Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


73. Bugs

Katrina's P.O.V

I watch as the Lou and Niall run around with Annika, Dylan, Cecelia and Tannika. Annika and Dylan are five now. They are healthy happy children. The boys, well they aren't really boys anymore, just came back from their tour. Ally and I have stopped touring for the time being. As her and Harry have a child. He has down syndrome, but he is amazing. He has Ally's eyes and Harry's curly hair. Did I mention they got married? No? Well they did, they had a small wedding in Hawaii. Liam and Eb are still not married, but they are together and could not be happier. Lou and El are still married, with their little Cece, who is now six! I couldn't believe it! They now have another child, Tannika, Tanni for short, who is four. Zayn and Katy are engaged with a child. He is three, his name is Johnny.

We have all grown up a bit. Mum and Dave are still married, and Nevil is a young man now! He is ten years old!! Louis is twenty-eight, Liam, Zayn and Niall are twenty-five and Harry is twenty-four. El is twenty-seven, Katy, Eb and Ally are twenty-five, and I, being the same age as Harry, I am twenty-four.

"KAT!!!" Ally yells running over to me. I stand up and hug her. I hug Haz tightly and bend down to Lucas. "Hey Lucas" I grin. Lucas wraps his arms around my neck. I smile and hug him. "Mum, I need the toilet" Lucas states, stepping away from me. Ally takes his hand and shows him inside. "YOU'RE IT!" Lou screams hitting Haz on the head. El and I chuckle. Haz rolls his eyes playfully and chases Niall around, while Niall screams like a little girl.

Eb appears from inside the house and hands me a lemonade. I smile. El and her have a glass of wine. Eb pours another two glasses. "Katy and Zayn will be here soon" Liam smiles. I nod. "Mummmmm" Cece grins, bounding up to El. "Yes darling?" El asks, setting her wine on the step, inbetween herself and me. "Can I please have a drink?" She asks. "I don't know what Kat has darling" El smiles softly. "I have lemonade, pepsi, cordial, water, different fizzy pops" I smile. "Help yourself" I add. El nods. She stands up and takes Cece by the hand. "Tannika" El calls. "Yeah mum?" She replys. "Do you want a drink?" El asks. "Yes!!" Tannika grins. She runs over to her mum. "Dad! Can we have a drink?" Annika asks. "Of course, follow auntie El" Niall grins. Dylan and Annika run atfter El.

Louis, Niall and Haz come over to us smiling. Louis takes a sip of El's wine. "She'll go mad if she sees you" Katy smirks, walking over to us with Zayn and Johnny. "Oh look who decided to join us" Lou smirks, hugging her. Katy laughs. "This little one had a tantrum" Zayn explains. "About?" I ask. "I wouldn't let him have an ice cream because it would ruin his appetite" Zayn shakes his head slightly. "Johnny, how about you go find El in the kitchen and she'll pour you a drink?" I smile. Johnny's face lights up. Zayn and Katy both mouth thank you. I grin. Johnny grins and runs inside. "Be careful!" Eb calls out.

"Where's Ally?" Zayn asks. "Lucas had to use the restroom" I explain. He nods. "I'm backkk" Ally grins. "How come you guys get wine?" Ally asks. "You have one too" I chuckle. Ally smiles and takes a sip. I bring the can of lemonade to my lips and take a sip. "How come you never drink wine?" Harry asks me. I shrug. "I have this sort of disease thing and I got told that I should never drink too much of anything except water. I have check-ups every few months and ever since I turned eighteen I was told that if I drank alcohol I would have to be extremely careful as it could kill me" I explain. Everyone nods. All the children come out with El following them, ordering them not to drop their drinks. We all snicker at her. The kids sit in a circle on the crass. Annika and Lucas sit side by side, holding hands. Those two are best friends. Annika is a year older than him. They are the bestest of friends. "Is lunch nearly ready?" Annika calls out. Niall chuckles. "I'll start cooking now sweetheart" Niall stands up and stretches. "Annika, Dylan, do you want to go for a swim?" I ask. They both nod eagerly. I chuckle. "Come on then" I smile. Dylan gulps down the last of his drink and hops up. Annika and Dylan run over to me and hand El their cups. El chuckles. I take their hands and take them to their room.

I get into my bikini and I get them into their bathing suits. I grab three towls. I wrap one around my body and sling the other two over my shoulders. I take Dylan's and Annika's hands and lead them to the kitchen. I put sunscreen on them and then apply sunscreen to myself. I take them outside and set their towls on their seats that Niall and I bought for them when they were littler. I grab the toys and put them in the swimming pool. Everyone has beaten us in, even Zayn. "Can you guys look after Annika and Dylan while I make the salad?" I ask. Haz nods and takes Dylan and Annika by the hands. They can swim, but I still worry. Haz, Annika and Dylan jump in together. Their heads pop up and they all laugh. I see Niall is in the pool and chuckle. Of course he leaves the barbeque. I go over to it and flip the meat. I head inside to the kitchen and start to chop up vegetables. I make a salad and grab the potatoes I cooked the night before. I make the potato salad and cover it with cling wrap. I cover the salad with cling wrap and put them on the table. I grab the cheese platter and snack platter out of the fridge and put them on the table. I take a cheese and biscuit and race over to the barbeque. I take the cooked meat off and put it on the plate. "I was getting there" Niall chuckles, walking over to me with Lou.

"I got here first" I smirk. "And you should be thankful, I saved the meat from burning" I smirk. Lou laughs as Niall shakes his head, trying to hide his smile. "Thank you" Niall grins. I laugh. "Can you pass me my lemonade?" I ask. Lou nods and hands it to me. "Thanks Lou" I smile. I take a sip and set it down. My stomach churns and I gasp and bend over. "What's wrong?" Niall asks, worrying. I stand up. "Nothing, just cramps, it'll go away" I shrug. Niall sighs and kisses my cheek. I smile. I put the remaining meat on the plate and turn the barbeque off. I put the plate in the middle of the table and grab plates, knifes and forks. "Dinner!!" I call. Everyone takes their seats and we eat, everyone chatting. "Stop playing with your food" Lou orders, looking at Tannika while cutting Cecelia's meat up. "Sorry daddy" Tannika apologises. "Good girl, would you like daddy to cut your meat up?" El smiles. Tannika nods. Lou grins and cuts Tannika's meat up.

The pain in my stomach comes back. I push my chair out and excuse myself. I walk inside calmly and rush to the toilet. I collapse on the floor, trying to make the pain go away. I hold my knees close to me. I hear a knock on the door. Niall enters and closes the door. He sits on the floor beside me and holds me close. "It hurts" I sob. "Shhh" Niall rubs my back. I hug him tightly. "I think I need to go to my doctor" I whisper. Niall nods. "I'll call him" Niall says dialing the doctor. "Ok, see you in ten, thanks, bye" Niall says and hangs up. I put some proper clothes on, so does Niall. "Go hop in the car" Niall says, handing me the keys. I nod and wait in the car as he tells the guys. I think...I think I might be dying...

I rush inside and grab the letters that I wrote once. I rush back to the car and do my seatbelt up. Niall smiles and gets in. Louis and Haz jump in the back and Niall drives off. We get to the doctors and I go straight through. "Katrina, how are you?" The doctor asks. "Apart from my stomach, good, yourself?" I ask. "Good thanks, how are your children?" He asks. "They are really good" I smile. "How old are they now?" He asks, as I get weighed. "Five" I smile. The doctor grins. His smile drops slightly. "Have you been eating the same, excersizing the same?" The doctor asks. I nod. "Yes". "Have you been stressed at all?" He asks. "No" I shake my head. "Hmm, that's strange. I'm going to have to send you to the hospital. Here is a note. Go straight there" he says, almost apologetically. I nod. I take the note and go out to Haz, Lou and Niall. "Hospital, let's go" I mumble. They all gasp but get in the car. Haz and Lou call the girls, letting them know where we're going. I give the note to the receptionist. She shakes her head, looking sad and makes a call. A nurse comes in and the receptionist points to him for me to go. I follow him, followed by Lou, Niall and Haz.

"We have to do some tests, you can stay or go, whichever you choose" The nurse says to the three boys. They all sit down in the chairs. The nurse runs quite a lot of tests on me and goes off. The girls, Zayn and Liam come rushing in with all the kids. I smile. "Are you ok mummy?" Dylan asks, standing in front of me. I sit him on one knee and sit Annika on my other knee. "I don't know hunny, but whatever happens, just know that I love you" I smile. Niall looks at me with a sad look. I smile at him and he smiles back. The nurse comes back in a while later. "How long have these pains been with you?" He asks. "Three weeks, on and off" I shrug. "I thought nothing of it" I explain. He sighs. "Would everyone like to know the news, or just you?" The nurse asks. "Everyone" I say. The nurse nods. Annika runs over to Niall and jumps on him. He chuckles and cuddles her. Dylan stays on my lap.

"You are dying, your whole life little 'bugs' have been eating away at essential organs, heart, liver, kidney, stomach, and you are nearly all gone," he says softly. Everyone gasps except me, and the kids, who have no idea what's going on. "How long?" I ask. "The end of the day" the doctor says. "Will it be painful?" I ask. "No, you will simply fall asleep, and never wake up" he says. I nod. "Thank you" I whisper. He nods. "I have to hook you up to this" he explains, pointing to the heart monitor. I nod. He hooks me up to it as I sit on the bed. "I'll be back in hour to check on you" he says and leaves the room, closing the door.

"You're dying" Niall manages to get out. "Yes" I mumble. I look at everyone to find them all crying. "Mummy, what does mr doctor mean?" Annika asks, wriggling out of Niall's arms and running over to my bed. I hold my hand out and she holds it. Lou picks Annika up and sits her on one side of my legs. He picks Dylan up and sits him down on the other side of my legs. I hold their hands and look at them with tears in my eyes. "Little mean people have been hammering away at my stomach and heart" I say. "Mummy isn't going to be on Earth anymore" I explain. "What?" Dylan asks. "You know how fishy went to heaven?" I ask. They nod. "I'm going to see him" I smile. "Just for a visit?" Annika asks. "No sweetheart, I'm going to live in heaven" I smile slightly as tears slide down my face. 

"No mummy. I don't want you to go!" Dylan yells. "Dylan sweetie, mummy has to go" I sigh. "But why?" Annika sobs. "I don't know sweetheart, I don't know" I whisper. Annika and Dylan cry. I hug them and hold them close. "I love you" I whisper. It goes quiet and I realise that they are asleep. Louis lays them down at the end of the bed thingy that I'm on. I smile at him. Everyone surrounds my bed. Louis taps my side. I shuffle over and he sits next to me. I smile. He rests his head on my shoulder. "Please don't go" Ally whispers, as Niall holds my right hand. Lou holds my left hand and Ally holds his left hand. "I can't stop death Ally" I sigh, saddened. "I know, I was just, hoping you'd stay with us forever" Ally sighs. "I wish I could, I really do" I sigh. 

"My baby, oh dear, Katrina" Mum sobs, bursting throuh the door. Dave follows, Nevil holding his hand. "My poor baby" mum sobs, hugging me. I hug her, laying my head on her shoulder. "Thank you for being my daughter" mum sobs. "Thank you for being my mum" I smile softly. Mum cries harder. We hug for ages. Dave hugs me tightly. We don't say anything, we just hug and cry. Dave moves aside and Nevil jumps up onto the bed. He sits on my lap, legs on Louis and hugs me. I sigh quietly and hold him close to me.

"I'll miss you Kat" he whispers. "I'll always be right by your side" I promise him. He holds his pinky out to me. I wrap my pinky around his. "Promise?" He asks. "Promise" I agree. He smiles and hugs me tighter. 

We sit, everyone around or on my bed, talking about old times and the memories we had together. "Mum, please send this to father?" I ask handing her the note. She nods. "I will". 

I feel even weaker than before and I start gasping for beath. I grab the notes and give them to Lou. "Dylan, Annika....Niall" I manage to get out. Nevil picks Annika up and hands her to me, same with Dylan. I smile and kiss their foreheads. "Mummy loves you babies" I whisper. I hold Niall's hand. Everyone gets up and leaves. Lou holds Nevil's hand and leaves us. Niall shakes his head as tears flow down his cheeks. "Is this goodbye?" Niall sobs. "Of course not" I whisper. "I'll always be with you Niall" I whisper. Niall nods and hugs me. I kiss him and hug my children. "I love you" I croak out. "I love you too" Niall says through his tears. He takes Annika and Dylan and opens the door. 

The boys surround me in a famous One Direction group hug. I cry into their arms. "We love you baby girl" Harry sobs, hugging me. I nod. "I love you" I whisper. I cling onto Zayn. "Take care of everyone" I say to Liam. He nods and smooths my hair down. "Be the angel you are, but up in heaven" Louis says. I nod. "Take care Lou, we'll meet again" I smile. Lou kisses my forehead. "Love you" Lou whispers. "Love you more boo" I whisper back. 

The girls hug me in turn. We exchange goodbyes, as if I'll rock up at their houses and see them tomorrow, I wish I could. Finally I say goodbye to mum, Dave and Nevil. "I love you all" I croak out. 


I hover above my dead body, looking down on my family. I smile slightly. Isn't ot funny, everyone is afraid of death, but really, when you look at it, it's nothing but another life. 


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