Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


58. Christmas and new year

Question: To Conner: Hey sweetie!! Do you like Kat?? How old are you??

Conner: Hello! I am five and yes I like Kat. She is really cool :) and she gave me extra food :D

So this chapter will have one person from all the couples P.O.V's, all will be on Christmas day. I hope it's not confusing :D

I know this isn't that long but I wanted to do two updates today because I'm in a good mood :D Love you all xxxx

   ~ Elounor_forever xxx


Harry's P.O.V

"Merry Christmas beautiful" I grin kissing Ally on the nose. She giggles weirdly. "Merry Christmas stupid" she laughs. I chuckle and start tickling her. She screams out and slaps me on the arms. "Don't tickle me" she orders. "Don't call me stupid" I order back. 

"Yes sir" she fake salutes me. I do the same to her. We laugh each other. I get up and put a shirt on. "And pants" Ally warns. "You're not wearing pants" I complain. "I'm in my underwear" Ally says. "So am I" I state. "I have lived with my parents my whole life, they are used to me walking around in my underwear and a bra, they are not used to you walking around in underwear and a shirt, now put on some pants" Ally says, knowing she's won. I grumble miserably in defeat and put my pants on.

"Cheer up buttercup, it's Christmas!!" Ally grins skipping out of her room. I chuckle and follow her. "Morning mum, morning daddy" Ally grins kissing her dad's cheek and hugging her mum. "Good morning Mr and Mrs Reed" I smile. "Morning sweetie, morning Harry" Mr Reed says shaking my hand. Mrs Reed hugs me tightly. "Sleep well?" She asks. Ally and I both nod.

"Before I forget, Kat sends her love to you all" I say. "LOVE TO YOU, MY BABY CAKES ALL THE WAY IN IRELAND!!!" Ally yells to the sky. Mr Reed chuckles and puts his newspaper down. My phone rings. I reach over to it and answer it, not bothering to see who's calling me.

"Speaker now" Kat orders. I do what I'm told. "MERRY CHRISTMAS ALLY BABY, HARRY SWEETIE, MUMMA NUMBER TWO AND PAPA NUMBER TWO!!! LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL!!!!" Kat yells. "MERRY CHRISTMAS KAT MY DARLING!!!" Ally yells back. "Merry Christmas guys" Niall laughs. "You my dear one, are no fun" Kat snorts. "I am fun, but I just went through twenty minutes of none stop yelling of you and Louis over facetime. That my dear, is not healthy for peoples ears" Niall chuckles. "It was not twenty minutes" Kat sasses. "It was. I counted every painful minute" Niall says. Kat laughs. "Merry Christmas" I say and they hang up.

We open presents and spend the day together.

Liam's P.O.V

"Morning Liam" mum smiles. "Morning Eboni" mum grins handing Eb breakfast in bed. Well that is just not fair!! "Good morning Mrs Payne. Merry Christmas" Eboni grins, sitting up. "Merry Christmas, Liam I'll be back with your food" mum chuckles, walking out of the door. "I love your mum" Eb says through a mouthful of food. I chuckle.

"Why thank you Eb, I love you too! Merry Christmas darl'" mum says kissing my forehead. I smile and start eating. "Merry Christmas mum" I smile again. This is a Payne family Christmas tradition.

The mother of the family gets up early and cooks breakfast in bed for all her children and her husband, and brings all the presents into the living room. After the breakfast the children meet in the living room with their parents and open their presents. 

"Your mum is an amazing chef!" Eb says. I grin. "I know" I say to her. I finish my food and set the plate aside. "If Kat or Niall call this morning automatically put it on speaker" Eb says. I nod, and turn to her, confused. "Why?" I ask.

"Kat is calling us all with Niall and yelling for us to have a merry Christmas before hanging up, but she makes you put it on speaker" Eb explains. "How do you know this?" I ask, amazed. Eb laughs. "El, Harry and Niall all texted me, warning me" Eb grins. I laugh.

Eb finishes her food. I pick the plates up and take them downstairs. We wait in the living room, talking between ourselves.

The rest of my family eventually come downstairs, one by one and we open our presents.

Katy's P.O.V

"WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMASMAND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" My brother and I finish the song and burst out laughing together. My family is used to this now, but Zayn's family are all extremely confused. 

When my brother and I were young we used to always sing parodys of songs, and once we made up a Christmas one, and ever since we have made up different parodys to different Christmas songs. We only have one rule, they must end with the same line that they do in the original song. 

"You still sound like a dying cat when you sing" my brother smirks. "You still sound like a piece of metal that's caught in a fan when you sing" I smirk back at him. "You look like a panda" my brother says, with a lopsided grin. "You look like a gorilla" I say picking up my brothers present from under the tree. "You run like a penguin" my brother says keeping a straight face. "You walk like a hippo" I smirk. "Merry Christmas dork" he laughs handing me a present. "Merry Christmas nerd" I smile handing my brother his present. He hugs me tightly and hands everyone else their presents from him. I do the same.

I take a seat inbetween my brother and Zayn. "Each year you two never seem to run out of insults for each other" my father shakes his head. "She's my sister" my brother states. "What do you expect?" I ask. "For us to be all lovely?" "Or nice?" "Or.." my brother and I look at each other with fake horror. "Polite?" We say together. "You two never fail to make me laugh" mum shakes her head laughing.

Zayn kisses me softly. I grin and hug him tightly. "I love you princess" he whispers. "I love you more" I argue. Zayn chuckles and hugs me.

Eleanor's P.O.V

"You and Kat are so loud" I laughs as Lou gets off of facetime. Lou grins. "I trained her well" he says proudly. "If it's possible, I think she got you even louder than you used to be" I grin wrapping my arms around Lou's stomach. Lou shrugs. "Probably".

"Merry Christmas handsome" I smile. "Merry Christmas beautiful" Lou grins. I smile. I love my husband. "What are we doing today?" I ask. "We're going out on a boat" Lou says, clearly excited. "Yesss!!" I cheer. I've always loved boats. Lou grins. "I knew you'd like it" Lou says all knowingly. I chuckle. "Don't get to cocky carrot boy, Zayn and Kat told me some embarrassing things about you that could accidently slip onto twitter" I smirk at his horrified face and quicklt take a photo of it. 

"Here's your present" Lou smiles handing me a box. I open it. I gasp. "It's gorgeous!!" I squeal hugging him tightly. I kiss his lips and get him to put my necklace on. I slide the earings in and admire them in the mirror. "I love them. Thank you" I smile. "I love you, no problem" Lou grins. I laugh and hug him tightly. "Here's your present" I say handing him a small box. I hand him an envelope with it.

Lou opens the box and pulls out the car keys. He looks at me confused. "Read the card" I instruct. Lou nods and reads it. As he finishes reading it his face lights up. "I could not love you any more right now!" Lou yells. I laugh. He spins me around and kisses me. "Thank you" he whispers.

Katrina's P.O.V

Niall and I spend most of the day in bed talking, laughing and singing about random stuff. "It was not twenty minutes" I argue. "It was Kat, I watched twenty minutes go by" Niall argues. "It was not twenty mi-" "look at the face timw records" Niall suggests.

I get it up and click on Lou's and my call. "See twenty two minutes and fifteen seconds" Niall says in victory. "Excuse me Mr Horan, but twenty two minutes is not twenty minutes" I say sassily. "Two minutes off" Niall says. "And fifteen seconds!" I say. Niall laughs. "Fine, it's not twenty minutes" Niall sighs. I grin. "Good boy" I kiss his cheek. He taps his lips, signalling for a kiss in his lips not cheek.

"Yes Niall, those are lips, and this is a forehead" I say tapping my forehead. Niall laughs loudly. "Why can I never win with you?" He asks. "Because I am the amazingest" I say dramatically. "Sureeee" Niall smirks at me. I roll my eyes playfully and push him slightly. 

"Have you ever thought about settling down with a family?" Niall asks out of the blue. "Yes, I have" I answer. "What do you think about it?" Niall asks. "Like, would you want it?" Niall adds. "I would very much like a family, and children" I smile. "Why do you ask?" I ask. "No reason" Niall smiles. I nod.

I would love to settle down with a family, especially if it was with Niall. "But I would still want to have my carreer and stuff" I add to my earlier answer. "Yes, of course" Niall smiles. I nod.

"I love you Kat" Niall smiles. "But I love you mostest" I smile. "What is with you and est today? Mostest, bestest, amazingest, wonderfullest, coolest and what ever other words you added est to" Niall chuckles. I shrug. "It's an est day" I smike at him. Niall laughs and pinches my cheeks. 



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