did not kiss!" I spit at the report. "How do you explain this then?" Niall spits as Louis hands me Niall's phone. It's a picture of Liam and I walking along the street laughing. "We are laughing" I state. "There's more if you scroll down" Liam says softly. I nod and scroll down. I start laughing. "What's funny?" Zayn asks confused. "They took a picture of me on the ground after I fell over and Liam was helping me up" I say through my laughter. Liam chuckles and shakes his head. I scroll through the pictures, most of them are of us walking or talking at the sushi place. I get to one and my face drops. 

"We did not kiss" I growl at the phone. Liam looks at it and gasps. "Call Eboni now and explain" I order. Liam nods and gets his phone. "And you might wanna go somewhere else too" I smile. Liam nods and walks off with his phone at his ear. I grab my phone and call the celebrity news report people. "NewsOnlineCelebrity, how may I help you?" A cheery voice asks. "Can I please arrange an appointment with Cassandra?" I ask. "Of course, when?" She asks. "Now" I say, trying to keep my nice voice. "She's free in five minutes, her studio is in Japan..." she tells me the street and the number. "Thank you, bye" I smile and hang up.

"Harry, you and Liam are strongest, can you please come with me?" I ask. "I was hoping you'd ask that" Harry smiles putting his arm around me shoulders. I chuckle, Harry and I leave the tour bus and go to the building.

We wait for ten minutes before getting called in. "Cassandra-" "Katrina Rose. I did not kiss Liam. How dare you put that in the news. Liam and I are best friends. Take that report down now! Are you trying to kill my engagement!?!" I yell. Harry keeps his hands on my shoulders, making sure I don't attack the person. 

"Of course not" she frowns. "Look, as Katrina said, Liam and her did not kiss, that was photoshop, so please take this report down" Harry says showing it to her on his phone. She does something on her computer and it disappears. "Thank you for your time" Harry smiles and leads me out of the building. He gives me a piggy back the whole way back to his tour bus. I love my best friend, he is amazing!!

Harry opens the door and walks through it, ducking, so that I don't hit my head. He puts me down and closes and locks the door. "Eboni understands!" Liam grins hugging me. "Good, and the news report had been deleted!" Harry grins. "Yeah but a new one is up" Louis sighs handing us his phone.

"I see how it is Katrina" Niall says from the couch. I look at him confused. His face shows no emotion. "Well I don't, please explain" I state. "You get engaged to me so you can kiss Liam and get close to Liam and then do the same with Harry" Niall spits. "What?" I yell, appalled that he would think that. 

Louis signals to the report. I read it and clench my fist. I breath angrilly. I am sick of people. "Excuse me" I say walking to the kitchen. I sense everyone following me. Oh yes, the boys are all following me. I grab my phone and call Ally. "Kat!! What you up to baby girl?" Ally yells happily. "The news reports aren't true. Harry and I did not kiss. Liam and I did not kiss" I tell her. "Ok, thanks" Ally says. "I love you Ally" I whisper. "I love you too Kat, my phone is about to die. See you later" Ally says and hangs up. I throw my phone into my handbag and sink to the floor. Louis sits next to em and hugs me. 

"Hey, it's alright" Louis whispers, stroking my hair. "How did El cope?" I whisper and burst into tears. "She barely did" Louis sighs. "What?" I ask. "The amount of hate El got, the amount of stress she was under, I'm surprised she even married me" Louis chuckles. I smile. "I don't think I can do it anymore" I whisper. Zayn gasps. I hear someone sob. "Niall, oh poo" Zayn mumbles. 

"I told you already. You can" Liam says. I look up. He helps me and Lou up and hugs me. "I told you you can cope, you can get married, you can be famous, you can go on tour. You just need a break. A break with your mum, Nevil and Dave" Liam says. I sniff. "And you're going to get one. Ally and I talked earlier. Your management has cancelled your next few shows and interviews. You are going home for a week" Liam says. I hug him tightly. "Thank you" I whisper. "That's what best friends do. Now I would tell you to speak to Niall, but I actually don't know if it's a good idea" Liam says.

"Then I will. Go talk to Niall before my Kiall Roran heart dies" Harry smirks. I can't believe he used my line I used on him. I hug Harry. "So where are your bunks?" I ask. Louis chuckles and leads me to them. Zayn spots me and smiles. I smile back. "Niall, can we talk?" I ask. "I don't know. I mean you don't know if you can get married or not, so I don't know if I can talk" Niall spits. I hold back my tears. I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.

Zayn hugs me and leaves us alone, truthfully I don't know if that's a good idea. "I'm sorry. I'm just under so much stress and-" "And I'm not?!" Niall asks. "I didn't mean that you weren't, I was just stating that I am under a lot of stress. I miss my family, and I miss you boys and I miss the girls. All the hate on twitter and stuff, it's too much" I sigh. "Well you have to suck it up! I did. So you do too" Niall yells. "You know Niall. For being my fiancé, you are not being supportive at all" I spit, my anger taking over. "Well you will be a terrible wife and mother! If you ever get a husband!!" Niall yells. I choke on my tears. His eyes meet mine and his expression softens. "Katrina, I'm so sorry. Please let me explain!" Niall begs. I spin on my heel and walk to the kitchen, tears running down my face. I grab my bag and stand up.

"No Katrina! Don't go please!" Niall begs, following me. I sob, I can't believe he would say that. "Kat. What happened?" Zayn asks hugging me. I get out of his hug. "Ask Horan. I'm sure he would happily explain about how I will never get a husband and I will never have kids" I say. "But he will be your husband" Harry states walking over to us. "Tell him that" I whisper. "I'll take you back" Harry says. I nod. He holds my hand tightly. "No. Please Katrina" Niall pleads. "No Niall. You had your chance to talk, now it's mine. Maybe I won't have a husband and maybe I won't have kids. But I'll always have my little brother, my mum, my pa, my best friends Ally, Katy and Eb and that, is enough for me" I whisper. "And you'll always have me" Harry smiles. "And me!!" Louis smiles slightly. "And me" Liam smiles at me. "And me, but you, Niall Horan have made a mistake, and you have now killed Kat, so that means, you have killed everyone else" Zayn says taking my other hand. 

"Let's get Kat back to Ally" Zayn says to Harry. Harry nods and they lead me towards the front door. Zayn, Harry and I walk back to my tour bus. I'm glad they're walking me back, they keep making me laugh. I open the door. "What the hell did Niall do?" Ally asks standing at the door. I bring Zayn and Harry inside and close the door. Ally locks it and hugs Zayn. Her and Harry hug for ages. I smile, atleast they're together.

"Now what did Horan do?" Ally demands. I sigh. "He told her she'd never have a husband and kids" Zayn sighs. "And Niall is now dead to me" Ally growls. "Can I kill him?" She asks. "No" Harry chuckles. "You can yell at him though" Zayn adds. "And I'll be back" Ally hugs me and runs out. "She's going to get lost" I chuckle. "I'll go with her" Zayn shakes his head and follows her. Harry and I sit on the couch together, eating.

"I really need a break, from everything and everyone" I sigh. "You do" Harry nods. 


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