Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


10. Diary

Katrina's P.O.V

I throw most of my clothes into my suitcase/bag thingy mabobby. My hand lands on a hard cover. I pull it out and gasp. I remember this. This was my best friend. This was the only thing apart from Alice who would listen to me. 

I open it to my first entry. I started my diary when I was eight.

'19th February 2002 age eight

Hello Grace,

My parents started fighting today :( We were at the beach and mum and dad started fighting. Dinner's ready :) 

Until next time,

Katrina Rose xx'

'21st February 2002 age eight

Hey Grace,

My parents are fighting again /: I wish they would stop fighting. Dad's yelling again, 

Until next time,

Katrina Rose'

I flip a bit further into my dairy.

'25th May 2006 age twelve

Hi Grace,

I have a lot to tell you! Firstly my dad and my mum divorced a day ago. There was a lot of yelling, screaming and fighting!  My father is taking his bags to his car now. He said he's going to Italy and he will never talk to me again. My mother has been crying a lot privately. I still hear her though. My mum made me call her mother. She yells a lot more at me now. We don't need dad anymore. My boyfriend Hayden broke up with me :'( He said he didn't like me and called me bad stuff. I'm going to eat now, mum won't make me anything, so,

Until next time,

Katrina Rose xx'

I read more of my diary. "Why are you crying?" Liam asks walking past. I throw my diary behind me. "Just going to miss you guys" I say. Liam hugs me and skips off. I close the door and grab my diary and my Big Ben Pen.

I flip to a new page and write.

'14th June 2012

Hallo Grace :D,

You would never guess what happened! Ally and I auditioned for the X-Factor and we got four yes'!!! I am so happy!! Nialler just knocked on my door,

Until next time,

Katrina Rose xxx'

I shove my diary under some clothes in my bag and go to the door. I open it. "You ready?" He asks. I nod. He takes my bag to the car. I close the boot and turn to mum, Dave and Nevil. 

Nevil is running around, not understanding what's going on, the boys are all hugging Ally and talking to her and Dave and mum and crying.

I go over to mum and Dave. I hug mum tightly. "I'm going to miss you" I whisper. "I'll miss you more sweetheart" she kisses my forehead. 

I turn to Dave and hug him tightly. "Good luck kiddo, we'll vote for Kally every day" Dave chuckles while saying Kally. I grin and go over to the boys. 

I hug all the boys. We've all promised to skype every third day or whenever we can. "Kawena Awwy" Nevil says. We bend down to Nevil. He opens his arms to Ally. She hugs him and kisses his cheek.

I pick Nevil up. "Do you know what's happening?" I ask him. He shakes his head. "Ally and I are going out for a bit" I say. "You come back tonight?" Nevil asks. I shake my head. "We're going on TV, we won't be able to come home for a bit" I say.

Nevil's lip starts to shake. "The boys, daddy and mummy will still be here" I add. He sighs. "Will you be a good boy?" I ask him. He nods his head. "Good boy, you'll get to see Ally and I on TV" I smile. He claps loudly. "That's a boy" I whisper.

I pop him down. He runs over to Niall. Nialler picks Nevil up. He would be a good day. I smile. "I have to do one thing" I yell and run off. 

I sprint to my special land and climb my treehouse. There Alice sits licking her paws. I pick her up and run to Mrs Johnson's house. 

I knock on the door. Mrs Johnson opens the door. "Hey sweetie" she grins. "I'm going to the X-Factor Bootcamp" I grin. "Congratulations! I'll vote every time I can! Come here Alice" she hugs me and takes Alice inside.

I grin and run home. I get in the car panting. The boys hug me again. "I'll see you soon" Nialler kisses my nose. I grin and hug him tightly. "We'll speak soon" I whisper and close the door. 


Lou is driving us to Bootcamp. Ally and I wave until they go inside. I look out my window and watch as the rain hits the window. 




Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter.

I listen to the song on the radio and sigh. 


"Babe" Ally whispers shaking me. I open my eyes grogily. "We're here" Ally says. I nod and step out the car. Lou hands Ally and I our bags. 

"I'll miss you" I whisper to Lou. He hugs me tightly. We signal for Ally to join us. She hugs us tightly. "Come on" Lou puts his arms around our shoulders and leads us to the door.

Ally fills out the information for me and Lou signs the paper because I am eighteen or under. We go inside and get our rooms. Ally and I put our bags on the beds and turn to Lou. Ally hugs him first.

Ally steps aside. Lou opens his arms wide. I run into them and hug him tightly. "Look after my boys, Dave and mum" I tell him. "Your boys as Nevil and the boys?" He asks. I nod. He chuckles and kisses my forehead.

We wave to the back of Lou's car as he drives off. We sigh and go inside. We sit together on the floor in front of the couch while one of the backstage crew tells us what will happen every week and blah blah blah.

I have the attention span of a gold fish so I start looking around at everyone. Mostly everyone looks nice. I see one girl wave to me. I wave back.

"This is so boring" she mouths to me. "I totally agree" I mouth back grinning. "What's your name?" She mouths. "Katrina, yours?" I mouth back. "Eboni" she mouths back. I nod. I remember seeing her audition. She was good.

"Katrina, stand up please" the person says. I stand up. "Stand next to me, and David" The person says. I look at Ally urgently. 

"You're giving an example" she mouths to me. I sigh in relief and turn my attention to the person. "Katrina will throw this" the person says handing me a bouncy ball. I throw it. "You do not throw things in this house" the person says.

I sit down again and start not listening again. 


We finish skyping the boys and I put my laptop away. I get under the covers and close my eyes. "Goodnight Kat" Ally whispers. "Goodnight Ally" I smile. "Goodnight Eboni" we say in sync. Eboni ended up sharing a room with us.

"Goodnight Ally, goodnight Kat" she says. I smile and fall asleep.


Whenever I don't update straight away it feels like I haven't updated in weeks and then I think about it and realise it's been like five hours XD Ehehe anyways...


Question: To Kat and Ally: how did you feel when you got four yes's???

Kat: It felt amazing!!



Louis: KEVIN!! HOW OLD IS THIS GIRL? WHAT'S HER NAME? WHERE DOES SHE LIVE? IF SHE IS YOUNG DID YOU RUIN HER CHILDHOOD??????? Apart from that...Yey! I always wanted to be a grandpa! :D

Kevin: *saying stuff in pigeon language* *Translated* D

ad, she is called Melissa, she is the same age as me...six, she lives next door to me and no I did not ruin her childhood. Anything else you would like to know?


Louis: Will I get to meet my daughter in law?

Kevin: Yes dad.

Louis: Then no, I'm good :)


Question: To Niall and Harry: how did you feel when the girls said they were going to bootcamp??

Niall: I felt sad that they were leaving and very very very very happy and proud :D

Harry: Same as Nialler :D I was bursting with pride :D

Question: To Nevil: Do you think your sister is going to be a star?

Nevil: Deffinately :D and even if other people don't think so she will always be a star to me :D 


Question: To Zayn and Liam: are you proud uncles?

Zayn: Extremely proud! :D

Liam: Prouder than a proud lion :D

Question: To everyone except Kally (Kat and Ally): out of the girls who do you think will get pregnant first??

Liam: Ally

Harry: Kat

Niall: Ally

Zayn: Ally :D

Louis: Kat, only because I want little Kiall Roran's running around :D and what is with all the pregnant stuff?????

Question: To everyone: if you could have magical powers for a day what would you have???


Ally: Mind reading!!!!

Liam: Being Batman

Louis: Being Superman!!

Zayn: Being Spiderman!! Nah, uh, I don't know, so actually being Spiderman :)

Harry: Mind reading :)

Niall: Shape shifting :) and are Superman!! *turns away from Lou* *cries out in girly voice* HELP!!!

Lou: Did you hear that? Someone's in trouble! *in Superman voice* SUPERMANNNNNNN!!!!

Lou: *Runs around looking for the person in trouble*

The boys: *laughing*

Liam: Well, byee :) See ya next time!!! :D


Okay dokey. Byee <3 xxx








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