Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


53. Doncaster


QUATEMENT TIME!!! But first....

Question: To Niall: Do you want kids with Kat? (Say yes or I will hunt you down and kill you) *walks away smiling and laughing*

Niall: I do, but I think we should be married first :)

Statement: To Katy: Sup girly girl

Katy: HELLO!!!

Quatement: To Zayn: how are you? I think you're the best in the whole group. What month is it? I want to know.

Zayn: I'm good thanks, it's December :)

Statement: To Louis: you're crazy, awesome, funny, and all around a great person. Love ya!

Louis: Thanks love, love you too!!!!

Question: To Lou and El: When is the wedding? Am I invited? I promise I'll be good!

El: Today actually, of course you are invited!! <3

Question: To El: any kids? Do you want any kids with Sir Lou over there?

El: Yes, I do, so does Lou, he loves kids

Statement: To everybody: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!



hree months have passed. Katy and Eb came home in the first month, they are better, but still healing. Eleanor and Louis have been planning their wedding with the help of Mumma Rose. 

Louis' P.O.V

"Come on Louis, it's your big day" Mum says leading me to my old room. I smile as I see that nothing has changed since I was last here. It's good to be home. I grab my tux and go into my bathroom. 

I wash my hair and body. I blow dry my hair and style it the way El likes it. I clip and file my nails. I splash water onto my face and dry it. I get dressed into my tux and brush my teeth. 

"Lou! My handsome boy!" Kat grins hugging me from the side. I grin and wrap my arms around her. "How do I look?" I ask. "Ugly" Kat smirks. I laugh and try to mess her hair up. "Mum will kill you, she spent ages on my hair" Kat warns me. I decide to mess her hair up after the ceremony, when mumma Rose won't kill me.

"You look great" Kat smiles as she fixes up my tie. "I have to run back, I'm doing the girls make up, the boys will be here in ten minutes or so, I'll see you at the altar" Kat says never stopping for a breath. She hugs me tightly and walks out saying goodbye to my mum and my sisters on the way out. 

Eleanor's P.O.V

Come on Kat, come back! I pace in the bathroom trying to calm myself down. I'm so afraid! I know I'm ready to be married, but I'm still afraid. "I'm back!!" Kat grins hugging me tightly. "Ok now everyone sit down, mum and I will do your make up" Kat says. I sit down first and let Kat do my make up.

Mumma Rose does Eb's make up while Kat does mine. "Nervous?" Kat smiles slightly. "A tiny bit" I chuckle. Ally laughs and smooths my hair down. "It'll be fine" Ally smiles. I take a deep breath.

Going to the church where I am getting married is all a blur. I can't really remember anything except trying to calm myself down. I'm surprised I haven't fainted, I'm so nervous.

Ally, mumma Rose and my mum hurry me inside. "Good luck darling, I love you" My mum kisses me on the forehead and hurries to the main bit where the guests are.  

Kat, Katy and Eb join us. The girls change into their bridesmaid dresses. They are gorgeous!! Kat and Eb did a wonderful job picking them out. I obsess over them while mumma Rose gets my dress. "You guys did an amazing job picking your dresses out" I say, still in awe. 

"Thanks babe, now put your dress on" Eb orders. I laugh and slide my dress over my head. I spin around in the mirror admiring my beautiful wedding dress. "You're beautiful" my father says from the door. I smile and hug him tightly. "Daddy" I kiss his cheek.

"The service is starting" My father informs us. The girls squeal excitedly as I calm my nerves. Nevil and Mumma Rose hold the tail of the dress up, whatever the bit that trails on the ground is called. 

The boys, minus Louis see us and walk over to us. Niall, of course is eating food. "Niall James Horan. Stop eating, you'll wreck your suit!" Kat scolds Niall as she wipes his face with a napkin. Niall chuckles and kisses Kat on the lips. Kat rolls her eyes and leads Niall over to us. I swear they are secretly married, they act like a married couple.

"El, you look beautiful" Niall smiles hugging me and kisses my cheek. "Thank you" I smile. Niall has always been like a little brother to me. 

The girls and boys walk down the asile before me, well obviously, but oh well. Mumma Rose, Nevil and Dave hug and kiss me on the cheek before slipping into their seats. The big doors open and dad and I link our arms together. 

Dad walks me down the asile. I lock eyes with Louis, my fiancé, and fall in love all over again. I hug my dad tightly and proceed up to the altar as he sits in the front row with my mum, my girls and my boys. 

"Do you have vows?" The priest asks after saying all the normal stuff. Lou nods. "Eleanor Jane Calder, you mean the world to me, when Harry first introduced me to you I never imagined I would date you, let alone marry you. My mother once said to me, I don't care how or where you get married, you can get married in the north pole if you want, as long as your bride is Eleanor" Lou swallows, licks his lips and continues. "We've had some fights over stupid things, we even broke up once or twice, but I could never move on to another girl, because my heart belongs to you" I smile. "I, Louis William Tomlinson, have always and will always love you, Eleanor Jane Calder" Louis finishes. I smile through my tears.

"This is too cute" Kat mumbles a bit too loudly to Niall. Lou grins at her for a minute before turning back to me. I forget the words I memorized for my vow. I look at Ally desperately. She walks briskly over to me and hands me my piece of paper. I mouth her a thank you and unfold the paper.

"Louis, my love, fiancé and best friend, I must thank Harry Styles for all of this" I gesture to the wedding. "I must thank Harry for introducing me to you. I love you with all my heart, soul and head. A great man once said to me, to realise how much you love some one you must first let them go, which I did all those months ago. My heart broke every day we weren't together. I've never been a great speaker so I won't talk for long" the guests chuckle.

I lick my lips and continue. "I love you so much Louis and I will never leave you, I promise to always suport you and help you as we get old, I, Eleanor Jane Calder" I drop the piece of paper on the floor and lock eyes with Lou. "Will always love you, Louis William Tomlinson" I whisper. Lou squeezes my hand. I smile. 

The priest says some more things and reads a bible verse. Katy hobbles over to us with the rings. We put the rings on each other and Katy hobbles back to her seat. "Do you, Eleanor Jane Calder vow to love Louis until the end of time, be with him, love him and suport him through your life, most of all, do you take Louis as your lawfully wedded husband?" The priest asks me. "I do" I smile.

The priest repeats the verse to Louis, changing the names. "I do" Louis grrins. "You are now pronouced husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride" The priest says. I wrap my arms around Lou's neck and kiss him. Lou and I pull away. 

"Woo hoo!!!" Harry shouts happily. I laugh and start towards him, with Lou on my tail. Ally steps away from Harry, so I can hug him. I wrap my arms around Harry. He hugs me tightly. "Excuse me Mrs Tomlinson, but I would like a hug" Kat says, laughing. I grin and hug Ally. 

I perposely leave Kat 'till last. I finally get to Kat who is hugging Lou. I grin and join the hug. Kat's small arms wrap me in a hug. "Come on, I have to make my speech" Kat grins and skips off laughing evilly. I roll my eyes playfully, but keep my massive smile on my face. I can't take the smille off my face.

Katrina's P.O.V

All the guests go to their assigned tables. I am sitting with all my idiots, also known as: Katy, Ally, Eb, Liam, Haz, Niall, Zayn, El and Lou. On the table next to us there is, mum, Dave, Nevil, Lou's mum, step dad, dad and sisters and El's parents. 

I get called up to make my speech. I kiss Niall's cheek and grab the microphone. 

"Louis is like my big brother, so yes I was going to be picky on who he married, but let me say, I love El. Now that you two are married you should hide nothing. So I prepared a video for you guys to watch, now" I grin at Lou and El. "Just because I had nothing else prepared. Enjoy" I press play on the video and take my seat between Ni and Lou.

The video is filled with emarrassing photos of both of them, and some videos. El's mum and Lou's mum and sisters helped me with some of the photos and videos.

Lou punches me playfully on the arm a couple of times, but never stops smiling and laughs quite a bit. This was a perfect wedding.

I hope when I get married it'll be a bit like this.

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