Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


61. Going on tour...again

Statement: To the author: THANK YOU!!!


Statement: To Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson: CONGRATS ON THE ELOUNOR BABIES!!!

Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson: THANK YOU!!!

Statement/Question/Rant: To Harry: What is wrong with you?!?! Look, I get you're trying to look our for Kat, but you are not her nor are you Niall. You have no say in their engagement. Harry, I know you care for them, but did you think that maybe Kat can join you guys on tour? And what about El?? She's pregnant. Louis might miss the birth of his child. Yet, you didn't go off at them or when they got married.

Harry: Nothing is wrong with me. I simply was stating my opinion. I didn't plan a fight, I was going to state my opinion and listen to Katrina's. No I am not either of them, but they are my best friends so I do have a tiny bit of say in their engagement, it isn't very much, but it is a tiny bit. I did think that Katrina could join us on tour, I would love that, I would love if all the girls could come on tour with us, but Kally is going to the other side of the world on their five month tour. Yes, El is pregnant, and if it were up to me I would have kept Lou at home with his wife, but that was not my choice. Louis will not miss the birth of his child, if it's the last thing I do, I will get him to be with Eleanor and their child the day he or she is born. I didn't 'go off' at them when they got married because they have been dating for years now, and I could see that they were both ready, I think that Katrina and Niall are almost ready, but maybe not now. This is my opinion, and it might not change. But truthfully, between you and I, I hope they don't pull off their engagement, because it would kill them both. I am sorry if I upset you with my opinion, but you have yours and I have mine. 


Harry's P.O.V

I take a deep breath and knock three times on Kat's bedroom door. "Yeeeellow" she says opening the door. "Oh, hey Harry" she smiles slightly. "I'm sorry for butting in, I just wanted to keep you safe" I sigh. "It's fine Harry. I understand" Kat smiles. "Again I'm sorry. I had to come and apologise before you left, I couldn't be on tour with you angry at me" I sigh again. 

Kat chuckles and hugs me tightly. "You're just being my best friend, now you, Princess kitty paws, have to pack" Kat smirks. I laugh and nod. "See you later" I hug her and go back to Ally's and my room. "You and Kat all good?" Ally asks from the bathroom. "Yes, well, I think so. She called me Princess kitty paws. So, yes, I suppose so" I chuckle. Ally laughs. I'll miss her.

"How long is your tour?" Ally asks. I start packing. "Five, six months" I smile. Ally nods. "I'll miss you" Ally sighs hugging me. I hold Ally close. "I'll miss you like crazy" I whisper and kiss her forehead. Ally nods and wipes her tears away.

Katrina's P.O.V

"Haz apologised" I smile, packing away my last few things. "That's good" Niall smiles, looking up from his suitcase. I nod. "It is" I agree. Niall chuckles. "Don't forget me" I tease. "Never" Niall mumbles. I chuckle and hug him tightly. "Now let's put my bags in Zayn's car" I grin. Niall and I take my suitcases downstairs and put them in the boot of Zayn's car.

"Call me everyday" Lou orders. "Of course" I agree. Lou nods.

Ally and I say our very emotional goodbyes to everyone and get in the car. Here we go!!

I am actually really excited about going on tour! I'm more excited than sad. "You two be safe, alright!" Mum orders, looking at us through the rear view mirror. "Yes ma'am" Ally salutes her. "Of course mum" I smile. "Good. Call us as much ad you can, and I'll try to control the boys. Eb, Katy and El said they would help, until the boys left" mum smiles. "Have fun girls" Dave smiles. "We will pa" Ally and I say together. "I'll miss you" Nevil says. Ally and I smile and hold Nevil's hands. 

Mum parks in short term parking and we all get out of the car. Nevil clings onto my back as I wheel my two suitcases into the airport. Nevil is making sure my handbag doesn't fall off my shoulder. "Nevil wait with us while the girls check their bags in" Dave says. Nevil hops off of my back. I smile and roll my shoulders around. Ally and I go to the counter and check in. We are going in a private plane, but we still have to check in, and go through the normal security checks and all that. 

"Next!" The lady snaps. Ally and I take our tickets and our passports and go back over to mum, Dave and Nevil. Ally hugs them all and stands back. I hug mum first. I hug her really tightly. I then hug Dave, just as tight. I take Nevil from Ally and hold him close. I kiss his forehead and pop him down. "Be safe" mum whispers. We nod and turn towards the security checkpoint. 

We wait for our plane to be called. Even though we have a private plane, we still have to wait for it. 

"Miss Reed. Miss Rose. Your plane is ready" Some guy smiles. We collect our bags and board our private jet. We take our seats and the pilot takes off. 

"Sooo. Let's see the ring" Ally grins at me. I chuckle and hold out my left hand. "Niall has good taste!" Ally smiles, admiring my ring. "He put it on my right hand at first" I laugh. Ally laughs loudly. "I'm so teasing Niall about this" Ally grins cheekily. I smile. "Are you going to tell the fans?" Ally asks. I shrug. "I want to, I'll ask Niall though" I smile. Ally nods.

"I'm sleepy, goodnight" Ally smiles, pulling her blanket over her. "Nighty night" I smile and watch my movie.


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