Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


26. First concert

For this Movella I'm going to say that all Avril Lavinge songs are Kally's songs, all credit goes to the AMAZING Avril Lavinge, just so you don't get confused or anything :D

Eboni's P.O.V

I can't believe it's our first concert!! Ally comes skipping over to me with a phone in her hand. "Hey Ally" I smile. "Eb, mumma Rose wants to talk to you" Ally grins. I nod and take the phone. "Hey mumma Rose" I grin.

"Eboni! I miss you three already" mumma Rose says. "We miss you too" I smile. "Well, you should be going on stage in a few moments, but I just wanted to say I love you all, good luck and have fun" mumma Rose says. 

"Thank you mumma Rose" I smile. "No problem, love you" she says. "Love you too" I say and she hangs up.

"Our first concert" Kat grins hugging Ally and I. "You're up" A member of the backstage crew says to me. I nod and hug the girls tightly.

I take the microphone as I get a nervous feeling in my stomach. I take a deep breath, composing myself and walk out onto the stage.

The crowd starts screaming. I smile and wave. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave. I love madagascer.

I sing quite a few songs. "Well my time has come to an end" I say dramatically. People awe. I smile. "But now I would like to welcome KALLY!!!" I yell grinning. Everyone starts screaming their heads off as the two girls run out onto stage crazily. 

I hug the two girls and run off stage. "You did great" a voice says in my ear. I shudder slightly and wrap my arms around me. 

I tilt my head so I can look at the person. "LIAM!!" I scream hugging him. He chuckles and spins me around. "Wh-you-how?" I ask him. "We couldn't miss our babies first concert, that would be, gah, TERRIBLE!!" Lou yells hugging me. I laugh.

"Where's Zayn and Harry?" I ask. The boys all shrug. "I found them" Niall says staring at Kat. Zayn and Harry are on stage dancing with the girls. I laugh. I put my hand on Niall's shoulder. "You'll get together soon" I tell him.

Aaliyah's P.O.V

"He was a skaterboi, she said see ya later boi, he wasn't good enough for her, now he's a superstar slaming on his guitar to how pretty face just what he's worth" Kat, the crowd and I sing. Haz and I dance around and Zayn and Kat dance around. I smile. 

"GOOD AFTERNOON!!!" Kat yells into her microphone as I end the song. She is answered with screams. "How are we all?" I ask. I am answered with screams. 

Kat nods. Zayn and Haz hug us and jog off stage. "We would like to say thank you to you all for being here from the first concert!!" Kat grins. "How many of you were here from our X-Factor days?" I ask. Lots of hands shoot up. "Well thank you" we say together. We laugh.

"We have two more songs to sing" I sigh. "And then we will be out of here to get some sleep" I chuckle. The crowd awes. "I suppose we can do three" Kat grins. The crowd screams. I laugh.


"GOODNIGHT!!" Kat and I yell together running off stage. I run straight over to Haz and hug him tightly. "You did great" he grins kissing me. I smile. "Thank you" I wiggle out of his arms and hug Liam. 

I hug Zayn next and skip over to Niall. I hug him tightly from the side. He grins and cuddles me. I laugh. I love Niall's cuddles. 

"I think someone wants to give you a hug" he whispers. I look to see Lou looking at me with his arms crossed. Niall lets me go and I jump into Lou's arms. He grins and spins me around.

"You girls were all amazing" Lou grins as Eb and Kat join our hug. "You know what I just realised" Liam pauses. We all look at him. "Eboni's nickname has two letters in it, Katrina's nickname has three letters in it and Aaliyah's nickname has four letters in it" Liam says. I laugh. "I never noticed that" I grin. He laughs.

"Nobody did except Liam" Kat smiles. Her phone starts ringing. She sighs and picks it up. "Katrina Rose speaking how may I help you?" She asks. She listens to the person on the other end of the phone. Her eyes widen.

She drops the phone and slides onto the ground. She pulls her legs close to her and digs her head into her knees. I hear her sob.

"Babe, what happened? What's wrong?" I ask her kneeling down next to her. Niall picks up the phone. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no" she repeats over and over again. Lou and I look at each other worriedly. 

"Katrina" Lou whispers. She looks up at him. "Tell me what happened?" Lou asks. "N-Ne-vil h-h-has c-c-c-can" she bursts into tears, not being able to finish her sentence.

I see look at Niall to see him crying. She shakes his head over and over again. 

"Come on Kat, let's get you to London" Niall whispers. Kat sobs and doesn't move. Niall signals for Lou and I to get out the way. 

Niall bends down and picks Kat up. "Nevil has cancer" Niall whispers to us. My hand automatically flies up to my mouth. I start crying. Why? Nevil's so cute and small. 


Katrina's P.O.V

Why? Why my baby brother? This can't be happening!! Niall carries me into the hospial. I haven't stopped crying the whole way here, the flight, the car ride, never. I haven't slept, talked or sung. I haven't done anything except blink, breath and cry.

"Katrina" mum whispers hugging me as Niall puts me down. I start crying more into her shoulder. "Kat" Dave sighs hugging me. I cry with Dave.

"W-W-" "Don't ask that question" he says stroking my hair. I nod and breath deeply. "Mrs Rosemary" The doctor calls out. Mum sighs and walks over to the doctor with Dave and I.

It's weird we only had to add mary to our last name. I found it quite funny, I don't think anybody else did though.

"Come through" the doctor says. We follow after the doctor. "Mummy! Daddy! Kawena!!" Nevil grins clapping. The poor boy, doesn't know anything. I fake smile and hug him.

"Why you cry Kawena?" Nevil asks his eyebrows furrowing together. "Nevil" Mum sighs. Nevil grins at mum and Dave.

"Why you cry mummy? Daddy?" Nevil asks. "Nevil you have cancer" Dave says softly. "Can-cer" Nevil says saying it in two bits. "What's that?" Nevil asks getting even more confused.

"It's a little thing inside of you that is mean and evil" I say so that he will understand. Nevil starts hitting his stomach. "What are you doing?" I ask him. "I'm killing the evil people" Nevil states. I smile. He's so innocent.

"That's not how they die" I say. He sighs. "Mr and Mrs Rosemary, can I please speak to you?" The doctor asks. They nod and follow him outside the room.

"What will happen to me?" Nevil asks holding my hand. "I'm not sure baby" I whisper. "Will I die?" Nevil asks. I gulp. "No" I say. Nevil nods and closes his eyes. "Kat, can we talk to you?" Dave asks. I nod and leave Nevil.

"It's in an unusal spot but it will be easy to get out" mum says. "Where is it?" I ask mum. "His arm" Dave says. I smile slightly. "Are we getting it removed?" I ask. "That's what we wanted to ask you, Dave and I want to get it removed, but if you don't we won't" mum says.

"Let's get, it removed" I say. Mum and Dave nod and hug me. We go back to Nevil and talk and play with him for a while, until he falls asleep.


Quatement time XD :D <3

To everyone in 1D: Louis I know your answer so don't answer. But if you want to, do so. Nobody is stopping you. Who will you miss the most out of the girls?

Niall: Kat

Liam: Eboni

Harry: ALLY!!


Zayn: Kat, because she dances funny :D and I've known her longest, sorry girls

Statement: Niall, I know how you can get Kat back. You do a big romantic gesture.

Niall: That could work, but I'm not sure *shrugs*

Louis: I have a plan, one that will actually work

Niall: I don't kn-

Harry: It is actually a really good plan, give it a chance, it might ACTUALLY work :)

Niall: Ok, tell me tomorrow, when I'm not trying to sleep

Louis: Ok, and what do you mean ACTUALLY???

Harry: Uhm...


Everyone: Sorry

Harry: Thank you for saving me Nialler :)

Niall: No problem Haz, now goodnight


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