Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


76. Funeral

Here is a bit of the next book for you all. I have decided to make another book for those lovely people who commented and said that they wanted a book. I haven't decided the name yet, sooooo, suggestions? Xxx

   ~ Elounor_forever xxx


Have you ever had the world come crashing down on top of you? Not literally of course, metaphorically. Well I have. When I sat in that hospital room, watching my one true love die, it scarred me. I was useless, I couldn't do anything, I couldn't stop it, I couldn't do anything. I felt terrible, just watching my beautiful wife die. I was useless. And to be honest, I still feel useless. My children want their mum, but I can't call on her, she's up in heaven now. Everyone wants to help me, but I just can't take the help right now. They don't understand...

   ~ Niall Horan 31/01/2016 

Louis' P.O.V

I fix my tie and walk to the kitchen. "Good morning dad" Cecelia smiles, looking up from her breakfast. Tannika waves wildly, chomping on her breakfast. "Good morning my beautiful girls" I smile. I hug Cecelia and kiss her forehead. I move around her and hug Tannika. I kiss her forehead and tap the bottom of her chin. "Eat with your mouth closed" I smile. Tannika nods and closes her mouth. "Where's mum?" I ask them, filling the kettle and putting it on to boil. "Having a shower" Tannika states. I nod and put a teaspoon of coffee in my coffee cup. I put a tea bag in El's mug. "How did you sleep?" I ask them, pouring the water. 

"Good" Tannika shrugs. Cecelia nods. I smile. "How did you sleep dad?" Cecelia asks. I nod. "Well". I lean on the counter as I sip my coffee. "Good morning hun" El says kissing my cheek, putting an earing in. "Good morning beautiful" I smile. "I made you a tea" I state. "Thank you so much!" El grins, sipping on it. "Are you ready?" El asks the girls. They nod. "Shoes? Toilet? Bags?" I question. "No. No, and we're not taking bags" Cecelia says running off. Tannika follows her. "Speach?" El asks me, sitting on a chair and putting her heels on. I nod. "Good, let's go, come on girls!" El calls. They come running over to us. I take both their hands and take them to the car while El locks up. I start the car and get the heating going. El jumps in the car and does her seatbelt up. I adjust my heating vents and start driving.

El and I get out the car and help our girls out. "Cecelia, don't let go of daddy's hand, unless he tells you to. Understand?" El states. "Yes mum" Cecelia nods, taking hold of my hand. "Same rules go for you Tannika" I state. She nods and holds El's hand. Everyone here is chatting away softly. I see Niall in the front row by himself. "I'm going to see Niall" I say to El. Cecelia and I move around and inbetween people, eventually we get to where Niall is sitting with Dylan, who I didn't see before. "No dad! You see, if I move here, I win" Dylan states. "But, that means you can take my queen" Dylan adds. "So you wouldn't win, it would be a draw, remember Dylan, you need both your king and your queen to win" Niall smiles. 

"Uncle Niall!!" Cecelia grins. "Cece!!" Niall grins opening his arms. Cecelia hugs Niall. Cecelia goes and sits next to Dylan and they start talking. "Hey Niall" I smile. "Hey Lou" he nods. "How are you?" He asks. I shrug. "I'm alright, yourself?" I ask. "I'm.." he hesitates. "Living" he decides on at last. I nod. "How's Annika and Dylan?" I ask, taking a seat. "They're good, they miss Kat though" Niall sighs. "We all miss Kat" I nod. "How are the girls?" He asks. "They're good. They're very loud" I chuckle. "Well they did spend a lot of time with you and Kat" Niall chuckles. I nod. "I never thought it would be a bad idea" I laugh.

All of the guests take their seats. The funeral goes on. Nevil and I get called up to speak. El squeezes my hand. I slide Tannika off of my lap and go to the podium thingy. 

I smile down at Nevil. He smiles back at me. I rest my hand on his shoulder as he speaks. The guests clap politely as Nevil takes his seat next to Mumma Rosemary. I step forward, El smiles at me supportively. 

"Katrina was a livey person, she had a positive outlook on life. Katrina was my best friend, sister, daughter sort of thing. She was a complete and utter idiot sometimes, especially when she was with Ally" I chuckle. Ally laughs loudly. "Katrina wouldn't want us to be sad about her passing, she would want us to be happy, to celebrate her life" I continue my speech, earning laughs from Zayn, Harry, Liam, Ally, Eb, Katy, El and Niall. I grin as I take my seat. Niall smiles at me. I return the smile and sit Tannika on my lap. 

"What are they doing here?" Mumma Rosemary mutters under her breath. Niall stands up. "Niall no, sit down" Mumma Rosemary states, placing her hand on his shoulder. Niall takes his seat and nods. "Frenchy. Nick. What are you doing here?" Mumma Rosemary demands. "I have come to apologise" Frenchy states. "And I am here to say goodbye to your daughter" Nick adds. "You didn't say your daughter" Mumma Rosemary says, confused. "I realised what a monster I was, what I am and I realised that I lost the right to call Katrina my daughter when I left you both. I'm sorry, for everything" Nick says. "I forgive you" Mumma Rosemary states. She goes onto the podium and unfolds a letter. 

"Father. If I can still call you that. No. It doesn't feel right. Nick, thank you for the first years of my life. It was a pleasure spending them with you, you made it fun. After that I despised you, when you left I hated you, in fact, until last year I still hated you. You won't want to hear this, but I have to get it out. I hated you for half my life, but I am in love. I am married with two children and I understand the stress you where under, so I forgive you. 

Your daughter, 

Katrina Horan."     We all head home, Annika and Dylan laughing together. I smile at them via the rear view mirror. My children are beautiful and I will do all I can to be the best father there is. I promise to protect them throughtout their lives.





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