Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


57. Dinner

Question: To Niall and Greg: why do I have a feeling that Greg arranged this fancy night out so Niall could propose? 


Niall: I'm not proposing *rolls eyes*...yet...

Quatement: To Maura and Bobby: how do you like Katrina? She has been so nervous about meeting you!

Bobby: I like her, she's the right one for my son.

Maura: I love her!! Aren't we all nervous about meeting our partners parents?

Question: To Katrina: how do you like Niall's home, family, etc.?

Kat: I love it, and I love his family. They are all so lovely!!

Statement: To the rest of you: I LOVE YEEEEWWWWWWWW!!! Have fun on your vacations!

Everyone: WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!! Thank you! We will!!

Quatement: To every Horan (including Niall): why do I get the feeling that you are going to propose to Kat? Just a hunch. I really hope you do.

Niall: Again, I am not proposing to Kat....well not tonight...

Question: To Kat: when the wedding of you and me eats a lot comes, can I come? I will be on my best behavior. I promise!!!


Statement: To Maura: Hello!!!

Maura: Hi dear :)


Niall's P.O.V

I look at Kat's twitter over her shoulder. "How are the fans with Eleanor's and Louis' wedding?" Mum asks looking at us. "Dead" Kat laughs. I nod. Mum chuckles. "I bet Johannas proud" Dad says. I nod. "She was, so was Lottie and Fizzy" I smile. 

Dad parks the car. I open the door and help Kat out. I wrap my arm around her waist and kiss her cheek. "Come on love birds, the food awaits" Greg smirks walking over to us. I laugh. Greg kisses Kat's cheek and hugs her. He hugs mum and dad and bro fists me. We go inside and take a seat. Greg's wife sits between Kat and Greg. Kat and her get along really well. "Any children?" Kat asks. "Yes actually, my son went to the bathroom just as you arrived, oh! Here he is now! Conner, come here darling" Greg's wife smiles. 

My nephew comes over shyly. "Conner, this is Katrina, Niall's partner" Greg's wife smiles. "Hello, I'm Conner" Conner says shyly. "Hello Conner, I'm Katrina" Kat offers her hand. Instead Conner hugs her. Kat grins and sits him on her lap. "Niall, I want one" she says. This earns a laugh from everyone at the table. 

"Well I can't clone Conner, but if y-" "you are so stupid sometimes" Kat laughs holding my hand. I nod. "Yeah, but I'm attractive" I say striking a pose. This earns another laugh from the table. "Now don't get to cocky Niall, you only just got a girlfriend" Greg laughs. I grin. "I didn't want one before Kat" I shrug. "Now, where's the food?" I ask. "It's a buffet sweetie, it's over there" mum says pointing. I jump up with my plate and run over to the buffet. Why did nobody tell me this? Are they trying to starve me?!

I pile my plate up with food, forgetting that I'm in a fancy resturant. Eh, who really cares? Food is food, no matter how much is piled up on a plate. 

I take my seat and start eating. "You know Niall, most people invite their guests to the food" dad says chuckling. "I'm a guest here" I say through a mouthful of food. "For goodness sake Niall, don't talk when your mouth full of food" mum scolds me. Kat chuckles and takes Conner to get food. 

"So how did you meet Niall?" My uncle asks Kat. "I was actually One Direction's stylist and make-up person for a while, so I met him then" Kat says politely. Louis would be scoffing at how polite she is being. She isn't polite to Lou, at all. But they have a strange relationship, sooo, yeahhh, I don't know.

"Has Niall been good to you?" My auntie asks looking up from her food. "Yes, indeed he has" Kat grins. I laugh. "Do you think I wouldn't treat her right?" I ask. "Welllll" Greg trails off. I roll my eyes at my brother, before laughing along with everyone else.


"Tonight was really fun, thank you" Kat smiles. "No problem dear, you have a good sleep" mum hugs Kat and kisses her forehead. Dad hugs Kat. Kat kisses me on the cheek and goes to my room. "Niall sit down" mum orders.

I obey her and sit down on the seat. Mum and dad sit across from me. 

"Your father and I both love Katrina, and we both agreed that she is the one for you, and we trust you to treat her like the wonderful lady she is. Look after her, respect her, support her and don't hurt her" mum says. I nod. "I won't let you down" I say, repeating what Greg said when mum gave him this exact speech. 

"Goodnight mum, dad" I hug them both and go into my room. Kat is on my computer laughing with someone. I close the door and take my shirt off. I take my pants off and slide into some comfortable trackies.

"Yeah love" Kat smirks. "Ally loves chocolate, and you, and me" Kat laughs. "How did it go with Niall's family?" Harry's voice asks. "It went really well...well I think it did. I enjoyed it" Kat smiles. "I met this really cute boy, his name is Conner-" "What about Niall? Dude, that is not cool, ditching Niall for one of his family members" Harry says, sounding disappointed. Kat rolls her eyes at Harry. "He is five, he is Niall's nephew" Kat states.

"Ohhhh, well then" Harry trails off. Kat laughs. "How did it go with Ally's dad, and fishing?" Kat laughs. "Really well, he said he approved of me" Harry says. "Oh hey babe" Kat smiles. "Hey love, hey Haz" I smile. "Hey Ni, Ally just got back, better go, sending my love" Harry says. "Send my love to Ally's family" Kat orders. "Of course" Harry laughs. 

"Lovvvvvvvveeee youuu Katttttt!!" Harry sings. "I love you too Princess Kitty Paws" Kat sings, laughing. They get off of skype and Kat hands me my laptop. "Get in bed, I'm cold" Kat complains. I chuckle and climb under the covers beside her.

She cuddles up to me. I automatically wrao my arms around her, protecting her. "I love you Niall" Kat says. "I love you too Katrina" I whisper kissing her softly. She smiles and closes her eyes. "Goodnight me eats a lot" Kat smirks at me with closed eyes. I shake my head and drift off to sleep with my beautiful girlfriend.









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